80 Industrial kitchen designs to renovate the usual one

As all other rooms and corners, you have the kitchen room but this room has the special importance in the interior as it has to be designed in best design. The kitchen room has to manage multiple sections like the storage, appliances, dining, cooking area and water outlets. With multiple sections in the kitchen, it is very necessary to maintain fresh ambiance in the kitchen. Industrial kitchen designs are the topmost interior ideas in dealing with the kitchen space. Here are the practical designs you can use to renovate your current kitchen interior. Make best of the kitchen space with these designs.

Industrial Kitchen Designs

Wood and glass together

This is the most preferred among Industrial kitchen designs for renovations of old places. This design is the blend of classy wooden, glass and metal materials.

Industrial kitchen designs 1

Brick wall with steel cabinets

The brilliant texture of brick wall can be used for the kitchen look. The complete classy appearance of industrial kitchen design can be achieved with the metal cabinets and hanging utensil hooks.

Industrial kitchen designs 2

Elegant look with rustic island

Rustic Islands are now trending in Industrial kitchen designs that make the kitchen appear restrained. Rustic Islands are the ageless asset for the kitchen interior.

Industrial kitchen designs 3

Modern touch with Island

Modern ideas in the Industrial kitchen designs are a great challenge to add a twist of style to the interior with comfort. This is the best example of perfect modern look for the kitchen.

Industrial kitchen designs 5

If you have that special love for rustic designs and you should prefer it for entire home decoration. How about checking some rustic home decor ideas for inspiration?

Richness in kitchen interior

Textured walls are complemented with black furniture and Island to add richness to kitchen interior. Brick texture maintains the vintage appearance of the design.

Industrial kitchen designs 6

Floating cabinets

Cabinets are an integral asset of the Industrial kitchen designs that must be considered especially. Such floating cabinets are the true inspiration for the renovations that add style to the kitchen.

Industrial kitchen designs 7

Neat wooden bolted cabinets

This kitchen design is the result of creative mind which is witnessed with the materials used in the interior design. Wooden cabinets bolted with metal are too sturdy.

Industrial kitchen designs 8

Amazing sleek kitchen in gray

Renovate your kitchen space with this sleek kitchen design decorated in gray color. This contemporary modular kitchen design will give you entire functionalities of a modern kitchen.

Industrial kitchen designs 9

Immortal designer look for kitchen

You can get the immortal look of the kitchen with old wooden Island and brick textures on the wall. It never goes out of trend.

Industrial kitchen designs 10

Industrial design for kitchen

This industrial kitchen interior includes such stylish décor ideas for high roofs and big carpet area of the kitchen. You can design corner of the kitchen with such table with drawer and a fancy hanging lamp.

Industrial kitchen designs 11

Glossy metal kitchen

Design your cabinets and Island with glossy silver metal that shines to give your kitchen unique attraction with perfect ambiance. Decorate with minimum appliances and utensils in the front use the cabinets to store them.

Industrial kitchen designs 12

Shiny kitchen with Island

This Island has more than enough space for storage that keeps your kitchen clean and spacious. It gives a nice atmosphere to enjoy the cooking experience.

Industrial kitchen designs 13

Glass Interiors are always amazing, it’s just the way how you use glasses for interior home decoration. But we’re not in shortage of such ideas, let’s check out some amazing glass interior decoration ideas to try out this time.

Pleasant Industrial kitchen designs

You can make your guest go crazy with such an amazing kitchen interior in your house. Using pastel shades of wood, this kitchen décor creates a pleasant environment.

Industrial kitchen designs 14

Funky angle to the kitchen

Show your hippie style with such eye catching kitchen décor idea. Clip your favorite moments in the kitchen with string or on the appliances. Wooden cabinets will work best here.

Industrial kitchen designs 15

Dark brown tones kitchen interior

Dark brown color is always prestigious and sober in the interior designs. You can use this theme for the kitchen to renovate it as per Industrial kitchen designs.

Industrial kitchen designs 16

Smart storage in kitchen

This storage idea is smart enough to hold all your spices in the jars. It is creative and has a very impressive contemporary look.

Industrial kitchen designs 17

Small cabinet can also work

You can have a small cabinet and use the remaining space in the kitchen with open wardrobe. This is creative and also gives you more than enough storage space with a great shabby impression.

Industrial kitchen designs 18

Modular kitchen in L-shape

If you do not want a shabby kitchen like the bohemian style, you must prefer this kind of Industrial kitchen designs. Air- tight storage cabinets with stylish finish give attractive look to the kitchen.

Interior of modern kitchen

Ideal kitchen design with Island

This is the combination of the funky interior with the sober one. Here you get hanging utensil hooks with Island having sober finish in pastel colors.

Industrial kitchen designs 21

Antique pretense with wooden furniture

Tall open cabinet with wheels is capable of holding utensils and are convenient to move. Wooden dining with complementing wooden chairs is perfect for antique pretense.

