80 Unique Birdhouse designs and Patterns You need Now

FRIENDS! Is there anything nicer than watching a family of birds flying in and out of a birdhouse and feeding in your backyard? Well! That’s true not everybody prefers to have a bunch of birds in their backyard, but those who do, must take a look at the unique birdhouse designs and patterns prepared in this collection. All these designs are not really hard to craft alone, all you need is some spare time on your hands, a couple of pieces of wood, some simple hardworking tools, and of course some skill. Moreover, below mentioned plans are for different skill levels and designed to attract many kinds of birds, so one can easily build a whole neighborhood for the birds!

Unique Birdhouse Designs And Patterns

One-Board Birdhouse!

Hurray! An impressive birdhouse can’t be easier than this? It’s really interesting to learn how to build a bird box with single whole from single pine board.

Birdhouse designs and patterns1

Durable and Functional Birdhouse!

This nice chicken coop offering enough space for your chicken to have a good time is ranked among unique birdhouse designs and patterns. The complete house is made of a wooden frame with lattice wire panels all around it.

Birdhouse designs and patterns2

Patriotic Birdhouse!

One can effectively display its true patriotic feeling by hosting a red, white and blue flag in front of the main entrance of a wooden birdhouse or can also display it outside as a nesting place for feathered birds.

Birdhouse designs and patterns3

Rustic Lighthouse Birdhouse!

A real beauty! The design features copper roof, sliders, removable bottom, air vents and look like a real light house.

Birdhouse designs and patterns4

Aluminum Birdhouse!

Want to introduce magical mood to your outdoor décor? Hang this charming aluminum birdhouse near all the windows. Its design and detailed finish is really lovely to look at.

Birdhouse designs and patterns5

Cape Cod Pedestal Birdhouse!

This is an extremely charming birdhouse pattern. It is built on wooden sticks and the house takes the shape of a real family house with creative details.

Birdhouse designs and patterns6

Italian Colony Birdhouse!

This is a distinctive embellishment for your yard and gardens. This unique birdhouse design and pattern consists of ten doorways welcome birds at all 3 levels.

Birdhouse designs and patterns7

Round Birdhouse!

We bet round birdhouse proves to be among unique birdhouse designs and patterns because of its incredible look and is surprisingly easy to make from rings of wood and cedar shingles.

Birdhouse designs and patterns8

Whimsical Wood Birdhouse!

This curvy, colorful birdhouse will add some real spice to your yard or garden. Whimsical bird houses are a great source of attraction for birds.

Birdhouse designs and patterns9

Easy Painted Birdhouse!

Yes, use your favorite color scheme to paint a birdhouse that’s look quite inviting and fresh. This is an easy craft for occasional purposes.

Birdhouse designs and patterns10

Summer Birdhouse (Woodcraft)

This is an easy-to-make birdhouse with colorful summer flair. This narrow structure makes great outdoor decorative items.

Birdhouse designs and patterns11

Junk Store Birdhouse!

This birdhouse is cheap garden décor you’ll proud be to show off. It’s made with different size wood panels and the bushy leaves with small flowers placed on both the sides gives it a unique and whimsical feel.

Birdhouse designs and patterns12

Cartoon Birdhouse!

Stunning to look at, right! Friends! Put all your recyclables to good use. This cartoon ‘owl’ birdhouse seems to be among unique birdhouse designs and patterns for the yard. They are more for decorative purposes.

Birdhouse designs and patterns13

Uniquely Styled Cedar Birdhouse!

Attract colorful birds to your yard with this uniquely shaped cedar birdhouse. The beautiful combination of solid wood construction and subtle shades should perfectly match with the garden.

Birdhouse designs and patterns14

Common Wooden Birdhouse!

If you live in an apartment, but still dream of being close to nature and caring wild birds. This

Usual wooden birdhouse resembling a tree branch joins the balcony of your room to the green environment outside.

Birdhouse designs and patterns15

Five star Birdhouse!

Looking for all season’s birdhouse? Start working on this five star birdhouse project as unique birdhouse designs and patterns of 2017. You can easily hang it up in your home when the holidays start off.

Birdhouse designs and patterns16

Stylish Birdhouse Designs!

Birdhouse style really matters! These stylish birdhouse designs made of printed floral sheets are bird-friendly but full of creativity and deep thought.

Birdhouse designs and patterns17

Antique Birdhouse!

This birdhouse is designed for small birds. It is a stylish addition in vintage style for each outdoor space with one big hole on top.

Birdhouse designs and patterns18

Crazy Birdhouse!

OMG! Holiday gift for bird’s! If your garden is lacking a proper birdhouse, then this solution (crazy birdhouse) will be perfect for you. It’s entirely handmade with a convenient entry.

Birdhouse designs and patterns19

Rustic Country Home Birdhouse (Wood Pattern)

This design is categorized among unique birdhouse designs and patterns and looks like a real antique piece – but it’s not! You can build this country birdhouse from new wooden materials and coffee can.

Birdhouse designs and patterns20  

Chandelier Birdhouse!

Build your own personal birdhouse from wooden slides and add a personal touch with few tweaks. Moreover, it’s simple, cute and versatile.

Birdhouse designs and patterns21

Church Style Birdhouse!

Church Bird houses are popular as unique birdhouse designs and patterns all over the world. These houses are topped with a solid copper steeple and a copper ridge piece over cedar shingles.

Birdhouse designs and patterns22

Log Cabin Birdhouse!

Attract birds to your yard with an amazing log cabin birdfeeder. This birdhouse will brighten up your yard and provide shelter to all birds in your area.

