80 Cool Kids bedroom designs and ideas

Kids bedroom are so much fun to design! There are no limits to the potential of the room and no rules to limit your imagination. This post features 80 inspiring design ideas for inspiration. All ideas are easily adaptable for rooms of any size and interests of your kids. There is something for youngsters of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

Bunk beds

In a shared room bunk beds are a perfect way to maximize available space. It also serves as a storage for toys and books creating a clutter-free area. Bright walls inject a shot of color and unique personality.

Masculine and fun

Touches of bright orange in this white bedroom feel masculine but not too much. Bunk beds with the white ceiling is a safe solution, and you can keep toys in bright boxes.

kids bedroom designs and ideas2

Imaginative room

Imagination of your little kid can run wild in this bedroom. Colorful patterns are layered on a white wall, while another wall is blue to offer a sense of whimsy.

kids bedroom designs and ideas3

Colorful bedroom

White walls let the bright accents pop, making it instantly interesting for children.

kids bedroom designs and ideas4

Your kid’s personality

This room has everything a child may like: colorful sea pattern on the wall, plenty of space to run and play, accessible drawers with toys and a TV that he or she can watch laying on a bed.

kids bedroom designs and ideas5

Sea bedroom

Large patterns on walls spice up this space and unusual bed emphasize the unique architecture.

kids bedroom designs and ideas6

Neutral bedroom

This neutral bedroom has been given a fun feeling with little details. Bright toys, pictures and boxes add quirky personality. White furniture keeps the room modern.

kids bedroom designs and ideas7

Girly bedroom

A sprinkle of whimsy and a drop of modern style seamlessly mixed into this beautiful kid’s room. Plenty of floor space let the kid move freely, and the unique bed frames and curtains create a space withing a space where dreams are made.

kids bedroom designs and ideas8

Personal Teepee

Kids are always are great joy, but it can be difficult to decorate a bedroom for a person who grows so quickly. This is a gender neutral design with bits of modern and Scandinavian design and a teepee. The teepee adds warm feeling even though the overall design is quite simple.

kids bedroom designs and ideas9

Modern blue bedroom

Enliven a shared buys’ room with an intense blue walls, stripes and splashes of green.

kids bedroom designs and ideas10

Colorful storage walls

Storage walls don’t have to be boring! Colorful yellow, purple, blue and brown cubbies can hold books, photos, toys and decorations for kids to appriciate.

kids bedroom designs and ideas11

Fun nursery

This nurswry features everything you may need for ultimate functionality and style for your toddler. Pastel colors mixed with colorful wall stickers make it easy to achieve soothing yet fun design.

kids bedroom designs and ideas12

Sea design

When you have a toddler, you know that one day you’ll have to upgrade the room. Designing something that would be able to grow with your kid is practical, but not boring. The basis of this bedrrom is classic walls and floor, which mean you can change accents to the taste of your child. Taking inspiration from sea and ships, the designer used blue as an accent color against neutral palette.

kids bedroom designs and ideas13

A bedroom filled with patterns

You can be bright and bold in your kid’s room. This cute scheme features big wall stickers and pulls green wall, which is easy to amend as your child grows and wants different things.

kids bedroom designs and ideas14

Calm and clean

We love the calming atmosphere of this room, which is really important for a toddler. This is a great balance ofcute elements with meutral wall that can easily be adapted as the kid grows up.

kids bedroom designs and ideas15

Playful walls

This wall has several interesting things painted in it: the color is bright blue, the large deer and trees…It will take long until the kid get bored of this room!

kids bedroom designs and ideas16

Pac Man lover

A neutral theme runs through this bedroom, but the pac man wall stickers make it much more interesting and add personality.

kids bedroom designs and ideas17

A perfect canvas

Gray walls are a perfect canvas for these pretty little animals and more colorful toys. Quirky details add fun, whilst unexpected accent piece adds punch to this comfy monochrome theme.

kids bedroom designs and ideas18

Vibrant pink room

Different shades of pink mixed with white have been used for a tonal, modern effect. Neutral floor and the white ruf soften the vibrancy of the main color.

kids bedroom designs and ideas19

Showcase the personality

if you’re in a school-kid phase, you may want to create a bedroom to showcase the personality and age. This bed with underneath drawer storage for clothes can be a perfect place if he or she has a sleepover.

kids bedroom designs and ideas20

Cheery Chic

Bold color can take a center stage, and this room is a perfect example. Blue walls is a centerpiece of this room, with cute pillows and white bed supporting the main theme.

kids bedroom designs and ideas21

Neutral but colorful

This room doesn;t have a strong theme, so that you child can grow with the room. Bright pastels are great for kids as they brighten the room and make it fiil clean but fun. The room on the picture is neutral but colorful – perfect for a boy or girls of any age.

kids bedroom designs and ideas22

Scout camp

What a pretty idea! You can easily turn any room into a scout camp by adding wooden tree houses above the bed.

