78 Exclusive Kitchen Decorating Ideas You Can Use

For most men and women their kitchen becomes one of the most visited places in the house. That’s why there are so many kitchen decorating ideas out there. Each homeowner likes to go all out when coming up with a design for this particular place. There are many things that should be considered, including good light, ventilation, easy-to-clean floors, large surfaces and more. At the same time, a kitchen should look stylish and be versatile. Some people both cook and eat in the kitchen and need the most comfortable conditions for both. Others just do the cooking but need a lot of space to allow their skills to unfold. Whatever is your case, you will definitely find a suitable kitchen decorating idea among the options offered below.

1. Vintage cabinetskitchen decorating ideas (1)

Cabinets are the most important part of your kitchen’s design. If you go for the vintage style, your whole kitchen will transform into something impressive and even regal.

2. Sparkling white

kitchen decorating ideas (1)

White colors are very popular for kitchens nowadays. White cabinets coupled with white walls and white dishes give your kitchen a dash of brightness and plenty of style.

3. Large chandeliers

kitchen decorating ideas (2)

Light is important for the kitchen. Seeing what you are cooking and eating is imperative for a healthy diet. Large hanging chandeliers don’t just offer a lot of light; they also give your kitchen a very solid appearance.

4. Wood and stone

kitchen decorating ideas (2)

Wood and stone is a good mixture for any room, including a kitchen. Go for wooden floors and cabinets while making your walls look like they are made out of stone.

5. High cabinets

kitchen decorating ideas (3)

If your kitchen is rather small, you can double the storage space by installing high cabinets. Make your small kitchen white in order to visually increase its size.

6. Dining table

kitchen decorating ideas (4)

Placing a dining table in the middle of your kitchen will not just save you some space, it will make this space in your house have more integrity.

7. Hallway kitchen

kitchen decorating ideas (4)

Lack of space creates amazing kitchen decorating ideas. You can make a hallway kitchen that just has a bunch of cabinets and a stove. Use the room for something else.

8. Restaurant kitchen

kitchen decorating ideas (5)

If you have a lot of space, consider installing the kitchen cabinets together with the stove and a sink in the middle of the room. This way you’ll get a lot more place for cooking.

9. Brick wall

kitchen decorating ideas (5)

Going for a brick wall in your kitchen is a bold idea but it will definitely make this room special. Make sure to follow the same style for cabinets and floors.

10. Space saving ideas

kitchen decorating ideas (6)

Small space dictates its own rules. Don’t let that discourage you. There are many space saving kitchen decorating ideas you can try if you find the right furniture.

11. Brick wallpaper kitchen decorating ideas (7)

If you don’t have enough space to make a brick wall, opt for a simple brick wallpaper. The effect will be less impressive but the kitchen will still look very attractive.


12. Bar counter in the middle

kitchen decorating ideas (8)

Placing a bar counter in the middle of your kitchen will allow you to have extra space for cabinets. You can also use it as a dining table.

13. Hardwood floors

kitchen decorating ideas (9)

Hardwood floors are a great idea for any room beside the kitchen. The same solid effect can be achieved by a well-chosen laminate.

14. Glass wall

kitchen decorating ideas (10)

Having a glass wall in your kitchen is a great way to provide enough light for your cooking purposes. A good view is a nice bonus.

15. Cozy design

kitchen decorating ideas (12)

Small kitchen decorating ideas usually create a cozy environment. Fill all the available walls with cabinets and throw a rug on the floor. You comfy-cozy kitchen is ready.

16. Blue feeling

kitchen decorating ideas (13)

Blue is the next most stylish color idea for a kitchen after white. Light blue wallpaper, draperies, and cabinets can make your kitchen look truly unique.

17. The right touch

kitchen decorating ideas (14)

A completely black and white kitchen can look dull even if your install the perfect furniture. Add the right touch by hanging red towels and buying red candles. Your kitchen will get a brand new look.

18. Garage kitchen

kitchen decorating ideas (15)

This kitchen decorating idea will be appealing to those who don’t want too much hassle with the design. The right painting will water down the dullness of gray walls and white furniture.

19. Pillars

kitchen decorating ideas (17)

Pillars are a good way to go about separating a kitchen from a dining room. When installed on the two sides of the bar counter, they form a stylish window.

20. Wall tiles

kitchen decorating ideas (18)

Wall tiles are a perfect kitchen decorating idea which is also very useful for those who love to cook. They look fantastic and are very easy to clean. Match them with floor tiles for a better impression.

21. Built-in closet

kitchen decorating ideas (19)

Extra storage space is always a big deal for a kitchen. Built-in closets don’t just allow you to store additional food, they give your kitchen a unique appearance.

22. White and gray

kitchen decorating ideas (20)

The combination of white and gray colors looks amazing when coupled with wood imitation laminate.

