80 Gorgeous Rustic decorating ideas for your home

Home is place where we spend most of our time after the part when we are at work. Home is our intimate corner to enjoy and relax so it is necessary to pay special attention of its interior. Rustic style is always modern and with a little skill you can easily combine it with modern minimalist style. In rustic homes wood dominates. It’s on the floor, on ceiling, on wall. Most often it is the natural color of the wood, which is just varnished. You can choose for floors oak because of its strength, and for ceiling can serve you spruce and pine. Rustic style is appropriate for country houses but also it is great idea for modern flats in the city. Take a look at these rustic decorating ideas and give a fresh and appealing look to your dwelling.

Rustic decorating ideas for your home

The mirror

This beautiful mirror creates a warm atmosphere with its wooden rustic look frame which because of its broadness attracts the eyes and give the room a unique touch.


The big stones on the wall along with the patches of bare bricks is what makes the walls of the room look super rustic and stylish.

rustic-decorating-ideas3The perspective

The exposed beams at the ceiling and the hut like look is giving the perfect perspective to the room. The quilted table is the unique thing about the furniture making it a great rustic decorating idea.

rustic-decorating-ideas4Less is more

An understated room with minimal colour works best to achieve this rustic interior design look. You can go for a wooden flooring and experiment with a combination of grey and white furniture along with white pallet look wall.

rustic-decorating-ideas5Subtle shades

Do you enjoy just a hint of rustic style with your morning cup of coffee? Paint cabinets a cheery hue and balance the lighter tone with a woodsy detail.

rustic-decorating-ideas6The fireplaces

It is enough to look at a fireplace in the living room and it will warm up your soul. Fireplaces are often covered with raw stone. Here is a complete rustic look with the eye-catching table completing the rustic look of the room.

rustic-decorating-ideas7A perfect duo

The rustic mosaic wall followed by the modern grey material fireplace makes this look like a perfect duo. Large windows are a thing to notice in this rustic decorating idea.

This material compliments the best when it is about rustic decorating ideas. Use it in furniture to have a perfect rustic appeal.

rustic-decorating-ideas9Completely rustic

Go total rustic with the wooden sitting and vintage yet rustic table tops that gives the complete awesome makeover to your kitchen.

rustic-decorating-ideas10Antler wall piece

Antlers and wooden accents add a rustic look to a minimally-designed room. Wooden ceiling and floor will compliment this amazing piece. Today in modern homes but also in old houses can often encounter animal figures like these on the wall of the bedroom.

rustic-decorating-ideas11The bricks

What looks more rustic than the brick wall? You can take this idea to a next level by covering the pillars also with bricks. The amazing colours and rustic texture of bricks gives us a huge liberty to experiment with the decor and other elements to add to our rooms.

rustic-decorating-ideas12A warm appeal

The hut shaped window along with the exposed beams in the ceiling look stunning. Add a nice carpet to get that perfect look.

rustic-decorating-ideas13Play with the textures

The textures and colour play a major role in rustic decorating ideas as it is all about woods so try to combine different wooden textures to have a perfect look.

rustic-decorating-ideas14Double effect

The hut look ceiling along with the windows is the signature rustic style but using it twice in the room makes it look super amazing.

rustic-decorating-ideas15Upside down

Ditch the ordinary style by having a modern ceiling along with wooden floors and rustic brick pillars. Usually people go for rustic ceiling. But it is not a rule.

rustic-decorating-ideas16Close to nature

Modern style that characterizes minimalism can be nicely combined with rustic decorating ideas. An interesting old birdcage made of wood can be used as a chandelier in a modern apartment.

rustic-decorating-ideas17For your personal space

The modern bathroom that is perfectly decorated with rustic details such as the wooden framing of the mirror and the hanging lights on both its sides. Even the separating wall is adding its charm to the look.

rustic-decorating-ideas18For a small space

If you have a small kitchen and a shelf combined you can cover your complete wall with bricks and give woods on the sitting and table top.

rustic-decorating-ideas19Something unusual

This is a real warm home. Here is the best contribution that witnesses how the wood contributes to the warmth of the home and its cheerful look. The tree incorporated is just stunning and makes the whole look stand out in all rustic decorating ideas.

