80 Ways to decorate home with plants and Greenery

Greens are an inevitable part of our life. Interior décor can look so insipid without a dash of green included. But if you are clueless as to how they can be made to outperform any other object of décor, then here is a guide you can follow to the letter-

Ways To Decorate Home With Plants

For that serene look

There is no dearth of ways to decorate home with plants. But some ways always work better than the others. A houseplant looks adorable when placed against a divine cream backdrop. Have you yet given a try?


White magic

Do your plain white walls stick out like a sore thumb? Don’t worry! There are innovative ways to decorate home with plants to come for your rescue. Add to your white wall, a couple of wall mounted planters with tiny plants, and see the magic.


Green romance

Build that romantic dining environment by placing two pillar planters with beautiful ornamental plants on both the sides of your dining table, and have an amazing dining experience with your partner.


Fill in the blank

If you have lots of empty spaces in your home, you can opt for one of the many amazing ways to decorate home with plants. This will make those empty spaces look busy.


Lost in the woods!

Do you love how shady woods look? Well, you can set up a jungle right in your bedroom. Get some creepers crawling on the wall right above your bed’s headboard, and enjoy that woody feel.


Beauty in minimalism

If you have a small bedroom; it’s better not to over decorate it. A tall plant will cover up much of the emptiness. For some extra oomph, you can add a small plant too.


Simple is divine!

If you feel there are no easy ways to decorate home with plants, you should try out this. A pure white room with white furniture, a couple of colorful home décor items, and a few white planters carrying beautiful plants- a perfect blend of simplicity and style!


Bewitching bonsai

Are you a big fan of those cute-little dwarfed plants called bonsai? If yes, why not bring one home. They can offer any room a facelift, especially when it is a bedroom blessed with a glass roof.


Bring out that cozy look with plants

Do you think stuffing your drawing room with twenty pillows will make it look cozy? Well, no. There are unconventional ways to decorate home with plants that can make your drawing room look really cozy. Just make sure you place the planters against the window, so that there is direct sunlight on the plants.


Pep up the kitchen

Plants can make an ordinary kitchen look exotic. Keep the walls plain and painted in light colours, and you will really make the most out of your kitchen plants.


For an eye-popping upgrade

Are you sick and tired of looking at your bland and boring washbasin area? If yes, then get some planters added to the interior décor and see what wonders they work.

decorate-home-with-plants21Your Love your plant decoration simply reflect your love for nature, and to inject your that love in home decoration, you must need some amazing nature inspired home interior decoration ideas.

Show your passion for green

We understand that you are a frenzied fan of houseplants. But how do you let the world know about this? By dedicating a particular area of your house to plants.


Revamping small corners

Do you hate those small areas in your home that look empty because nothing can be accommodated in them? Be patient! Cover up all the space with plants in any order that looks aesthetically pleasant. You won’t hate empty spaces anymore.


Big is better!

So, you are bored of those small houseplants, and want to try out something bigger. Now, is that too risky a desire? Not at all! In fact, the bigger the better. Tall plants are an excellent way to cover up empty areas of a high-ceiling room.

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Tall plants are the new in-thing!

You will be surprised to know how many different ways to decorate home with plants exist. So, for experimentation, you can always go for unconventional looking plants. For instance, this tall plant has added some freshness to this room just so seamlessly.


Jazz up that bohemian look

If your room has a touch of bohemian art, there is no reason why you shouldn’t complement it with a dash of green. Add a houseplant or two, and see how magic unfolds.


Green overload

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the ways to decorate home with plants. So, if you think your room is craving for green, feed it till satiety. An overdose of green plants in a room can never go wrong as long as you know where and how to place them.


Ordinary to extraordinary

You won’t believe how an ordinary room gets instantly revamped with the addition of plants. This design, definitely, is a proof. Don’t forget to toss in some really cool objects of décor for that ultimate look.


Bringing out that lavish feel

So, that leather chair has been sitting in your office for ages. Why not make it a statement piece for your bedroom? Add a few random plants here and there and it is all set to exude that lavish feel.


Staircase styling

People, having wooden staircase at home, can make it look all the more ravishing by placing a healthy tall plant at the stair landing. This is in fact, one of the most common ways to decorate home with plants.


Unconventionally beautiful

Why place your planters always on the stair landing, aren’t there better and more innovative ways to decorate home with plants? Of course, there are. For a change, you can place your planters along the run on the wall flanking the stairs.


For an outdoorsy plant lover

So, you love plants and you love being outdoors. And you also love the two together. What to do? Fill your favorite outdoor space with plants of various sizes and shapes. Now, is it one of those crazy ways to decorate home with plants? Of course!


Teeny-weeny and charming

Not all things tiny go unnoticed. Decorate your white walls with a mesh of tiny planters carrying little plants and see how they steal attention of your guests.


Team them up with mirrors

If you have got a large mirror in your drawing room, it can at times be distracting. To counterbalance the effect, you can place a few tiny plants in front of it.


Let it sprawl

So, you have a small room with an insanely high ceiling. And nothing you do makes the height look reasonable. What to do? Let your plants sprawl all over the wall, so that the impact of height gets dismissed. Trust this- a little creativity can open up so many ways to decorate home with plants.


Take your bathroom décor to another level

Are you of the opinion that bathrooms are bland and boring? Just glance at this design. The use of a few plants has offered the whole bathroom an exotic look. And you say, there are limited ways to decorate home with plants!


Add zing to your patio room

Don’t let your patio room appear lackluster. You can add zing to it by tossing in a few cute planters carrying beautiful plants.


When gardening meets décor

If you love growing herbs like parsley and oregano, try doing that in a decorative way. Plant them in glass jars and mount them on black wooden boards that lean against your kitchen cabinets.


Orchid mania

If you love orchids, place them along the lower edge of your bedroom window, and you will never wake up frowning.


Cover up boring empty corners

Wondering what to do with those unused stools? Use them as planter stands and cover up those lifeless empty corners of your house.


Dynamism at its best

If you have an already vibrant looking room, then you can enhance its beauty by several notches simply by incorporating a few beautiful plants.


Creativity through contrast

Don’t let your deep blue walls offend the onlooker. Throw in some happy colors. Put your plants in colorful planters and rest them on a rack mounted on the wall.


Outdoor fun!

Your outdoor dining area will never be the same after you get hanging plants for the roof and let them cover up the entire ceiling area.


Spread charm with hanging planters

Bring them inside from your balcony, mount them onto the roof of your drawing room, and watch your guest burn in envy.

decoarate home with plants39

Recreation of that resort feel

Make your outdoor space look like that of a resort by simply incorporating some plants.


Timeless beauty!

Place a beautiful dark green plant on the corner table of your drawing room and watch it grow timelessly beautiful.

decorate home with plants40

That green outdoor space

So, you have plants in your patio. Why not build your sitting area amidst these plants. A divine experience we say!


Doorway to heaven!

Keep your plants at the doorway- all huddled together- and you will have them welcoming you every time you come home.


When less is more

Simplicity is great! So, adding a few small plants here and there in your drawing room will certainly make it look more sophisticated than ever.


Say green!

When the only color you want in your home apart from white is green, you simply can’t say no to plants. Lush green plants against a white backdrop look drool worthy.

















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With all these options at your disposal, will you still give plants a second thought? Probably never!

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