80 Beautiful Meditation room interior design to find the real peace

One Conscious In And Out Breathe Is What All You Need! Meditation is the tongue of our soul and Language to our spirit. So, we need meditation. We all need a room in our home that could help us to heal our body, mind and soul. A room where we could sit peacefully escaping away from all the troubles disquieting us. Recharge your body physically and mentally by creating a peaceful space with these calm and serene Meditation room interior design of your own.






A long trip might help you to keep calm but it won’t work every week ( who gets so much time from their busy schedule). But you can surely take out 15-30 minutes every day for your own body, your own health, your mood, your fitness. For all this you need to have an ideal meditation room.






Every house needs to have an area where you can only find serenity. To find perfect meditation you need to have an ideal space for meditation. It’s not difficult to create your own mediation room. You just need to consider few points before having your own meditation room. Here are few implications for meditation room interior designs.

Meditation room interior design

Easy and calming designs for your room

Let’s talk about some interior designs for your meditations room. Maybe a patterned room or a candle room. Pick anyone of your own choice
– This design is so appealing. You can decorate your room with cushions and bamboo sticks. Ever thought of that? If you notice the colour of the cushions ,it is very light and hence looks peaceful.
– You just cannot abscond your feeling when it comes to such a beautiful view. White curtains on a plain glass door is as peaceful as a mortal drink.
– When you talk about lightning up the room, you don’t generalize it with a CLF tube or something. Lightning in a meditation room should be dim. Just look at this iridescent pattern of lightning. Imagine how much peaceful experience it would give to you
– When we talk about wardrobe, it’s not necessary to keep it there. If you have a small room for meditation then you just simply put a shelf like this in one corner of your room. It’s perfect as well as useful.
– The smell of your room should be good enough to refresh you from all the smothering exposure of this world. To make it smell good you can use joss sticks. Joss sticks can be of several fragrances. You need to pick the best one according to your smell choice.
– How much perfect does this room look to you? With Buddha on left hand side and yoga mattress in between, mirror in front to adore yourself and a small tool on the side to put extra material required at other times of the day. Serenity is here, Where are you looking for it?
– Even if you say that you are happy enough, you still need peace. And when heaven comes in your own “maison” how much lucky do you feel. Candles on the one side and a comfortable sofa to sit is what all you need sometimes, even if you are in meditation room. Meditation is only about relaxing yourself and it depends on you how you do that (not sleeping).






Good space for your soul
QUIET THE MIND AND SOUL WILL SPEAK! To follow this you need a good space in your room where you can meditate properly. A room which gives you affirmative sensations and is away from all the hustle and bustle of this human race.

You might need a room which is close to nature. Because nature is also a key to the serenity of soul. Find a room which has a nature scrutiny or maybe sunlight cascades in that room. It helps you focus more on your body and your soul.
You might find this maybe in the last room of your house or the first. A space near the entrance can also be used to curate a meditation room.






Another element to consider in your mediation room is aromatherapy. The use of essential oils from plants, such as lavender, chamomile, and peppermint, can really soothe the soul, the mind, and the body.

From burning candles and incense, to heating oils, you can receive the benefits of aromatherapy while meditating. Not only does aromatherapy help you relax, but it also provides other benefits. This form of therapy is gaining momentum and is on its way to becoming a mainstream healing aide that is believed to stimulate brain function.

There has also been evidence to show it boosts the immune system, relieves muscle pain, and reduces or eliminates stress. These are all great reasons why you should include aromatherapy in your meditation room.






Clean room with exonerate mind

This is the most important feature to have in mind before creating a meditation room. You need to clear out space around you to give your soul more relaxation with meditation. Things lead to disturbance. Therefore, avoid redundant equipments around your room.
Garnish your room in a manner which makes you feel blissful. Do it in a way that one look can make you unruffled! Meditation rooms are most often crammed with elements of traditional Japanese design but you can take a different approach by crafting your meditation breathing space with a modern aroma. Effectively meditation rooms are simple and minimal, and hence make sure that you only decorate it with things you absolutely need. Sometimes, an empty room with glass walls and a stunning view is all that’s required! In fact, this is the favoured option for many, as it lets in the energy of the elements while creating a calm and sheltered space.






Whether you want a meditation room that is inspired by Asian design or would prefer one that is contemporary, having a few smart floor pillows and a couple of mats around is a good choice. If you want to go down the traditional Japanese route, then bamboo mats, shoji screens and lantern-style lighting should do the trick. The colour palette needs to be warm and inviting, with earthen hues dominating the visual. You can also garnish your room with a statue of Buddha!






Mild Music
A meditating room with meditative music is the best combination. Music helps you to enhance your focus power and keeps you away from all the distractions. Prefer music without lyrics as it helps you to gain flow. Chanting music will also work.
Choose a good music which has sounds of ocean or bird chirruping or something related to nature. Remember nature is the key to your soul? So, music is the road between you and nature. Feel it and you will feel lovely.






Light shades paint
Light shades help you relax and you should choose a room which has white or cream paint. Wallpaper with some blissful colours will also work to make your meditation room look attractive and peaceful as well.
You can also focus on having curtains of light colours. Curtains aren’t necessary as it is better to focus more on what nature gives you. But let’s just decorate our room with all the things which will help us to meditate more properly.






Wardrobe- yes or no?
It’s preferable to have a wardrobe in your meditation room so that you can keep equipments which are necessary for your meditation. It will help you to keep your yoga mattress, Yoga pants, exercising tools or maybe some books as well (which you might prefer sometimes).
The colour of wardrobe can be light brown or light yellow or maybe some another light colour which will go with your room shades.






Lighten it up!
Lightning your room is another aspect on which you should look upon. Light up your room as much as you can. Bright lights may not be comfortable for your room and scientifically it will heat it up more. It’s favourable if you prefer to have some dim lights. Dim lightning will be more peaceful.
But don’t forget that your room should be occupied with some nature light as well.






Directions and space
Don’t feel choked-up even in your meditation room because world is enough to clog up your soul. Choose a room which is more wider in comparison to your other rooms.
By direction I signify to place up things in a suitable way. Things require to be positioned properly in an appropriate direction. You can have a picture of some God or someone else which might enthuse you or make you sense that you are fine.






Different patterns for wall
You can also have different wall patterns on your wall. Pattern of a square or a circle will help you to have more focus on your meditation. A peaceful room also helps you to increase the power of your meditation. It also helps to keep you fresh and make you feel fresh. Keeping cushions in your meditation room will make it more enthralling. Buyoantly and comfortably sitting in a room will spread peace around you. It can also help you to decorate your room. You can put small cushions over gigantic cushions to decorate the surrounding around your room. Make sure that you don’t use dark colours as it can be a focus of frenziness.



Do not smother your own self when it comes to existence. Where there is peace and meditation there is neither anxiety nor doubt. Erase all the worldly issues and open your body to the healing powers of meditation. Start looking around your home and curate your own mediation room. Give a chance to your soul to speak to you. Follow all the interior designing features for a meditation room and get started.






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