80 Stylish Living Room decoration Ideas

If we could name only one room in our homes to put our soul and heart into designing, the living room will be the first. It’s the treasured, off-limits space that sets the mood for the entire decorating style of your house. Whether you’re thinking of a complete overhaul or a simple change, spice up your favorite room with these cool decoration ideas.

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The power of blue

A palette of blues will make your living room look inviting and cozy. It’s a great color for furniture, like a sofa, walls, and arts.

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Small living room Ideas

The main secret of turning a small living room into a chic living area is to use properly sized furniture. A blue sofa could be too big for a small area but in fact it is there to define the space. When you use small furniture in a tight area, you only exacerbate the compact feeling.

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Balancing Act

Does your living room have to work as a front entry? You can keep these two separated and properly defined by keeping the living room furniture match to the rug and painting wall in neutral colors.

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Touch of Trend

You can easily update your living room as you would your wardrobe – with some new pieces each season. This white and beige room is like a canvas for a few pops of pattern and color – bright pillows, black square pictures, and a marble table.

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Brown wall

The bright brown wall balanced by beige and white colors are the perfect match for a living room. The simple light fixtures add bright accents without obstructing the window.

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Feminine Charm

Soft, light colors and curtains infuse this living room with a feminine grace while the blue sofa makes it more interesting.

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Sea of Space

Make your small living room a welcome respite for your friends with ample seating and a coffee table that you can navigate easily.

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Extended Seating

The proper furniture layout, with several bright accents (like greens and pictures) added here and there can broaden any living room to welcome big parties and large rooms.

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Mix It Up

Throw bright accents to the living room and mix several different patterns for a cool look. Pick complimentary colors (like white and black, blue and orange) to guide you when designing the room.

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Red accents

What’s the main secret of having red accents? Balance it with calm colors, like white, beige, and brown. A smattering of creamy wall accents with the beige bed and light wood walls keep the bright fiery color in check.

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Bold with accents

Add some personality to your living room with bright yellow chairs, and balance it with neutral walls, black furniture and big painting.

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Scandinavian style

If you think that your living room should be more than just relaxing, you may have a look at this multifunctional space where a designer really showed his style. The big picture on the wall are is the cherry on top.

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Natural Elements

Mix unfinished wood pieces with polished objects, and a neutral paint on walls (like white or beige) to make the room look chic and avoid the feeling of a camp.

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Not-so-standard living room

Quite often the key to a successful design is the properly chosen palette of colors and fabrics. This black and white living room works with just two colors but adds interesting textures so that the space feels unique.

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Glam living room

the living room is the heart of the house and should be a reflection of your personality. This amazing chic living room can look simple at the beginning, but when you give a closer look, you’ll find many decorating tricks that can be applied to any living room. It has beautiful touches of flower palette and greens which pair effortlessly with the sofa.

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Reading space

Enjoy a quiet moment in your beautiful living room and have a little reading time. Drag cozy sofas and chairs over to windows or next to your bookshelf and be sure to provide enough light for late nights with a book.

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Black walls

Section off your room with the black walls and black fireplace paired with golden frames and lanterns. This combination adds depth and function to the otherwise neutral area.

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White and Airy

Your living room can handle a lot of things – even a fireplace and a massive TV – if you keep everything else from weighing the room down. White furniture, walls, and big windows paired with a creamy sofa and rug keep the room from feeling busy.

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Peaceful and functional

Neutral palette and natural light in this elegant living room are so peaceful. A small rug and a glass table is a brilliant way to attract more attention to the cozy are at the center of the room.

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Formal area

You can easily create a formal conversation area in your living room to warm up the space and spend time with your guests. Use several armchairs arranged around a coffee table and add decor elements, like pillows and pictures, to create the rich ambiance.

Living Room decoration ideas42

Inviting and girly

This is a perfectly inviting and cozy room. The walls are a white color and work beautifully with pink accents, which creates a very relaxed feeling.

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Office Space

You can easily create a comfortable, stylish home office in your small living room: Instead of a traditional black desk chair (that wouldn’t fit here at all) get a futuristic white chair that looks great facing the rest of the space or the desk.

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Place for a TV

If you’re short on space and wondering what you should do with the TV, try placing it in a corner so that the atmosphere of your living room is uninterrupted (but you can easily enjoy your favorite shows from a comfortable sofa).

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Mix old and new

This living room features beautiful proportions that suit family living, has different textures throughout the room and is a perfect mix of old and new. It’s calm. relaxing, and welcoming.