Industrial kitchen designs 22

French style kitchen with dome chimney

You can have a fireplace in the kitchen for a special variety of cooking. Placing such huge dome as a chimney over the fireplace keeps the kitchen clean and free from smoke.

Industrial kitchen designs 24

Bright kitchen in white

This white themed kitchen design is brilliant with the best use of the space available in style. It has cabinets with little drawers and an Island in the front.

Industrial kitchen designs 25

Dividers in the kitchen

You can make the kitchen more organized with such divider of glass with metal frames. It has a veneer of the luxurious kitchen by partitioning dining with cooking area.

Industrial kitchen designs 26

Metallic glossy elegance in the kitchen design

Choose such complementing glossy metal for the appliances as well as Island and cabinets of the kitchen to make your kitchen look themed with every aspect.

Industrial kitchen designs 27

4D glass designs for kitchen

Turn your old kitchen into the completely modern kitchen with glass cabinets. 4D glasses add extra attraction to the kitchen décor. This design is adaptable to small as well as large space.

Industrial kitchen designs 28

Inspiration modern kitchen

Get this gray and white theme in your own kitchen to refresh its look completely. These colors and glossy glass used in this theme give bright environment in kitchen resulting into a pleasant experience.

Industrial kitchen designs 29

Brilliant use of available space

You can arrange dining or Island around the pillar if you have in kitchens space. You can brilliantly use this space around a pillar with this industrial kitchen design.

Industrial kitchen designs 30

Ultimate kitchen design for residential

Try this ultimate blend of contemporary design with a modern look for your kitchen. With the flawless cabinets, you can have an old wooden table as a dining with a variety of chairs.

Industrial kitchen designs 31

Flat panel cabinets in white

Remodel your old kitchen interior with this ageless industrial kitchen design. This kitchen design provides all the amenities and storage space for appliances with Island.

Picture 059

Italic style design for kitchen

With spacious cabinets and lots of space for appliances, this Italian style of kitchen décor is modern and trendy design idea for renovation.

Industrial kitchen designs 33

Hanging hooks for storage

It gives a twist to contemporary Industrial kitchen designs providing much more style to the overall appearance of the kitchen. Wooden color use for cabinets adds extra style to the kitchen design.

Industrial kitchen designs 34

Dark interior idea for kitchen

It is not always necessary that only bright colors can give the desired look to the kitchen. This design proves the monotony of bright colors in the kitchen.

Industrial kitchen designs 35

Glossy faucet

Choose such attractive faucet design that can give a completely new face to your kitchen. It keeps your kitchen clean and tidy with the flawless impressive overall look.

Industrial kitchen designs 36

Brick wallpaper for exemplary kitchen

With the gray white theme, you can have brick wallpaper for the kitchen walls. Design Island with gray color and cabinets with small drawers will work.

Industrial kitchen designs 37

Kitchen décor with the best finish

Crème colored cabinets and wall with open storage space complement each other to make the kitchen look awesome.

Industrial kitchen designs 38

Wooden finish with white

Try this new combination of white colored cabinets and Island with wooden chimney and storage area.

Industrial kitchen designs 40

Spectacular kitchen décor

This blend of wooden chimney and storage space with white furnished cabinets is the best combination of classy wooden appearance with modern functionalities of modular kitchen.

Industrial kitchen designs 41

Faucet with window

Such window above faucet can be built if you have open space on the other side. You get enough of natural light in the kitchen with such window.

Industrial kitchen designs 42

Boho industrial kitchen design

Go funky with such boho interior idea for your kitchen and add life to your design.

Industrial kitchen designs 43

Partitioned kitchen interior

You can partition cooking area and dining with glass wall making your kitchen more organized and spacious with a classy look. You can then arrange your dining and cooking area separately.

Industrial kitchen designs 44

Industrial kitchen designs 45

Industrial kitchen designs 46

Industrial kitchen designs 47

Industrial kitchen designs 48

Industrial kitchen designs 49

Industrial kitchen designs 50

Industrial kitchen designs 51

Industrial kitchen designs 52

Industrial kitchen designs 53

Industrial kitchen designs 54

Industrial kitchen designs 55

Industrial kitchen designs 58

Industrial kitchen designs 60

Industrial kitchen designs 61

Industrial kitchen designs 62

Industrial kitchen designs 64

Industrial kitchen designs 65

Industrial kitchen designs 66

Industrial kitchen designs 68

Industrial kitchen designs 69

Industrial kitchen designs 70

Industrial kitchen designs 71

Industrial kitchen designs 72

Inspiring Industrial kitchen designs must be forcing you to initiate the renovation process for your kitchen. Save the designs you like to try faucets, islands and different appliances appearance for your kitchen. You can choose the designs that match to the space you have for your kitchen. There are designs integrating contemporary kitchen designs with the modern design ideas to get best at most affordable cost. Your house deserves a sleek and glossy look. Don’t forget to keep the convenience of cooking and enjoying the meals at peak while renovating your current kitchen.

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