80 Romantic Shabby Chic Interior and Decor Ideas

Home décor is something that has been always ruling our minds. What to do and what not to do is something that is always running inside us! Well, you have been so neat and tidy all these years so why not this time try some romantic shabby chic interior and decor ideas for a change. Trust me even these will blow your mind. We have some of amazing ideas for you!

Romantic Shabby Chic Interior and Decor Ideas

Dream Catcher!

That’s an unusual design mind you. We are so fond of old windows that we try different ideas with it. This time you can make use of it and those dream catchers and tiaras! All those unused wall hangings can be brought to use now. This one is definitely shabby chic interior and decor ideas.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-1Old Wood

Well the wood can be antique too! Those cushions would never let you go alone. That lightning up of lamps with those bunch of flowers in the background is what you can go for. Remember, old wood wall is the most shabby chic interior and decor ideas.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-2Angels Room

Anyone would want to go in it! This is the best interior decor ideas anyone can think of. You can have colorful flowers with candles lighted up high and those pink romantic shades everywhere makes love regenerate from everywhere. This is one of the best shabby chic interior and decor ideas.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-3White and Natural

Combination makes people happy. Small pots at the edges of the designer wall frame with branches falling apart on both sides. Place tea cups and plates to add beauty to the frame.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-4Happy hut

Well here is an awesome shabby chic interior and decor ideas for you. To make your evening teas more romantic this idea is just perfect. Adding some colors to the nature looks amazing. White with nature have always been making the best combinations ever!


Let the sunshine fall on the white walls, the white chairs, the white showcase and let it all shine. Just add some pinch of light colors to make the white look more graceful.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-9Colorful Garden

Grab all those flowers from the salesman as your boyfriend is coming home. Put small ones near the stairs with two others on the end of each side. Have one in air, I mean to hang one in the middle with some on the desk and some beside them. Jesus! That looks amazing. Don’t forget to water them daily.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-10Living Love

Those high held hanging lamps with those cups with crafty prints and plates is just the right change for. Giant clock and some ferns and petals just change the appearance of tables. A romantic way of getting your love back is trying this shabby chic interior and decor idea.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-11Meant to sleep

A white bed with light pink bed covers, a white side table, a white book rack and some flowery lamps is just appropriate for a romantic day. This shabby chic interior and decor idea is just meant to give you a comfortable sleep.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-12Romantic Mess

The designer carpet in the room adds a lovely feeling around. A printed sofa, a small table with a petite pot on it looks mesmerizing. The falling sunshine through windows is just what your eyes have been all this while.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-16The plate web

Let those black and white plates speak for their class themselves. Let them stand high in style in the plate rack. That white wood cabinet is what can store a lot for you. A plant adds to the grace of the room. This is a among very classy shabby chic interior and decor ideas.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-17Simple yet impressive

Windows all around the room to let the warmth of the sun fill the room with positivity. A simple sofa with colorful cushions is what will make your room look beautiful. Some simple chairs to add some seating space to the room is a good idea. Some flowers and petals to add grace to the room.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-20String of love

Add more love to your room. Tie these colorful hearts and make a beautiful string out of them. Decorate your room with many of these. Let love rule your room!

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-21Fun with colors

A plain grey sofa, with colorful cushions gives tremendous look. A blue and white mat and two king size chairs will give a lovely look to your room. White walls and a white book shelf with lots and lots of books your love will make everyone fall in love with your room.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-26The old guest house

This blue bed is your ultimate destination. Having a high hanging lamp and some flowers on the bed side a blue of your old boots and brick white wall is what will give it that typical look. This is shabby chic interior and decor idea you must try.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-27Art Gallery

So are you an art lover? Why only shall art galleries make you feel happy and why not your room. Transform your room into a art gallery with lamps, boxes, artificial ferns and antique pots. Let the corner of the room speak for itself!

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-28Traditional Love

Call it as letting the frame come alive. Put a frame structure on the wall and inside the frame add a small basket. And in that add some lovely flowers. Let the frame be old wood look and the basket be new too let the time zones come together.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-55Beige White love

Beige and white make a good combination. A beige tall standing clock, a beige and white wooden cupboard, a white sofa and a chair is just so appropriate. A white marble round center table adds to the grace.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-29Love for wooden floor

If you have that love for wooden floors, let it reveal! Wooden flooring, white walls and grey metal bed is all that makes this a room. A long wooden wall clock and a wooden lampshade on the corner wood table makes the room looks charming.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-30For the little one

A small bed for your little one with flowery sheet and cushions is super cute. A falling net to protect your child and some soft toys for your little love is shabby chic interior and decor idea that is just so perfect for your little one.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-31Your kitchen café!