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Oversized sofa

This oversized sofa makes a beautiful centerpiece and provides a practical solution for everybody who likes having big parties at home. Choose neutral colors for walls and go with minimalist accents for the rest of the area.

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Living Room decoration ideas53


Thanks to black walls, framed black-and-white photographs will really pop.

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Transitional blue and white

This bright and light living room features a perfect blend of blue and natural colors on the furniture, pillows, and a big picture that also acts as the main point of the room.

Living Room decoration ideas55

Playing Together

Create the interest in a neutral living room with several different patterns and colors. The designs on pillows and greens could feel overwhelming in a large scale, but in this room they just add a chic vibe.

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Playful pattern

If you’re afraid that black-and-white will be too boring for you, add some playful patterns, like an animal skin rug or a dressy chair.

Living Room decoration ideas57

Plus Size Arranging

If you have an extra-large sofa, it can require a lot of space to stretch out, but it can easily engulf the room. The main point is to anchor it against the wall and use several voluminous objects (like a coffee table) for balance.

Living Room decoration ideas58

Contemporary Living Room

Large brown couch blocks out a comfy seating area in the living room, facing the TV and near the window. Pictures of different sizes add interest to the neutral color palette of this room.

Living Room decoration ideas59

Flower Power

Here you can see a truly brilliant idea: keep oversized patterns in control by limited them to certain objects or spaces (here a splash of color is limited to a huge artwork and a rug. It will keep powerful patterns from taking over your living room.

Living Room decoration ideas60

Modern touch

White brick walls and a glass coffee table have a modern effect in this living room, placing the emphasis on the striking piece of art on the wall.

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All about the style

This living room just screams style. The furniture choice is classic and simple, but kid friendly and stylish. With beautiful accents, there is no need to add huge accents to make it unique.

Living Room decoration ideas62

Colorful room

If you love bright colors, it can be a perfect living room for you. White walls and natural light are a perfect canvas to decorate around. These red accents look luxurious but comfortable.

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Gray sofa

Gray sofa and neutral pictures on walls allow other pieces to stand out in this room. Beige and white colors are illuminated by lamps.

Living Room decoration ideas65

Bright focal point

When we look at this picture we immediately pay attention to the unusual wall color and unique use of paint. This trick makes the living room feel spacious and airy, while provides a lot of color and looks fun.

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living room decoration ideas67

Spacious but intimate

if you want your room to be both spacious and intimate, you should add funky fabrics to the space. This furniture adds personality to the room, making it feel cozy, while massive windows, big lamp and rug allow light into space. The light balance the gray ceilings, making the living room feel large.

Living Room decoration ideas68

Make a statement

This living room is all about the unique atmosphere, with bright, rich colors that make a statement. The combination of textures and paint on the wall create an edgy atmosphere.

Living Room decoration ideas69

Black, white and gray

A new trend in the design world is a combination of black, white and gray that adds sleek aesthetic to any living room. White curtains, black and white furniture and gray pictures add a subtle glow to the room. Add greens or flowers for a touch of color.

Living Room decoration ideas70

Massive TV stand

This massive TV stand (there could also be a fireplace) is a centerpiece in this comfortable conversation living room. With its neutral color palette and rich array of materials, the room offers luxurious living.

country living room decorating ideas72

Blue leather

Blue furniture accents give dapper style to the living room: gray pillows and table with white lamps make the space feel cozy and welcoming.

Living Room decoration ideas73

Purple accents

Purple accents can break up the space and offer a dramatic contrast between light and dark.

Living Room decoration ideas74

Rich aesthetic

White walls combined with black or even gray furniture and accent pieces embody a rich aesthetic, which you can pair with almost anything.

Living Room decoration ideas75

White on White

All-white space is a timeless design that you can never go wrong with. However, if you’re afraid of ending up in a hospital-like room, add different textures. On this picture, a sofa, rug, windows, and mirrors all add depth to an all-white look.Living Room decoration ideas76

Boho style

Many would agree that the best rooms combine different styles to create a unique vibe. Take this gorgeous room, for example. This design balances white furniture with unique ceiling pattern and a colorful rug. The sofa is modern and simple and adds personality to the area. It’s advised to add natural light, and you’ve got a dream room.

Living Room decoration ideas77


If you have a richly colored space, adding neutral colors will provide the cooling effect. For example, if you have blue walls, you may look for beige furniture to tone it down.

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Successful balance

We love living rooms that successfully balance the warmth and glamor. This modern living room can function in many ways – a great space for entertaining and a cozy place for you to relax.

Living Room decoration ideas80

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