kids bedroom designs and ideas23

Fresh effect

Add blue color and a wall sticker to create a fresh, crisp look in the kid’s beedroom.

kids bedroom designs and ideas24

Interesting storage

Give a neutral room an interesting style with the unique storage. This bedroom is given a twist with colorful shelves at various levels on the beige walls. The results are bright and handy, showing an assortment of toys.

kids bedroom designs and ideas25

Fancy and unique

This bunk bed designed as a giant ship mean your kids can have interesting dreams at night and a lot of fun during the daytime.

kids bedroom designs and ideas26

Hang bed

Flying has been one of many kids’ dreams and watching cartoons they may be wondering where their jet pack is. But if not flying, what about floating in the bedroom?

kids bedroom designs and ideas27

Unique furniture pieces

If you have plenty of space in your kid’s room, why not adding huge furniture pieces designed like carrots and homes? This is so fun to play with, and your kid will never get bored in this room.

kids bedroom designs and ideas28

Princess’ Castle

If you have a little princess (or a knight), why not building a castle for her? This could be a picture for a fairy tale book, and your little child will have beautiful, vivid dreams when sleeping in this bedroom.

kids bedroom designs and ideas29

Airy and spacious

This is a perfect example of how you can turn a nursery into an airy, welcoming space that you can then change according to the need of your growing kid. There are no bright accents, nothing that can interrupt the calming feeling of this room.

kids bedroom designs and ideas30

Bedroom and office combined

Your kid can use this bedroom for multiple purposes: work or play on a computer, have fun with toys or invite friends for a sleepover. The green wall is a focal point of the room, with wooden accents that add depth.

kids bedroom designs and ideas48

Black and white

Who said black and white are a boring combination for a kid’s bedroom? On this picture, bright linnens, pillows and toys would feel too busy if black and white walls didn’t balance the space out.

kids bedroom designs and ideas33

All white

White is a truly powerful color. If you have a teen, going all white will make a statement and can be a perfect backdrop for pictures, posters and anything your child may want have on the wall.

kids bedroom designs and ideas34

Small room

If you don’t have plenty of room for a kid’s bedroom, separate the space with this house-like idea. Black and white color scheme is a perfect, safe option for everybody who wants to adjust the room for changing need of the kid.

kids bedroom designs and ideas36

Personal space

This is a truly awesome idea to have for a kid, who can play, read, and sleep in a camp-like bed surrounded by calm white walls and greens.

kids bedroom designs and ideas35

Many kids and one room

If you have for kids of different genres who live in one room, this picture is a perfect example of how to combine different styles to make the space look amazing. Kids will float in beds while dreaming and have a lot of space to play during day time.

kids bedroom designs and ideas37

Fun greens

if you don’t want to go for cartoon characters or princess-like design, you can choose this gender-free green idea for your kid. Massive toys will make him busy having fun while functional storage space will let you keep other toys hidden.

kids bedroom designs and ideas38

A fairy tale

This room reminds us of a fairy tale called “Thumbelina”. It’s like living in a fantastic world full of giant leaves and beautiful flowers. To make the room functional, add a wooden bed and comfy chairs.

kids bedroom designs and ideas39

Bright prints

Blend different patterns and textures into the rest of your scheme with smart color-coordination. This lamp pairs with the wall against the yellow ceiling and bright accents, Placing a bright wallpaper at the end of the room is a great way to make a statement of an otherwise busy space.

kids bedroom designs and ideas40

Teepee and bricks

This is a great example of how different textures can be present in one room and add depth and interest. Grey brick walls are a perfect backdrop for a tepee and bright accessories, that showcase the style and personality of the owner.

kids bedroom designs and ideas41

Gray nursery

Gray is the new trend and you can see how different shades of gray can make a powerful statement. Gray is a perfect color to highlight different objects, like toys, pillows and wallpapers.

kids bedroom designs and ideas42

Unique walls’ design

Walls can also be a piece of art, so why not drawing something that matches your kid’s interests and makes a real focal point? Besides, this room will always how a “wow” effects on friends of your child.

kids bedroom designs and ideas43

Bright lights

If you choose a neutral palette for the room, you may add extra twinkling lights for a magic touch and who grows out of sleeping under stars?

kids bedroom designs and ideas44

Simple design

Black and white can even work for child’s room – creating a background for toys and bright accessories. You can also go for deep shades of gray to provide warm, but modern feel.

kids bedroom designs and ideas45

kids bedroom designs and ideas46

A Patterned ceiling

A patterned ceiling is not boring and it adds an unexpected element to any room.

kids bedroom designs and ideas47

Bright and practical

Colorful fabrics, bold accessories, and simple furniture liven up this kid’s bedroom.

kids bedroom designs and ideas48

For a boy and for a girl

If you have two kids of an opposite gender living in one room, you can easily separate the space by having any big piece of furniture in the middle of the room. Then you’ll have double fun creating designs for her and for him.