Let the menu made you my dear chef take the toll. Oh course it will be appreciated as you food has always been.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-32Fairytale for the little fairy

The pink and white color combination on walls is just so apt for your little princess. The little bed and little sofa are just perfect for her. Her wardrobe is the cutest thing in the room. The cute little chandelier hanging is yet another feature which is loveable. Everything about the room is worth falling in love for!

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-33Bright and Sunshine

The beautiful color combination of white, brown and pink is speaking for itself. The bright sunshine coming in from the windows is adding immense positivity to the room. The rom so fells worth just walking into. The white sofa with colorful cushions and the wood center piece are all worth appreciation

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-34Slow Blue

Blue is an all-time favorite to most of us. Blue wallpaper and a sliding white roof makes an excellent combination. A blue chair adds to the beauty of the room.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-35White and check

White walls and a brown rug is such a wonderful combination. A single sofa chair with white base and brown check adds to its beauty. The beautiful animal painting on walls looks damn classy!!

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-36White and wood!

Complete white walls, white showcase, white chandelier and white dining table is great to see. To add some grace to this white go for a sofa with some light colors. Colorful cushions will go well in this room. A center table with wooden top and white base is worth adding.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-38Flow with the white!

Flow with the white and yes we mean it! White walls, white sofa, white frames on walls, white cushions, white chandelier and yes you will find peace! This is the one of best shabby chic interior and decor ideas.


Sometimes when good mirrors are placed well, they make the room look good. A set of three mirrors in golden frames, a white sofa and a center table with pots looks extremely amazing.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-40Old wooden table

Wooden floor and that old wooden center table is just amazing. Some pinch of pink in form of sofa covers and chairs will add to the grace of the room.


White walls and bright sunshine coming in from that large window pane is very mesmerizing. Decorate your wall with your painting in white frame. A simple beige sofa with white cushions adds charm to the room. Some flowers in flower pot on the center table add beauty to the room.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-42Wooden deck

Having wooden Elmira or a table is everyone’s favorite theme. Behind the sofa have a flower pot with some lovely flowers and put the candles on the either side to make it love lovely.


In this woodhouse add a classy looking grey table with matching sofa and some lamps of that color also. White curtains on the chic add grace to the room, making it shabby chic interior and decor ideas.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-44Old Shabby tables

Here’s the time to use your old stuff. Your old white table with those beautiful pots and cat structure or probably your luggage which you can add beneath your table and a small mirror is what we call one of the most sexiest shabby chic interior and decor ideas.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-45Corner Almira

Corners define a room. On your white corner showcase almira add a glossing small bulb white light on it with a small heart shaped ring on it. In it you can add your personal stuff with and flowers, a clock or even your sandals to show off.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-46Farm side

We need those brown shades for the love we need to show to our walls. Add some of those ferns in a basket of your room in the background of your bed. The idea which I like the most here is the silky and probably my favorite glass lamp which just decorates the entire room with its richness.


Flowers are practically magical. They make things more romantic. The flowing white pot and other pieces with beautiful flowers look lovely. The white Almira is an amazing piece.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-48Work Romance

The Black sofa and some colored cushions is the need of hour. Have some memories in frames at the back of your sofa making you feel as if you are still in those. That wide open windows and a high hanging lamp with designer table makes you obsessed with it


Often the upper shelf of table fire is left empty keeping your ideas to null. Well this time you have one shabby chic interior and decor ideas. Cover the whole shelf with a giant plant leaves making it look fabulous and with the addition of lamps on each side makes the Christmas come early.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-50For the love of numbers

You love numbers? Let your cushions reflect your love for numbers and your giant clock which displays numbers boldly is another way. The dark brown, light brown and white compliment each other in sofa and walls. The wall frames are an eye candy!

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-51Love is in the air!

The background of a designer bench is the ultimate goal of love. But having those cushions on that lovely bench is just the next level of romance. Grab some of the different color and have them by your side. This such a lovely shabby chic interior and decor idea.

shabby-chic-interior-and-decor-ideas-52The ideas are not finished here, you can continue you journey by checking some more images of shabby decor ideas.



































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