rustic-decorating-ideas20Bunk beds

the rustic can be incorporated even if you have bunk beds in your room. The yellow lighting in the ceiling is the highlight of this style. Awesome rustic decorating ideas ahead.

rustic-decorating-ideas22The lights

The lights are an essential part of the décor. Just like in this one where the kitchen is done rustic but the lights uplift the whole appeal.

rustic-decorating-ideas23The colour play

Earthy tones give an extra dose of warmth to this home except the burning fireplace. Stone and wood are in great proportion, there is nothing superfluous, the house is a true paradise that warms the soul and body.

rustic-decorating-ideas24Go Grey

Grey is a colour that is subtle yet rustic. Go for grey stone wall along with wooden flooring for a larger impact.

rustic-decorating-ideas25The modern-rustic look

You can bring together the two styles easily by having the modern furniture with grey rustic walls and exposed beams at the ceiling.


Watch the steps

A wooden staircase can add the perfect amount of rustic look required in the room be it your dining area like this one any other.

rustic-decorating-ideas27The closet

walk-in closets are a thing these days and can be more stylish than a rustic wardrobe made from complete wood with a subtle texture. Something that will make you flaunt your wardrobe every now and then.

rustic-decorating-ideas29Bygone beauty

Rustic kitchens should appear as if they were furnished over time. This kitchen does so with a rough-texture tiled backsplash that pulls together the room’s green, and brown tones. Ceiling beams and wood floors finish the look.

rustic-decorating-ideas30Pebble look

The pebbles used in the fireplace is what makes it look different from all other styles and perfectly rustic decorating idea without any over do.

rustic-decorating-ideas31The minimal approach

Just a little rustic touch with the floors, door openings and table tops and you are sorted for the perfect dining area décor.

rustic-decorating-ideas28Go big

An oversized wall piece ties together the minimal accents in a room. Make your reading more cozy and stylish with this stunning circular book shelf and cage like wooden woven swing. Complete the look with wooden flooring. Rustic decorating ideas for every corner of your place.

rustic-decorating-ideas32The doors

It is not only the walls and flooring that can be rustic. You can have a rustic sliding door and. Rustic decorating ideas can be super amazing.

rustic-decorating-ideas33The mirror image

Create your space as if is the mirror image of the half of the room. This looks dramatic as well as stylish. Rustic decorating ideas just for you.


Ditch the basic brown tones for your rustic décor and add a touch of black tone to your bed and other furniture.

rustic-decorating-ideas36Keep it simple

Embrace the simple yet super stylish rustic look with the stone wall at the back of your bed along with wooden flooring.

rustic-decorating-ideas38The pastels: You can go with a pastel colour combination to minimize the effect of rustic décor making it look more subtle and soothing. If you’re quite serious about about the flooring of your home. then you must consider our special article centralized towards the same.

rustic-decorating-ideas39Patterns: You can add a fresh pattern of checks with your curtains in your room to break the monotony of the rustic look.

rustic-decorating-ideas40Charming chandelier

The elegance of an old-fashioned chandelier contrasts perfectly with a faded wood piece—like the bed and cupboards along with the side tables. Keep scrolling for more rustic decorating ideas.

rustic-decorating-ideas41Use the beams

the beams used in the ceiling to create a dramatic effect are a great rustic decorating idea along with the stone work near fireplace.

rustic-decorating-ideas42Try something new

Rustic goes well with the blue coloured furniture, just like the denims and tan. Try this combination for a fresh look.


The wooden logs used in the wall as well as in furniture is giving a perfect harmonious appeal to the room making it a great rustic decorating idea for your bedroom.

rustic-decorating-ideas44Why don’t you check some more designs to go with the rustic look.


rustic-decorating-ideas46 M











rustic-decorating-ideas50Headboard make your bedroom look sexier than ever, so, why don’t you go through the best collection of headboard designs for bedrooms. I hope, you’ll like the stuff.






















rustic-decorating-ideas80Remember! Don’t do anything over the top while getting the desired look as your home is a reflexion of your soul! Try these rustic decorating ideas and make your space worth flaunting.

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