80 Headboard designs for bedrooms decoration

Cool headboard can transform the look of the entire room! They come in different fabrics and sizes, you can buy them or make yourself. Whether the case, a proper headboard will take the originality of your design to the new level. If you don’t believe it, check this 80 designs and you will definitely find something you like.

Mosaic headboard

You can DIY this headboard in just several steps. Buy thick foam, have it cut for you on rectangles of different sizes and wrap each panel with a fabric of your choice. You will get a unique headboard designed specifically for your bedroom.

Headboard designs for bedroom1

Room screen

If you have a pretty wall panel or a room screen, you can easily use it as a headboard. The one on the picture creates a contemporary impact. For an extra contrast, paint the wall behind white, so that the black color will really pop

Headboard designs for bedroom2

Neutral bedroom

This simple, gray headboard creates a clean and comfortable backdrop for a serene sleep with nice dreams.

queen bed headboard designs

Headboard designs for bedroom4

Bold and beautiful

If you have bright accents (like linens or pillows), think of adding a big, bold headboard that will tone down the design and make it look finished.

Headboard designs for bedroom5

Pretty Pairings

Black and white walls and green accent headboard create a perfect pair that makes the room interesting and adds depth.

Headboard designs for bedroom6

Black and mosaic

Black is a powerful color that always makes a statement. To avoid a busy feeling, add white, beige, and gray accents for a perfectly balanced design.

Headboard designs for bedroom7

Functional and rustic

Headboard is a great object that can be both functional and beautiful. Make it even more interesting by adding warm lights and white accents.

Headboard designs for bedroom8

Black and gray

Black and gray is a timeless duo, and this picture is a great example of how you can make a room elegant with using only these colors for a bed and a headboard. Keep everything else neutral to keep the focus on the main accent.

Headboard designs for bedroom9

Polished and rustic

If you don’t like the way DIY wooden headboards look, you can get a perfectly polished one in a store that will support the white room and become a nice nature accent.

Headboard designs for bedroom11


In this bedroom, it’s a headboard that creates a wow factor. You can place different objects there, and each time it will look a bit different.

Headboard designs for bedroom13


Big, wooden headboard is a perfect canvas that you change as you like. In this case, a bunch of white pillows could be just boring if it wasn’t placed against the rustic headboard that makes them pop.

Headboard designs for bedroom14

Leather headboard

Invitingly plush and deeply cushioned, this headboard is perfect for bedrooms with a strong personality.

Headboard designs for bedroom15

Pictures on the wall

If you like bright pictures, get a neutral small headboard to highlight them. Warm lights are a great way to add a welcoming feeling to the room.

Headboard designs for bedroom16

Neutral palette

A refreshing yet calm beige walls outline the graceful silhouette of this white headboard.

Headboard designs for bedroom19

Simple and modern

A black-and-white design is a classic way to make a statement and this black bold headboard adds power and interest to this simple room.

Headboard designs for bedroom20

Rustic Style

This headboard was created by using tongue-and-groove construction. You should distress it first, and then give it a nice finish. You can easily paint this headboard in any color.

Headboard designs for bedroom21

Headboard wall

If you’re fond of reading, this headboard wall with two lamps on it is a perfect place to spend several hours turning pages.

Headboard designs for bedroom22

Rounded headboard

This beautiful headboard is crafted of hardwood and then detailed and upholstered with leather. This is a timeless design that will always have a wow effect on your guests.

Headboard designs for bedroom23

Simple and warm

This is a good example of how a traditional, simple, wooden bed can look warm and welcoming with a matching headboard.

Headboard designs for bedroom24

Black wood

Black wood is a perfect backdrop for other accent colors. On this picture, a wooden headboard highlights the intensity of the red color on the picture and makes it pop.

Headboard designs for bedroom25

An artistic headboard

Use small rocks to create an artistic headboard wall. You can choose different colors of rocks for a contemporary look and paint the frame deep brown to add dimension.

Headboard designs for bedroom26


Take your curtains, tapestry, or any other piece of textile you like and hang it as a headboard. You can easily switch the fabric if you feel your room needs a change.

Headboard designs for bedroom27

Stylish and modern

Gray is a new trend, and having a gray headboard will make your room looks stylish. You can easily make this headboard yourself, and a gray lamp is a nice accent that highlights the bed.

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Country style

If you like the country style but tired of the same color scheme, you can play with a headboard.

Headboard designs for bedroom29

Cottage Style

This one is very easy to create yourself, but the result is amazing – a simple design gets personality and uniqueness it would be lacking otherwise.

Headboard designs for bedroom30

Personality showcase

This headboard highlights everything a person living there likes: simple things, warm feelings, and cozy spaces. If you have a small bedroom and don’t want to overload it with different objects just make the headboard a focal point of the room.

Headboard designs for bedroom31

A gray fence

For an all-white room, this fence-like headboard is a strong accent this room could be lacking otherwise.

Headboard designs for bedroom32

Functionality and design

Here is a perfect example of how functionality and design can exist together. This fence makes the white wall look black-and-white, creates and interesting focal point, and allows to hang almost anything on it.

Headboard designs for bedroom33

Headboard designs for bedroom34

Luminous finishes

To give a monochromatic room plenty of live think of using bold artwork and luminous finishes.

Headboard designs for bedroom35

Headboard designs for bedroom36

Queen-size bed

If you have a big bed, get a huge headboard that supports the same theme as bed to create an interesting area in the room and add depth.

Headboard designs for bedroom37

Burned wood

This wooden headboard is really unique as it was burned by a homeowner and there is no another like it. You can achieve the same result and make a statement. in your bedroom.

