80 Pleasant Japanese Style Interior Designs and Plans

Floor seating arrangements, sliding doors, low hanging lamps- there is something unique about Japanese Style interior designs and plans. If you too are a big fan of this interior décor style then glancing through the ideas below will definitely make you happy. So, what makes you wait? Just scan through the amazing ideas given here-

Japanese Style Interior Designs And Plans

The perfect brown and beige combo

If you are a lover of subtle color combos then this mélange of brown bed and beige curtains will actually leave you spellbound. Isn’t it one of those subtle yet beautiful Japanese Style interior designs and plans? Why not!

Japanese style interior designs1

Serenity at its best

What about a gray sofa in your room facing a source of light and minimalistic décor items filling up the rest of the space? Amazing right! This is one of those Japanese Style interior designs and plans that look like they have come straight out of an interior décor magazine.

Japanese style interior designs2

When less is more

When you have only a wooden sofa to fill up your drawing room, you actually need nothing else, if you know how to mix and match it with the rest of the décor. One of the best Japanese Style interior designs and plans to fill your interior space with serenity.

Japanese style interior designs3

Cute bamboo décor item

You don’t need heavy and expensive items of décor to make your house look great. A few simple things placed here and there can increase its beauty. This bamboo item is certainly one of such items. Japanese Style interior designs and plans like these are not just effective but also affordable.

Japanese style interior designs4

Monochromatic wonder

If you thought single colors are boring, you haven’t probably seen Japanese Style interior designs and plans where bathrooms ooze out style despite being single colored and simple.

Japanese style interior designs5

Clever space economy

So, you don’t have a dedicated bookshelf. Why don’t you create spaces beneath your staircase to keep books? This idea is perfect for people looking to achieve space economy.

Japanese style interior designs6

Let the light in

A living room need not necessarily be a pool of unnecessary décor items and furniture. With four colorful cushion pillows placed facing one another, you can achieve that chick look for your living room. One of the simplest Japanese Style interior designs and plans in place.

Japanese style interior designs7

All wood and all light

Bathroom is an integral part of your house. It not just needs to be clutter-free but also well ventilated. This one is certainly one of those Japanese Style interior designs and plans where you don’t need to invest anything other than your heart and thought.

Japanese style interior designs8

Floor lamp with a twist

Forget those boring and traditional floor lamps, go Japanese! This floor lamp with its unique design will sure add a quaint touch to your house.

Japanese style interior designs9

Your dream bedroom

What does your dream bedroom look like? Does it look like some posh western hotel? Well, your idea of a good bedroom will change after you see this extremely simply wood worked bedroom. One of the best Japanese Style interior designs and plans for sure!

Japanese style interior designs11

Add a splash of color

So, you have a high-ceiling living room that looks awkward. Why not add some color to it- maybe a huge colorful painting above the eye level to mitigate the effect of the excessively high ceiling. Trust us- Japanese Style interior designs and plans are really clever.

Japanese style interior designs12

White magic

A living room begins to look like a fairy tale when you bring in some white into it. This living room idea makes generous use of white, thereby, making the entire room appear incredibly serene.

Japanese style interior designs13

Beige and carmine affair

A room with plain beige color can look extremely monotonous, but Japanese Style interior designs and plans are so innovative they can even turn the dullest of rooms into a rocking interior space. The use of carmine red bedding has made this beige room look incredibly sexy.

Japanese style interior designs14

With an orange flavor

Love oranges or the orange color? Why not incorporate it into your interior design. This simple room with orange cushion pillows and dining chairs looks ravishing.

Japanese style interior designs15

Mesmerizingly woody

Love wood? Play with it! And no, letting wood sprawl your entire interior space isn’t a bad idea as long as you know how to complement it with other items.

Japanese style interior designs16

The black and white mania

Black and white isn’t always boring. This design is a testimony to this assertion. With a lot of light coming to your room, a black and white color effect can indeed work wonders.

Japanese style interior designs17

Let yellow and beige shake hands

Both yellow and beige has a tranquilizing effect on the mood of people. This yellow and beige room styled in a Japanese fashion, is a perfect example of serenity.

Japanese style interior designs18

Let white scream out peace

Your bathroom is the place where you relax besides cleansing yourself. And that is why a touch of wood and white makes it so much more interesting.

Japanese style interior designs19

A little joy!

Wondering what to do with that odd shaped balcony attached to an elongated room. Well let it stay as free of clutter as possible. Toss in a few planters, a rug and make this area the reason behind a little joy for you.

Japanese style interior designs20

For that panoramic view

Your excessively large window is your favorite corner in the house as it allows you a panoramic view of the beauty outside. Keep it simple and cozy, exactly how it’s shown in the picture.

