80 Inspiring zen Interior designs for peace lovers

Our homes should be the place where we feel the calmest and most peaceful. A peaceful atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and happy and ultimately makes you more productive in your life. A Zen inspired interior design for your home can inspire these feelings of peace and serenity, making a house not only just beautiful but stress-free. If you are decorating or redecorating your house, our inspiring Zen interior designs can help you design a peaceful and beautiful home.





zen-interior-designs5Inspiring Zen Interior Designs





zen-interior-designs10Floor Cushions

For your dining room, have a low table and some nice floor cushions for sitting around the table. You can have a backdrop in a warm cream color, with contrasting dark wood furniture. This is one of the easy and inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers.



zen-interior-designs14Low Seating

If you think that floor cushions would be a little too tough on the knees for you and your guests, opt for slightly elevated low seating. Have shelves that overlap the edges of the wall that will remind you of a Japanese pagoda and you have successfully used some inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers.



zen-interior-designs17Windows as Walls

To create that open look, and if you want to make your living space look large, have on entire wall made in glass that looks out onto your garden. High ceilings with some low hanging lamps, the room done in neutral shades of beige and brown and some relaxing chairs will all contribute to the Zen like atmosphere.



zen-interior-designs20A Different Kind of Seating

One of the inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers you can use for your home is to have a central low bench with some cushions that acts as both a low table and a seating option. Some raised floor tiles arranged carelessly around and muted lighting to bring a relaxed feel to the room completes the look.



zen-interior-designs23Less is More

A lot of clutter in the room does not really make you think of inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers. Keep lots of space in the room, with just the bare minimum, maybe just a sofa in a room – and you have a contemporary Zen interior.



zen-interior-designs27Strike a Balance

Balance is the key to a Zen inspired interior. Everything should have its place, and if you can throw in some green plants, the feeling of peace and relaxation grows.

Warm Colors

One of the ideas for a Japanese Zen bedroom is to use more of wooden accented materials with beige. Warm and neutral colors are good for a peaceful atmosphere.



zen-interior-designs30Clean Lines

Again, for a simple clean look and avoid any kind of clutter. Instead of chairs, you can have a bench attached to the walls on two sides of the room with a simple table and minimal décor.

A Touch of Greenery

Plants provide oxygen and have a calming effect on the room as they have soothing green colors. Don’t go for flowers with strong scents or one that need a lot of maintenance. Instead, bonsai plants and hanging plants are good choices for Zen décor.



zen-interior-designs35Oneness with Nature

Have a place in your house that doubles as a balcony and a room, with two sides open and looking out into nature. Put some low railings into place and throw in a few floor cushions – you will find it the most relaxing place to spend time in.

Greenery in your Bedroom

A bonsai plant on your bedside table and wooden furniture is one way of achieving a Zen atmosphere in your bedroom.



zen-interior-designs38Earthy Colors

When you are looking for inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers, you must remember that Zen is all about natural colors. Soft tones like shades of beige, pink, white, grey bring a feeling of peace and calmness. You can always add one contrasting element or play about with shades of the color you like the most.



zen-interior-designs41No Hard Flooring

Wooden flooring or parquet is a good option, as is resin floor finishing that brings a great deal of comfort to your room. Soft carpeting in wool is also really comfortable, but of course you need to maintain it.

No Clutter

Accessories and knickknacks should be used as less as possible or if you can, just do away with them altogether. Keep only the essentials in your rooms and have a clean and simple look for your house.



zen-interior-designs45Padded Headboard

A huge padded headboard adds comfort and has an aura that takes stress away. It creates a distinct statement for your bedroom.

The Right Wallpaper

A wall that uses brick like wallpaper and furniture in chocolate brown can be very peaceful and relaxing. Have a low bed and some nice rugs around it for comfort, and your bedroom is a perfect Zen room.



zen-interior-designs48Light and Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics like linen, wool, or bunting wool are great for those searching for inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers. Remember the fabrics you use should be natural, light, and comfortable. The aim is to reduce noise and block out air droughts.

Striped Look

Wooden flooring and striped fabrics for cushions and pillows and seating adds a modern yet Zen like look to your room. Not one of the difficult inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers to follow.



zen-interior-designs51Colors of Nature

A light green and brown combination with a Japanese style bed is perfect for your Japanese themed bedroom. A nature theme always adds a peaceful touch to your bedroom.

Storage Spaces

The way you use your storage spaces matters a great deal. You can have open storage spaces, to have the Zen like look, but remember not to put too much of anything on the shelves. One or two simple decorations or books will keep the Zen atmosphere in the room intact.



zen-interior-designs55The Right Lighting

Harsh lights that burn into your skin do not really induce a peaceful atmosphere. Have different light sources that you can control the intensity of, and choose the areas to be lighted carefully. You can also opt for nice, scented candles for that perfect Zen like atmosphere in diffused lighting.



zen-interior-designs58Simple and Natural Furniture

Avoid excess ornamentation or complicated detail in your furniture. Instead, use high quality materials for your furniture, made of natural materials. You can paint the furniture in colors that match the rest of your room.

Canopy for your Bedroom

If you want a modern yet Zen like design, you can have a ceiling high bed canopy to achieve that Zen ambience. Remember to keep the lighting muted for that warm and cozy feel and put lamps in strategic spots to bring about the right ambience.



zen-interior-designs61A Round Bed

To add a different look to your Zen bedroom, you can have a bed mounted on a round platform and use white and beige colors for it. One of the quite simple but inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers!

Peaceful Bedding

Bedding in white color adds a really soft and comfortable look to your bedroom. You can get ready for a cozy rest and sleep in a room with such peaceful colors. Alternatively, you can also use soft floral prints if you think white is too stark.



zen-interior-designs64Simple Decorations

For wall and room decorations, the only rule is simplicity. Don’t hang collections of photos or paintings together but only keep the most special ones. This is one of the key inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers!




Bamboo Wall

For your bedroom, go for a bamboo wall and other bamboo accents and pair them off with some colorful fabrics. Truly one of the inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers!



zen-interior-designs70Natural Scents for your Room

Essential oils, scented candles, homemade linen spray – all naturally add good scents to your room, that is not only calming and helps in reducing stress, but can really charge you when you wake up.



zen-interior-designs73Focused Décor

Another way to achieve a Zen look is to have a wide room, but occupy only a small space in it. Choose one spot that you want to keep everything in and have the rest of the room bare. These inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers are easy to implement.



zen-interior-designs77No Electronic Disturbances

Electronic gadgets are distracting and take away the Zen atmosphere of a room. If you must have your TV in the bedroom, place it discreetly or put it inside a well-designed cabinet. Wires and cables also should be hidden so that the serene atmosphere of the room is not destroyed.


Spa Retreat

zen-interior-designs80Remember in Zen designs, the less-is-more philosophy is an important one. Uncluttered areas and minimal furniture, one or two simple touches, good lighting and natural scents – all of this contribute to bring a nice and relaxed atmosphere for you to live, eat, rest, and sleep. Simple, natural fabrics and colors and oneness with nature are other ways to keep the surroundings a serene one that you like spending time in. These inspiring Zen interior designs for peace lovers will help you get there.


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