23. Matching floors

kitchen decorating ideas (21)

Floors are rarely paid attention to unless they match the furniture. Matching floors and cabinets are one of the best kitchen decorating ideas.

24. Recessed lighting

kitchen decorating ideas (22)

Recessed lighting is a good idea for a kitchen design only if there is a lot of it. Too little light can make your kitchen look too dark and cooking will be complicated.

25. White marble

kitchen decorating ideas (23)

White marble imitation will make your kitchen look very impressive. White furniture and dark floors are a great combination to match the marble surfaces.

26. Windows

kitchen decorating ideas (24)

The more windows your kitchen has, the better it will look. So if you have a chance to make a window on each of the kitchen walls, do it.

27. Mirror surfaces

kitchen decorating ideas (25)

Mirror surfaces look great in the kitchen but they are a hassle to keep clean and shiny. So think twice about going for such a design.

28. Wooden panels

kitchen decorating ideas (26)

Wooden trimming looks gorgeous on the kitchen walls, especially when it matches the floors and the furniture.

29. Open shelves

kitchen decorating ideas (27)

Cabinets are more popular nowadays and shelves are becoming a thing of the past. However, they can still make your kitchen look great.

30.Wooden ceiling beams

kitchen decorating ideas (28)

If your ceilings are high, you can install wooden ceiling beams to give your kitchen that extra oomph. Be careful, if your ceiling is low then the beams will steal the much-needed space.

31. Corner stove

Beautiful Kitchen by K Welch Homes

Installing a stove in the corner will allow you to make it rather large. It will be easy to use too.

32. Round curves

kitchen decorating ideas (30)

If you have a lot of space in your kitchen, you can go for round curves on the furniture and the ceiling. This is a modern way to get closer to nature.

33. White on top

kitchen decorating ideas (31)

Make the top part of your kitchen white and the cabinets blue or black. This drastic color change will make your kitchen appear to be divided into two parts.

34. Make it regal

kitchen decorating ideas (33)

Want your kitchen to look like one of the rooms in a palace? Make it regal. Marble imitation laminate and large chandeliers will help you achieve your goal.

35. Go green

kitchen decorating ideas (34)

Green cabinets with white walls is a great decorating idea for kitchens of all sizes. The green color is one of the perfect options for the place you do your cooking at.

36. Unique colors

kitchen decorating ideas (35)

Buying cabinets that look unique can be a problem. However, unique colors are much easier to find.

37. Glass lights

kitchen decorating ideas (36)

Lamps that look like wine glasses are a wonderful idea for a kitchen. They make any space look festive and give off a lot of light.

38. Photo wallpaper

kitchen decorating ideas (37)

Photo wallpaper will make absolutely any kitchen look impressive. The larger the photos, the more interesting the room will appear.

39.  Beige shades

Light cabinets, dark counter, oak floors, neutral tile black splash.

Beige is a good choice of color for a kitchen. It doesn’t get dirty as fast as white does and gives off a soft glow needed for a cozy kitchen.

40.  Bachelor kitchen

kitchen decorating ideas (39)

A bachelor kitchen should remind of a bar. So a bar counter with a couple of old bar stools will look great together with large metal lamps and a menu chalkboard on the wall.

41.  Table mix

kitchen decorating ideas (42)

If you want to save space, you can combine a bar counter, cabinets, and a dining table. Place this construction on the middle of your kitchen and enjoy the result.

42.  Large cooking area

kitchen decorating ideas (43)

You can increase your cooking area by placing some cabinets with a sink in the middle of the kitchen. It can also serve as a dining table.

43.  The classics

kitchen decorating ideas (44)

Classical cabinets made out of dark wood, white surface and white chairs will make any kitchen look solid while being very ergonomic.

44.  Limited space

kitchen decorating ideas (45)

If you have limited kitchen space, place your cabinets along one of the walls. Make them as high as you can to get additional storage space.

45.  All shades of gray

kitchen decorating ideas (46)

Different shades of gray look especially well coupled with hardwood floors and marble cooking surfaces.

46.  All within your reach

kitchen decorating ideas (47)

Designing your kitchen in a way to help you do your best cooking is imperative for your comfort. Look for furniture with extra storage space.

47.  White and silver

kitchen decorating ideas (48)

Silver metal surfaces look fantastic with white cabinets. Consider getting a stainless steel refrigerator and a stove to match.

48.  Bright floors

kitchen decorating ideas (50)

If you opt for a sparkling white kitchen, consider getting bright floors to diversify the design. Tiles with red and black patterns will do the trick.

49. Paintings

kitchen decorating ideas (51)

If you have a large kitchen with massive furniture, you can make it look even more fantastic by adding a painting or two. In the early 20th century kings and queens appreciated paintings of wildfowl in their dining rooms

50. Artificial plants

kitchen decorating ideas (52)

You can make your kitchen appear cozier by adding artificial plants on top of your wall cabinets. They look great coupled with wooden furniture.