Japanese style interior designs21

On a serious note

If you love your ‘me time,’ then keeping your living room less bright would be the best option. Dark grays are the wall paint shades you should go for.

Japanese style interior designs22

For that unconventional touch

A dining space need not be too fussy. Go for wall mounted wooden dining table and benches and steal your guests’ attention like never before.

Japanese style interior designs23

All light all fun!

So, you have a big window. Don’t curtain it. Let all the light come in. light boosts your energy and mood. With a dash of colors, the space will look absolutely desirable.

Japanese style interior designs24

Go creative with leather

If you think leather furniture is for the office, just dump those thoughts into the garbage bin. Leather furniture can be an excellent addition to your living room. They brighten up the space almost instantly.

Japanese style interior designs25

That wooden charm

If you want your living space to look different, then stay away from bulky sofas. Bring in more coziness with a low lying wooded table and cushion pillows to sit on.

Japanese style interior designs26

Bring some fun into the doorway

Doorways are the areas that get the least attention. But if you love your house, you must make the doorway look good too. Throw in some pebbles for a perfect Japanese appearance.

Japanese style interior designs29

The ideal shower

How boring are those routine outdoor showers? But the showers in this design will entirely change your perception of outdoor showers. They are not just cool but also extremely functional.

Japanese style interior designs30

Here are some more pocket friendly bathroom designs and ideas for your maximum comfort.

That authentic Japanese feel

Do you love how Japanese households appear? If yes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try out this idea. With a beautiful dining table and pictures of Japanese text on the walls, the room indeed looks amazing.

Japanese style interior designs31

That enviable TV corner

There is absolutely nothing over the board in this design. With a minimalistic sofa and a wall mounted TV, the area appears extremely cozy.

Japanese style interior designs33

A touch of luxury

Make your living area look luxurious by adding beautiful white sofas and a low lying black centre table. A treat to the eyes!

Japanese style interior designs34

A beautiful decorative corner

Not all spaces in your house can be fitted with a piece of huge furniture. You can use such corners to keep decorative objects and small furniture items just as shown in the picture.

Japanese style interior designs36

Let your design reflect your style

This design, with unconventional chairs and tables, oozes out youthfulness. If you are someone who is young and vibrant, this design is perfect for you.

Japanese style interior designs38

That touch of nature

Wood is a natural element and it adds that touch of nature to your interior space. To counterbalance its color monotony, throw in some black sofa pillows.

Japanese style interior designs40

That surreal looking TV area

If the wall behind your TV looks boring, then add some glamour to it by decorating it with a mesh of ropes. A perfect Japanese interior decor style!

Japanese style interior designs41

Some wall styling

Walls need not always be plain. You can add some drama to your walls by getting some wood work done on them. With dark chocolate color, such woodwork can look extremely stylish.

Japanese style interior designs42

Clever merger of your dinning and study rooms

If you don’t want the merger to look glaringly obvious, you can go for the ‘all white’ paint trick. Seamless and beautiful!

Japanese style interior designs43

A unique dressing area

Dress up like a star. Have a dedicated dressing area like this one. With cool wood color and simple décor, the area looks mesmerizing.

Japanese style interior designs45

Twist in your staircase style!

A staircase is not always boring. Built a little unconventionally, they will never stick out like a sore thumb, even if they are in your bedroom, right in front of your eyes.

Japanese style interior designs46

Japanese style interior designs47

Japanese style interior designs48

Japanese style interior designs49

Japanese style interior designs50

Japanese style interior designs51

Japanese style interior designs53

Japanese style interior designs54

Japanese style interior designs55

Japanese style interior designs56

Japanese style interior designs57

Japanese style interior designs58

Japanese style interior designs59

Japanese style interior designs60

Japanese style interior designs61

Japanese style interior designs62

Japanese style interior designs63

Japanese style interior designs64

Japanese Designs are basically connected to nature to the best level and that’s one of major factor for its high popularity. But if your first priority is nature inspired designs separately, then, we’ve some more options for your to choose from. 

Japanese style interior designs65

Japanese style interior designs66

Japanese style interior designs67

Japanese style interior designs68

Japanese style interior designs70

Japanese style interior designs71

Japanese style interior designs72

Japanese style interior designs74

Japanese style interior designs75

Japanese style interior designs76

Japanese style interior designs77

Japanese style interior designs79

Japanese style interior designs80

Aren’t these some of the most wonderful Japanese Style interior designs and plans you have ever seen? Of course! If you think your house has been too western all the while, it’s time you added to it that Japanese charm.

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