kids bedroom designs and ideas50

Nature indoors

If your kids like spending time outdoors, you can create the same feeling indoors. Use neutral colors to paint the walls and add green color as a bright accent.

kids bedroom designs and ideas51

Bunk beds with a twist

If your kids are too old for having traditional, bright bulk beds you can design a unique piece of furniture that they would gladly show to their friends. White and gray are the main colors here, keeping the room welcoming and comfortable.

kids bedroom designs and ideas52

Big room

If you have a big ked’s bedroom, go for a traditional big bed and neutral palette. Bright curtains catch the attention without looking too busy.

kids bedroom designs and ideas54

Playful and fun

This is another option for a big room, and is perfect for parents with small kids. They will spend great time indoors when it’s raining outdoors and then have beautiful dreams in this bright room.

kids bedroom designs and ideas55

Wall storage

When it comes to the kid’s bedroom, the way you will storage all things is really important. Here, a wall storage that matches the color scheme of the entire room help keep the space clutter-free.

kids bedroom designs and ideas56


Chalkboard on the wall is a great way for your kid to express himself and add some playful feeling to the neutral design.

kids bedroom designs and ideas58

In the jungle

If you have a little kid, designing blue brick walls with painted jungle animals is a perfect way to keep the playful feeling of the room while creating an interesting focal point.

kids bedroom designs and ideas59

Playful corner

if you only have a corner for toys, maximize the space by using boxes, shelves and tables. White walls will tone down the area and keep the kid focused on toys.

kids bedroom designs and ideas60

Green and white

White can be paired with almost any color. In this example, walls are white to make the green really pop.

kids bedroom designs and ideas61

Modern room

If your kid doesn’t like wall art, pictures and posters, you can make the room interesting by choosing his or her favorite color and make it the main theme of the design. Blue is a perfect pair for green, white, red, or black, so you can have fun playing with accessories and textures.

kids bedroom designs and ideas62

Traditional girl’s room

Pink is a traditional color for a little princess’ room, but mix it with neutral colors – consider painting walls beige and getting white wooden tables to keep the background modern rather than too sweet.

kids bedroom designs and ideas63

Bold and beautiful

This is one of the best examples of how you can make the dream of your kid come true. In this room, the child likes spending time outdoors, sitting in swings and sleeping under the sky. This room is everything he needs, with a perfect mix of blue, green, and brown.

kids bedroom designs and ideas64


If you have several kids, symmetry is a perfect choice for their room. use the same beds, chairs, rugs, lamps and accent objects to make the room stand out.

kids bedroom designs and ideas65

Red wall

If you’re thinking about how to make your gray furniture interesting, add a red focal wall to make other things really pop. Red is a perfect backdrop for almost any color, and gray adds a modern touch to this room.

kids bedroom designs and ideas66

Cute and girly

If your little girl doesn’t want to have a traditional room, think of redesigning the whole area to fit her needs. She can sleep in a blue house, take beautiful clothes from the blue wardrobe and play sitting on a green grass rug.

kids bedroom designs and ideas67

Add personality

In this example, a child really likes superheroes theme and parents took some time to find out how to recreate the main points of their kid’s dream. Black, white and gray can be a bit too peaceful for a boy, so adding bright posters is a good idea.

kids bedroom designs and ideas68

Big window

If you have a huge window, you can keep the room neutral and allow nature to be your designer. beautiful greens add personality to this room, being the main theme of the design.

kids bedroom designs and ideas69

Boys’ room

If you have several boys, you can easily fit their need by adding several elements to have fun indoors and leaving a lot of space for games like football.

kids bedroom designs and ideas70

Green wall

Evoke the feeling of nature by painting the wall green and adding neutral accents to your kid’s bedroom.

kids bedroom designs and ideas71

Fun prints

You can decorate your child’s room all white; just add fun prints and big toys to make it look interesting.

kids bedroom designs and ideas72

Blue room

If your furniture is white, think of having bright walls to make the room more playful. Besides, blue color boosts imagination, which is perfect for a kid’s room.

kids bedroom designs and ideas73

Modern blue room

If you want to add personality to your kid’s room, think of stripes and sea accents (like cute fishes on curtains here).

kids bedroom designs and ideas74

Cute and bright

White furniture is a bright contrast to pink walls and pillows in this room, creating a fun look. To add even more depth, mix patterns and textures.

kids bedroom designs and ideas75

Hip vibe

The cool hip vibe is softened with flower wallpapers and neutral furniture. Extra lights add magic to this room, because what kid doesn’t like magic, right?

kids bedroom designs and ideas78

Large-scale patterns

Kid’s room is a perfect place to add large-scale patterns and you can infuse the playful feeling by getting fun wallpapers and matching toys.

kids bedroom designs and ideas80

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