Birdhouse designs and patterns23

Innovative Backyard Birdhouse!

This cool looking birdhouse idea will make your backyard birds feel like royalty. In other words, it’s truly a piece of divine art.

Birdhouse designs and patterns24

Cardinal Birdhouse!

Don’t feel shy in creating this bright, unique birdhouse design and pattern for your fathered friends and add decorative touch to your yard or garden by painting it a monochromatic way.

Birdhouse designs and patterns25

Gnome Birdhouse Plan!

Adorable, yes! Create unique homes for your feathered friends and give them a ahpe like garden gnomes to draw attention.

Birdhouse designs and patterns27

Modern Birdhouse!

Not all birdhouses have to be boring! Make your birds feel secure and happy in this modern one. Place it outdoors to get the most use.

Birdhouse designs and patterns28

Barn Birdhouse!

Looking for unique birdhouse designs and patterns that easily draw attention from all your feathered friends? This one seems to be okay made from new materials but give it an old look using barn technique.

Birdhouse designs and patterns42

Autumn Birdhouse!

This bird house plan creates a beautiful autumn birdhouse for both indoor and outdoor of your lovely home. Die-cut autumn leaves with yellow flowers draws the focal attention on the birdhouse. Coordinating wooden papers cover sides and roof of birdhouse.

Birdhouse designs and patterns40

Fancy Birdhouse Design!

Simple is not better always, sometimes really `elaborated and fancy birdhouses also look good. This birdhouse with two heart-shape holes and floral prints looks outstanding.

Birdhouse designs and patterns39

Country Church Birdhouse!

To give your garden distinctive look this spring season, add beautiful bird house in shape of a country church with a high-pitched roof and chain hanging on the top as unique birdhouse designs and patterns of 2017.

Birdhouse designs and patterns38

Floral Birdhouse Decor!

Wow, this pretty birdhouse features floral image templates on grey base. You can use patterned floral patterns to cover the window and front door. Don’t forget to coordinate it with your painted design.

Birdhouse designs and patterns37

Spring Bloom Birdhouse!

Brighten up your outdoor with this beautiful spring bloom birdhouse. The gorgeous yellow bright yellow color is a great way to add some springtime color to your home and adore it with lovely pink colors.

Birdhouse designs and patterns36

Victorian Birdhouse!

The entire construction is done with wood and designed for mounting on the tree. It’s a great addition to the garden according to taste and need.

Birdhouse designs and patterns35

Pallet Wood Stacked Birdhouse!

Yes! Uniquely shaped birdhouses are easy to make from layers of boards salvaged from free shipping pallets.

Birdhouse designs and patterns34

Rustic Country Cabin Birdhouse!

Add a rustic nostalgic touch to any yard or porch. This unique birdhouse design and pattern is crafted from old reclaimed weathered ‘barn wood’ and can easily be mounted anywhere.

Birdhouse designs and patterns29

Beautiful Blue Birdhouse!

Are you planning to bring the look of spring to your indoors? It’s a great idea to display this beautiful blue birdhouse because birds love coming to colorful houses for performing various activities.

Birdhouse designs and patterns30

Dream Birdhouse!

Who doesn’t like a stylish feeder? This dream house is great for everyone’s garden and will not only draw the attention of all the birds, but also make your garden look like a fairy world.

Birdhouse designs and patterns31

Bee Hive Birdhouse!

Looking for fun, easy and unique birdhouse designs and patterns? Welcome nesting birds to your yard by placing curvy-shaped dwellings in a tactful manner. Well! Give it a shape of a bee-hive.

Birdhouse designs and patterns32

License Plate Birdhouse!

Create a personalize birdhouse with an old license plate and you’ll find that it’s a kind place for birds to call home.

Birdhouse designs and patterns33

Birdhouse designs and patterns26

Birdhouse designs and patterns42

Birdhouse designs and patterns43

Birdhouse designs and patterns44

Birdhouse designs and patterns45

Birdhouse designs and patterns46

Birdhouse designs and patterns47

Birdhouse designs and patterns48

Birdhouse designs and patterns49

Birdhouse designs and patterns50

Birdhouse designs and patterns51

Birdhouse designs and patterns52

Birdhouse designs and patterns53

Birdhouse designs and patterns54

Birdhouse designs and patterns55

Birdhouse designs and patterns56

Birdhouse designs and patterns57

Birdhouse designs and patterns58

Birdhouse designs and patterns59

Birdhouse designs and patterns60

Birdhouse designs and patterns61

Birdhouse designs and patterns62

Birdhouse designs and patterns63

Birdhouse designs and patterns64

Birdhouse designs and patterns65

Birdhouse designs and patterns66

Birdhouse designs and patterns67

Birdhouse designs and patterns68

Birdhouse designs and patterns69

Unique and Cool Birdhouse Designs

Birdhouse designs and patterns71

Birdhouse designs and patterns72

Birdhouse designs and patterns73

Birdhouse designs and patterns74

Birdhouse designs and patterns75

Birdhouse designs and patterns76

Birdhouse designs and patterns77

Birdhouse designs and patterns79

Birdhouse designs and patterns79

Birdhouse designs and patterns80

So, if you’re wondering how to build an attractive birdhouse this spring season for your backyard and looking for a fun way to let your kids know which birds are native to your area, we hope our huge collection of unique birdhouse designs and patterns will add color to your yard and provide a safe haven for the friendly fliers in your backyard. To keep the design simple, we always recommend using household materials to make birds feel secure and loved.

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