80 Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs to try

Scandinavian interiors are the result of perfect interior styles having best alignments with the natural elements. With the plenty use of wooden material and its textures, these interior designs get that attractive appearance everyone wants at their place. Natural components and the modern test of the interior are added together to come up with the Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs. You may find some of the designs stacked below are too neat and clean whereas some of them have the twist of messy interiors. Have a look on the Scandinavian interior designs listed below and get the best one done at your own place.

Simple And Sexy Scandinavian Interior Designs

Comfortable living room with pastel shade

Living rooms are the best relaxing place if they have an interior like this. Soothing colors and such a comfy sofa is the all you need for a relaxing living room


Traditional Scandinavian interior designs

The traditional attraction of Scandinavian interior designs is kept with the modern touch of the coffee table in vibrant yellow color. Ash gray color of sofa adds value to the interior.


Playful Scandinavian interior designs

This interior design is the perfect example of craftsman shape from the best artist. Such Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs are worth admiring with the affordability and style it provides.


Pure interior décor idea

Black and white is the best combination for smart and sturdy interiors. By keeping this in mind designers have designed this Scandinavian interior idea having a messy appearance.


Homemade hoagies for an aesthetic décor

In the list of Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs, this is the most functional and timeless interior design. The off white hoagie gives a special touch of homely feeling to the interior design.


Chair arrangements in Scandinavian style

This is the modern table base made of the high-quality wood having the glossy finish. You can have such chair arrangements for office work or can also use this style for dining base.

scandinavian interior designs6

Bedroom décor inspired Scandinavian design

Decorate your personal space with this interior design, if you love such lights in your room. Bright colors add to the bedroom’s peaceful ambiance. Small lamps and artistic typo frames are an add-on.

scandinavian-interior-designs7You can check some more dynamic and classy bedroom decoration and renovation ideas if you’re looking majorly for bedroom interiors only.

Natural ambiance in kitchen

You can have such plants in your kitchen to add the taste of nature in the kitchen interior. Clean and simple interior design of the kitchen is one of the best among Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs.


Minimalist décor idea

This can be your study room or the space for relaxing from daily stress. The table is made up of wooden material supported with the steel rods. This is the simplest study room interior design idea.


Living rooms with rugs

The rugs used in white base living room add color to the living room interior. This décor idea proves that it doesn’t need to be clean and tidy always to have the best interior.


Colorful dining chairs

Scandinavian interior designs are all about pleasant and cheerful decoration ideas. This dining décor inspired by Scandinavian style includes colorful chairs giving a treat for eyes.


The black and white bedroom

It is not worth to prefer bright colors for bedroom always. You can go classy with the combination of black and white colors. Use different textures and fabrics to get perfect bedroom interior.


Fresh and cozy living room

Get this living room décor with cozy sofas in pastel color combined with a classy chair, textured rug, and artistic elements. This modern living room design is simple yet fascinating.


Simple study table with lamp

You can use this décor idea to get a peaceful corner for study purpose or for official work at home. The classy black lamp complements wooden table having light wooden texture.


Sturdy Scandinavian living room

While looking for perfect Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs, this living room design gives a serious goal of renovation. With this artistic tea table and a set of classy sofas, you can complete the living room décor.

scandinavian-interior-designs18While thinking of Scandinavian interior, you must consider the matching floor design to provide the better look. For that, we’ve made a complete collection of awesome floor designs to choose from. 

Gray themed living space with hammock

You can have this relaxing living room design with a hammock and attractive light arrangements. Gray color gives the royal look along with the peaceful ambiance.


The minimalist’s room

This is the Scandinavian style décor for a study space. A royal chair with the lamp is the only elements of this décor idea. You can have wooden storage with this chair and lamp.


Study room inspired by 70s style

You can have this simple yet peaceful study room interior with a classic wooden chair and compliment study table of the same style. You can use dark colors in this interior idea.


Industrial kitchen in Scandinavian interiors

In the Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs, you can also incorporate such industrial kitchen décor. This white themed kitchen has all the functionalities included in it.


Grey white kitchen with dining

Such kitchen décor idea is too artistic and attractive. This is a real inspiration of craftsmanship. Kitchen décor includes artistic frames and creative lamp.


Medium toned kitchen interior

In the Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs, you can find such awesome kitchen interior with the medium toned wooden material used for the cabinets, chairs and table bases.


Coffee time décor

You can have Scandinavian styled living room in your apartments. This interior gives you a best coffee time décor with a small tabletop in creative craftsmanship.


Cottage interior in Scandinavian style

Cottages have most beautiful natural views and hence you just need to be as simple as possible with its interior. Such white monochrome interior is best if you want Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs.


Room with a porch

If you own such amazing room on the top having a porch with a beautiful view, you can have this interior with vintage wooden box and classic comfortable chairs.


Simple and compact bench

In the Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs, you can go minimalist with such compact but attractive bench with seating arrangement complimenting it.


Modern interior in Scandinavian style

With the minimum pallet of colors and textures, you can have such an amazing living room décor.


Most comfortable living room interior

You can turn your living room into best relaxing place with this interior. You can enjoy quality time with your loved ones watching movies on the screen.


Frames in the room

Love for art can be easily shown with such interiors having artistic frames on the wall and creative lamps beside cozy sofas.


Study nook in the house

If you have compact space to be renovated as a study room, this can be the best décor idea.


Artistic light arrangements

In the Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs, you can arrange lights using such variety of lamps and lights.


Sweden style Scandinavian interior

Messy interior with the simple décor can be achieved with this design. Use of copper, black and gray colors are brilliantly incorporated in this design.


Sober look in Scandinavian designs

You can get such simple and sober living room interior in Scandinavian décors where soothing colors are used in place of bright colors like pink and orange.


Exceptional décor in Scandinavian designs

In the ideas of Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs, you can find this exceptional design with classy furniture and vintage colors.


Messy compact bedroom

Be choosy while selecting an interior idea for such compact bedroom running out of space. You can arrange things in the room as shown in the image and decorate the wall with some creative stuff.


Cyan punch

Go colorful with such cyan touch in the interior of living room complementing wooden colors. Use Cyan color in rugs and pillows to have the colorful room décor.


Charming Scandinavian living room

You can keep natural plants in the room for nature touch to the décor. Using floral textures in cushions and curtains can add more to it.

scandinavian design center

Mesmerizing kid’s room

Arrange such random size open wall cabinets and keep kid’s colorful stuff there. Such storage will add to the look of kid’s room and make the interior more interesting.


Bright interior for the bedroom

This interior design idea gives you enough light in the room making it peaceful and energetic.


Peaceful bedroom interior

With the use of white toned bed sheets and curtains, you can have such peaceful ambiance in your bedroom.


Open shelf beside bed

Have such open shelf beside your bed to keep your books and other stuff.



































Designers researched on the sleek and sexy interiors to make them more clean and elegant. As a result of these research and efforts, designers came up with the above Scandinavian interior designs. These designs integrate the modern look of the interiors trending today with the spice of natural elements in it. You can select the designs comfortably according to the carpet sizes you have. These Scandinavian designs can be applied to compact as well as spacious places. Get these Simple and Sexy Scandinavian interior designs and enjoy the natural ambiance.

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