Headboard designs for bedroom38

Headboard designs for bedroom39

Clock headboard

This bed feels like it came right from the Alice in Wonderland and all thanks to the unique rustic clock headboard.

Headboard designs for bedroom40

Metallic headboard

Metallic objects can beautifully reflect light, so why not getting a metallic headboard and a big lantern that will create a perfect duo? Every time you turn on the light, you see a bit different pattern on the headboard.

Headboard designs for bedroom41

Tone down bright accents

This is a beautiful, bright bed that could feel too busy if it didn’t have a neutral, wooden headboard behind it. This headboard is a calming backdrop that balances out the bright accents.

Headboard designs for bedroom42


This is a luxurious bed that is finished with a luxurious headboard – everything you may need for a royal sleep.

Headboard designs for bedroom43

Natural light

if you have a deep-brown furniture, get a matching headboard and place it near the window so that light will become your prsonal designer.

Headboard designs for bedroom44

Small bedroom

If your bedroom is small, a headboard can be the only object that can become a focal point. This rustic one, for example, is a great way to highlight the bed and it doesn’t need any more accessories.

Headboard designs for bedroom45

White and airy

If your spacious room is full of light, get a light, wooden headboard. it will stand out, but won’t break the atmosphere of the airy room.

Headboard designs for bedroom46

Flowers and greens

Rustic headboard and flowers are a perfect match made in heaven. Add some greens and you’ll feel like sleeping in a field.

Headboard designs for bedroom47

Small and modern

if you have a small bed, you can simply go for a rustic headboard instead of overloading it with many accent objects. Black-and-white is more than enough to make the ehadbpard pop.

Headboard designs for bedroom48

Patterns on the wall

If you have unusual wallpapers or painting on the wall, choose a minimalist, bold headboard that won’t interfere with the unique design of your bedroom.

Headboard designs for bedroom49

Dark Wood

If you have a neutral room, dark, wooden heading can become a focal point of the entire room.

Headboard designs for bedroom50

Headboard designs for bedroom51

Straight lines

Straight lines is a simple way to make any room look modern. To achieve a stylish effect, keep the backdrop small and add a matching picture to finish the look.

Headboard designs for bedroom52

Light and calming

This calming, welcoming room with a light headboard demonstrates how positioning a bed with a headboard at the end of a small room can highlight the entire design.

Headboard designs for bedroom53

The slatted headboard

This slatted headboard on the simple bed is everything you need to make it easy to watch TV or read in a bed.

Headboard designs for bedroom55

Accent walls

If you like experimenting, go for a reflective metallic headboard and bright colors for the wall. On this picture, metallic backdrop has blue shades thanks to the blue wall.

Headboard designs for bedroom56


This is a country bedroom that has wooden walls, ceiling, and floor. To tone it down a bit, a nice, fabric, white headboard is used.

Headboard designs for bedroom57

A focal wall

This metallic backdrop is perfectly highlighted by the wall behind it.

Headboard designs for bedroom58

Headboard designs for bedroom60

Rock and wood

This is a powerful combination of rock and wood that makes the entire room stand out and scream “style*.

Headboard designs for bedroom61

Classic bed

This is a classic headboard in a classic room. All details are carefully chosen to support the overall design.

Headboard designs for bedroom62

Warm lights

Choose a calm headboard and add warm light to create a feeling of a cozy, comfortable and relaxing space.

Headboard designs for bedroom63

Purple accents

Simple headboard makes the purple accents and white linens really pop. Choose matching furniture pieces, such as nightstands, to unify the place.

Hanging lanterns

Hanging lanterns and big headboard create a great place for reading or watching a TV sitting on a bed.

Headboard designs for bedroom65

Masculine feeling

This is a masculine bed that has everything one can need: a powerful headboard, stripped pillows and linens.

Headboard designs for bedroom66

Colorful appeal

These white walls and calm design is an ideal complement to rich, deep-blue headboard in this room.

Headboard designs for bedroom67

A house among greens

If your house is surrounded by greens, make nature indoors by getting a wooden headboard and a rock wall.

Headboard designs for bedroom68

A fence

This rustic headboard was made from a fence. The finished look is a perfect idea for a white room that adds a touch of nature to the otherwise simple design.

Headboard designs for bedroom69

Bright accents

This neutral headboard allows adding any accents of any size, so why not getting it?

Headboard designs for bedroom70

Modern and stylish

If you have a bold headboard, you can layer rugs and put many pillows on your bed to make the room inviting but modern.

Headboard designs for bedroom71

White and blue

White headboard is a nice backdrop for vibrant colors, such as blue and black.

Headboard designs for bedroom74

Plenty of storage

If you have a child, you know that it’s hard to keep the room clutter-free. You can use headboard as shelves and out favorite toys of your kid there, so he or she will play with them before falling asleep.

Headboard designs for bedroom75

A perfect match

Using the same bold color for walls and a headboard is a great solution for unifying a small bedroom.

Headboard designs for bedroom76

Floral and simple

This bed is so simple, yet so feminine and gentle! Walls serve as a headboard for this bed, making it the main point of the room.

Headboard designs for bedroom77

Soft spots

This light wooden headboard goes nicely with the neutral design of this room. It doesn’t feel too busy, just a little element that makes the design complete.

Headboard designs for bedroom78

Plenty of wood

You can mix different colors of wood to add depth to your room. A wall behind this neutral headboard is a focal point of the entire room.

Headboard designs for bedroom79

A simple trick

Slipcovering! if you don’t like your current headboard, there is an inexpensive way to change its style.

Headboard designs for bedroom80

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