80 lovable Nature Inspired Decor Ideas to feel the harmony with nature

Time to reality check by asking yourself about how you actually feel as you enter the house! Happy or excited or sad or inspiring? In this era where not a single day takes an off from messing up your mind and hectic schedule just wait for you to kill yourself, one finds serenity at his house only. And so the nature as well! The calm and peaceful milieu is set when you aspiringly turn your houses inside just like the natural outside.
















Gone are the days when only unique flower arrangements made way to make Nature Inspired Decor Ideas work for your house. Terrestrial plants are one such awe-inspiring idea to astound your house with perfect naïve aroma to make you feel the harmony of nature. Not only these plantation ideas but also the story of using stones and shells for the decorating part is going to make your house enormously glamorous.

Nature Inspired Decor Ideas

    • Don’t forget Any Room! Yes, in the procedure of making your home beautiful, your must focus on the word “HOME” wherein involving all the rooms are important. You cannot just count on living room and bedroom and kitchen and forget all about the bathrooms and renovating it to match the theme of Nature Inspired Decor Ideas.




    • High Alert as You Choose Colors! What colors you prefer while renovating your house with these Nature Inspired Decor Ideas must be chosen attentively as it may directly or indirectly influence your poignant, psychosomatic and bodily behavior. It, often, stands responsible for change in mood and energy. Putting the Nature Inspired Decor Ideas calls for more of colors like green and soil and colors of the skies and any other natural object you decide as a theme.




    • Let the Fresh Air and Sunlight in! Plenty of windows must be added as to make your house welcome the fresh air and sunlight without which every Nature Inspired Decor Ideas are incomplete. You don’t have to worry about decorating the windows and panels since we are here to let you know instant DIY ideas for making the windowpanes look naturally incredible.




    • Simply Adding a Few Accessories such as a simple and elegantly designed mirror with intricate carvings on it and a climber adding an oomph factor to your dressing mirror. Yes, indeed a single natural object if capable of transforming a vignette into something really extra-ordinary.




    • Choose Furnishings Accordingly! Cushion covers to bed sheets everything will add another reason to tingle the spines around only when you are alert enough to match it impeccably with the theme. Motifs and floral inspired nature related prints and patterns would be a nice idea that will make your home look perfectly natural.




    • DIYing to Add your Touch! There could not be anything other feeling than to flaunt something you made yourself and is looking just “WOW”. You can make immensely beautiful paperweights using stone and old cold drink bottles wrapped in colorful wool to showcase a beautiful flower vase. Talking of Nature Inspired Decor Ideas, you must not miss using the leafless branches to be your wall piece. Even the bunch of books kept on a table would look much vivacious if you place some branch colored to metallic. The scope of ideas will never end and you have the creativity to bring more Nature Inspired Decor Ideas into life and inspire others as well.




Nature Inspired Decor Ideas











Nature Inspired Wallpapers


Thank to architectural sciences that made it possible to view a 2D drawing as 3D one and this made whole life lot easier and your desire to give your house a natural touch fulfilled! You can always find out some calm and soothing nature inspired wallpapers and match the color scheme of the interior accordingly.

Nevertheless, the fact that wallpapers could also be customized, I prefer you get something like a forest into 3D paper that will give your living a dynamic look. If the wallpaper that you choose is something relating to skies, it must be for the ceiling then. Creativity is when you could make your walls vanish to look like the forest and ceilings to transform into a beautiful blue sky.

Creativity is in the Tree Dining


Then I came across a mind-blowing idea that would give me peace for making house into a home. And the idea was to design a tree inspired dining with branched carved on it. Here is the picture and I know you would this one too. You can always reduce the number of seats by varying the size of the dining. Obsess the dining with some natural stuff like fruits and veggies.

Even my Bathroom Contains House Plants


It, often, is the story of every other home that they forget all about the bathrooms in the horde of refurbishing the complete house. Some find it useless to transform bathrooms while some find it okay to get it don’t later. Although, the fact always suggests that more classier the bathrooms, more your guests will be left awestruck. Moreover, what is the place where you start your day? Bathroom obviously! And I am sure you being the nature lover and your bathroom acquiring houseplants will both cheer it up for you. Also, planting the beautiful floral plants is a good idea.

Wreaths could be Far More Useful


No… wreaths are not just to be placed on the graves. You can also make your entrance eye catching by pinning a few wreaths on a side of the wall. Though, this idea is not ever lasting, I prefer this Nature Inspired Decor Ideas whenever we are celebrating some event at our place.

Play with Green


Nature is more about the earthly green and watery blue that makes much of colors to play with as you think of grabbing some Nature Inspired Decor Ideas. Green walls and green carpet with blue accessories and white popping them all would be fun to style your home with. Remove blue accessories if you want and introduce a green grass like carpet with cushions combining some attractive motif inspired designs.

In-house Plantation


Want nature but don’t want to push the modern furnishings and interior styles away clearly asks for just planting some green in-house plants. On one hand where your house is fulfilled with modern equipment and styles, placing such beautiful leafy shrubs and plants will not only freshen the air up but also make your house look unique.

Live in the Way you live in Forest


Tent style! One incredible example of how offbeat your creativity could be and what amazing things it could discover then! Floor mattress and bamboo tent is such a deadly combination that will bring the old era of human being back and so nature in some ways as well. That wallpaper idea? It would bring so much life to this one making a story of you living in a forest.

Make it Simple, Make it Woody


Simplicity is the best quality anything or anyone can ever abide in themselves. The more the simple, the more it will catch eyes and make people get inspired. For instance, grabbing the idea of making a mirror with wooden borderline is yet another trending Nature Inspired Decor Ideas. Decorating this mirror with shells and stones will further add chic to your mirror and so to your interiors.

Grass Walls


The trends of grassy walls are on a hit these days since nature is important and low spaced house could manage to get Nature Inspired Decor Ideas with something made out of their walls. These grass walls though need high maintenance if it is in the room where you keep most furniture. But it is worth the beauty and relaxation it passes on and makes your home vivacious. Well, if you don’t want to take risks of grass walls then choosing the digital wall painting ideas that has grass like color scheme is also a good idea to try.

Bamboo Fences and Walls


When the question of decorating a wall in a most unique way strikes your way then go for this bamboo inspired one. You just require number of bamboos and big nails to make stick the wall permanently. No cleanliness measures are required and no maintenance as well! Quick and easy Nature Inspired Decor Ideas it is!

















Home is not just a structure made of bricks but also more made of heart and soul! The more you love your home, the more it will pass positivity to you. After all, not office and not friend’s house, but you will be in your own home sweet home for more than half the lifetime. Making it special is in your hands and this is the most authentic way you could make your house YOUR HOME.


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