51. Cabinet combination

kitchen decorating ideas (53)

Matching cabinets on the floor and the walls are becoming a thing of the past. Having to different colors is considered very stylish.

52. Storage boom

kitchen decorating ideas (54)

Storage space in the kitchen is imperative for having a nice and neat appearance. They more cabinets and drawers you have, the better your kitchen will look.

53. Chocolate milk

kitchen decorating ideas (55)

Brown and white mix is ideal for a kitchen. Wooden cabinets look terrific with white surfaces, floors, and ceilings.

54. Optimize it

kitchen decorating ideas (56)

If you have a small kitchen, a dining table won’t fit in comfortably anyway. So use all available walls to install cabinets.

55. Mirror surface

kitchen decorating ideas (57)

Black mirror surface looks amazing with white furniture. However, it might be a hassle to keep them clean.

56. Christmas colors

kitchen decorating ideas (58)

Use white, red and green for your kitchen design and you will always be in a good mood while cooking.

57. Unique bar counter

kitchen decorating ideas (59)

Connect your standard wall kitchen furniture with the cabinets in the middle and you will get a unique bar counter.

58. Lilac dream

kitchen decorating ideas (60)

This kitchen decorating idea will be appealing to many women who like soft colors. Lilac will make your kitchen feel very special.

59. In-house window

kitchen decorating ideas (61)

If you want your kitchen to be unique, make an in-house window on one of the walls between the cabinets.

60. Balcony doors

kitchen decorating ideas (62)

If you have a choice of whether to make a glass wall or a balcony door, opt for the latter. You can always get plenty of fresh air into the kitchen which is imperative during or after cooking.

61. Farmhouse kitchen

kitchen decorating ideas (64)

If being close to nature is your goal, use only natural materials for your kitchen. Wood and stone are more than enough for this kind of style.

62. Seating space

kitchen decorating ideas (65)

If you have a large family, then you need to think about a lot of seating space. If your kitchen is not spacious enough for a large table, use a small one and add a cabinet-table combination.

63. Granite surfaces

kitchen decorating ideas (66)

Granite surface is a wonderful kitchen design idea. Such surfaces are less prone to scratches and are easy to clean. Add a granite sink for a perfect look.

64. The right decorations

kitchen decorating ideas (68)

No matter what furniture you choose for your kitchen, the right decorations are the key to its appearance. Wooden accessories coupled with white dishes can make your kitchen look vintage.

65.  A large window

kitchen decorating ideas (69)

If your kitchen is very small, a large window is an absolute must-have since it will make it appear more spacious while giving it the much-needed light.

66.  High ceiling

kitchen decorating ideas (70)

A high ceiling in the kitchen will require some creative effort. Wooden panels are a great choice to make the extra space have a homey look.

67.  Touch of blue

kitchen decorating ideas (72)

Kitchen design ideas vary greatly and so do the colors. Give your kitchen a touch of blue with wall tiles and decorative dishes.

69.  Cafe style

kitchen decorating ideas (73)

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can go for a café style with a large dining table in one zone and simple yet spacious cabinets in the other.

70.  Silver brick wall

kitchen decorating ideas (74)

Make your simple kitchen sparkle by adding silver brick wallpaper on one of the walls. Hanging chandeliers with a warm light will give your kitchen a medieval feel.

71.  Stove in the middle

kitchen decorating ideas (75)

One of the popular kitchen decorating ideas is to install a stove or a sink into the middle section. It doesn’t just look original, it is very convenient as well.

72.  Chandeliers

kitchen decorating ideas (76)

Chandeliers can become the most important part of your kitchen décor if you choose them right. Make sure they don’t just look good but give off enough light as well.

73.  Vintage touch

kitchen decorating ideas (77)

Give a vintage touch to your modern kitchen by placing a vintage-styled table in the middle. This clash of eras can look truly unique.

74.  Attic kitchen

kitchen decorating ideas (78)

Attic kitchen needs a special design. Think large floor tiles and wooden beams. Don’t cover up the windows or you will have a problem with light.

75.  Roof windows

kitchen decorating ideas (79)

Roof windows will make your kitchen appear spacious and bright. However, they might make it colder in the winter and hotter in the summer.

76.  Fun and simple

kitchen decorating ideas (81)

This kitchen decorating idea will be appreciated by women who like bright colors. There is no need to look for colorful cabinets. Simple accessories can completely change a kitchen’s appearance.

77.  Kitchen zone

kitchen decorating ideas (82)

If your kitchen is a part of a very large room, zone it out with a bar counter and some bar stools. You can also change the flooring.

78.  Wood and plastic

kitchen decorating ideas (83)

You can alternate wooden and plastic cabinet doors to give your kitchen a fresh and original appearance.

It’s hard to come up with a completely original kitchen decorating idea. You can do it by taking the best out of several suggested options. However, if you are not after a unique kitchen, use any one of these designs depending on the amount of space you have.