80 Vintage style furniture arrangements and ideas to bring that tradition

Vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas take us to time spent in grandma’s house. Houses in older times had a glamour and yet charm didn’t go missed. While most people today believe that vintage is just a word that is used to refer old, some people know that it is not entirely true. The ancient era, in fact, was the most beautiful time of beautiful interior creation, there were sweetness, drama, luxury, and much more. People liked it so much because it features, rich fabrics, attractive colors, and a nice blend of different elements.











Are you looking to give your home a vintage touch? First of all, a very good choice and you will have fun creating a vintage look to your house because there are so many options to choose from. Rather than choosing a perfect, detailed design, make your vintage design more attractive and fun by mixing different colors, elements and styles. Just because you are creating something new, doesn’t mean that you can have fun with it.











Vintage style furniture arrangements and ideas

To name it vintage furniture it should be around 30 to 40 years old. So you know buying furniture for a thrift store or garage sale doesn’t actually qualify as vintage furniture shopping. While the stores promise true vintage furniture, but it is up to you to carefully determine the quality and the price of the furniture.




Here are some effective tips and tricks for buying vintage furniture:

    • Do your research: Before settling on the first vintage that you see, make sure that you research about all the stores near your area. If you are living in a relatively modern area try exploring in the area with older homes. Once you have found the nice area, try to visit the place regularly in order to get information about the store. Also, vintage often lower the prices on furniture that have not been sold for a long time. So if you visit frequently you can get the furniture in bargain price.




    • Opt for Gently used furniture: When looking for vintage furniture it is recommended to opt for gently used furniture rather than trashed vintage. The reason behind this is quite evident, at times vintage furniture sold on load are in better shape. Case good such as cabinets, chest hold, or dining room furniture are better as compared to the upholstered furniture. But if you are looking upholstered furniture, shopping for gently used furniture is a good option.




    • Find Furniture that has Good Bones: While shopping for vintage furniture, make sure you opt for furniture with good bones. This means that there should be no fault in the furniture item. Like if you like a drawer, slide the drawer out to see how smoothly it slide out. While retail vintage stores feature high quality products, make sure to test it before buying it.




    • Opt for lesser known brands: While popular brands are great, don’t limit your vintage shopping journey to big brands only. Other lesser known brand at the same time might sell the furniture in lesser price yet have a good quality.




    • Keep the quality of the product in priority: Just because you are shopping for old furniture doesn’t means that you don’t have to look for the quality product. Don’t choose the furniture items made of low quality material and poor workmanship. Just like every other era, vintage era has also its share of good as well as poor furniture items. So make sure you look for well made furniture.




    • Redesign your style: When you are in vintage furniture store, look for unusual furniture for your house. For example, an antique trunk or a nightstand for a coffee table is a great way to repurpose your furniture style and gives a distinct look.




    • Make sure you bargain with defective furniture: Don’t completely neglect the scratchy furniture they can give a great bargain offer. Look carefully for the damages and use the evidence to get a better price. But before taking the defective piece home make sure that it can be easily repaired without taking the total cost high.




    • Scratches are not all bad: Sure you should look for gently used furniture but a little surface scratch can be fixed, so don’t worry about the scratches too much.




    • Look for single pieces that will work as a whole: Buying a big set of vintage furniture might turn out to be an expensive deal. So if you are on a budget you can opt for individual pieces that will work great when you put them together.




    • Make sure the furniture goes well with your home décor: Furniture can look different in store and they might appear different in your home. So before buying the furniture measure you house and buy the items that fit the space.




 Vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas

Looking to bring the old charm back? Here are vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas that you can choose from:

  1. Creating a balance between the old and new look

When looking for a vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas you don’t have to do much, just adding some periodic element will be helpful in capturing the vintage look. Add an antique glass-front cabinet, vintage style coffee table or a statement look and it would be enough to turn your dull room into appealing area.

  1. Minimalistic Elegance:


If you have large space then you don’t have to worry about adding small furniture into the room. Use the fireplace as a center and place furniture surrounding it as a decorative piece. This is one of the vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas that give an elegant look to your room.

  1. Earthy tone and the Gold effect:

Vintage-style-furniture-arrangements-and-ideas-3When you use golf in your vintage décor just make sure you use it in moderation to give your living space a classic and elegant look. These elements should be used as a statement space of the areas.

  1. Working with the pastels:


All white is one of the simplest vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas, which you can try it out in your living space. Consider adding a chic chandelier along with two armchairs to add a modern touch to your vintage background.

  1. Cabinets and Side Tables:


Antique shelves, vintage decorations, and elegant cabinets are a great element to add to your entrance foyers and hallway. Or consider placing the cabinet just beneath the staircase to give a more vintage look to your living area.

  1. Vintage Assortment:


This is one of those vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas that would not suit everyone. Go for an all white room and accessories the room with vintage elements such as huge mirrors and elaborate detailing.

  1. Highlighting your statement accessory:


Like mentioned above you don’t need whole lot of antique elements to create a vintage look. rather than adding lot of things add a antique element that would be, like a show stopper. This will be enough to accentuate the look of your home.

  1. Get Overboard:


There are times when it is okay to break the rules. If you want to add multiple fabric or texture into the mix rather than choosing a single color, then go for it

  1. Vintage design for two:


Have a fireplace? Consider adding vintage sitting on either side of the fireplace and decorate the space with multitude designs rather than artworks.

  1. Soft, Warm, and Vintage:


This is one of the simplest vintage style furniture arrangement and ideas that you can try in your living space. The whole idea behind this look is to make sure that all the elements should go with each other creating one meaning.

  1. The Feministic vintage look:


Welcome the feminine color with all white walls and including natural light colors. Accessorize the room with vintage accessories.

  1. Study Elegance:


Study room is one of the best places to try out your love for vintage look. create a perfect blend of modern furniture and antique furniture.

  1. Vintage look for your kitchen:


While you will be avoiding luxurious accessory in this place, you can surely try elegant lighting fixtures and ceiling lights.

  1. Giving your bathroom a vintage touch:


There are endless options to add a vintage touch to your bathroom. Try pouffers and stools in your bathroom, they give a great look.

  1. Tiny House? There is a lot you can do:


When you want to give a vintage look to your home with lesser space, add velvet armchairs or scooped chair rather than going for a large sofa that would take more space.










Vintage furniture represents a particular style of a particular era. Now with all these designs and tips on buying and creating a vintage touch to your home would be quite easy for you. While deciding on a particular design, it is natural if you feel overwhelmed with all the options presented to you. Just look back at your childhood and see what design brings back your favorite nostalgic memory. Once you have a certain vision in your mind, rest will come naturally to you. Even if you don’t have a particular vision in mind, don’t worry just do a little research and opt for the design that best suits your home. With these designs, you would be able to blend the vintage elements perfectly with the modern elements.



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