80 Beautiful and comfortable Guest room designs

You love your room. You sleep, rest and recover in it. You walk into it and want to feel happy about where you are. The colour of your room alone can have a dramatic effect on your outlook. Add in the creature comforts of duvets, throws and side-tables, and you have a place of beauty. Our designs offer ideas to help you create that perfect space for you and your loved ones.

  1. Peachy orange

guest room designs1

Setting a peachy-orange colour as the background, the pillows and duvet reflect these soft tones. The peach-white stools at the foot of the bed are features along with the wooden desk and mirrored dresser drawer.

2. Earthy tones

guest room designs2

The French doors open out into the garden, but firstly the eye travels to the solid earthy colours on the walls. The throw on the bed responds to this brown white the flecks of brown in the white colour provide a subtle accent.

3. Lines lead the eye

guest room designs3

Lines dominate the design of this room. The floor is done in a beige carpet with oblong brown length highlights. The ceiling mirrors this direction while the curtains provide vertical visual stimulus. Finally, the headboard is a solid wood with vertical grain.

4. Clean white lines

guest room designs4

This white themed room looks clean and offers visual stimulus for the guest. The colour in the wall provides a lagoon themed accent which is complimented by the olive tree.

5. Unique closet accent

guest room designs5

Often, the dressing area is a bland part of the room. Here, it is a feature. They are cleverly angled and curved. The light in the dressing area is accented by the curved feature near the mirror. Sitting aside a king sized bed, these dressing areas are a talking point for any guest.

6. A new twist on a twin room

guest room designs6

Your standard twin room has the beds floating in the middle of the room with no anchor. This bed arrangement cleverly uses a square bedside table in the corner as an anchor for the twin beds.

7. Mediterranean sea

guest room designs7

Recalling the warm seas of Greece, the white and blue walls are cleverly reflected in the throw on the bed. The green duvet and pillows recall a coral reef while the carpet is sand coloured. Pure relaxation!

8. Open spaces

guest room designs8

The mix of cocoa-white patterns breaks up the large open space and provides areas of relaxation. The length of the settee allows one to lay about and read all afternoon. The large windows bring in light to this double height area.

9. Gold

guest room designs9

The floor ties seamlessly in with the carpet, the stripes matching the colour on the floor. The curtains and walls complete the gold theme. You can accent all of this gold with solid dark wood in the bedside table, chair and pillows.

10. Bold turquoise walls

guest room designs10

Have a go at using a bold colour in a room. This sets off nicely with the black and white theme of the bed and accessories, photos, duvet etc. The two lamps provide a yellow accent for each of the guests. You can also cleverly fit a bookshelf into the wall.

11. Classic four poster bed

guest room designs11

A less used bed type these days, this four poster style is accented by turned natural wood posts. The nearly golden tone is recalled in the lamps and photo frames. You can add a splash of colour to the room with a gorgeous throw.

12. Baby blue skies

guest room designs12

Playful colours dominate this room. The bed is single and sits well near the window. Adding a long wooden bench, some coloured paintings and stools gives multiple seating areas while the striped rug is fashionably juxtaposed.

13. Lofty conversion

guest room designs13

The white interior reflects the light making this room spacious and open. The wood in the floors, bed and chair balance the room offering a grounding. Perfect room for adding your own colours and flair!

14. Using soft tones

guest room designs14

These soft tones will please almost any guest. The light baby blue on the walls is comforting and the navy blue headboard grounding. Meanwhile the array of colours on the bed provide accents.

15. Custom walk-in closets

guest room designs15

These walk-in closets provide plenty of space for all of your clothes and shoes while keeping them hidden from view.

16. Earthy tones and pot lighting

guest room designs16

Use a chocolate throw to balance the wood in the room. The colours are comforting and provide your guest with a sense of calm. You can add your own touches to the shelf which cleverly draws the eye to it and away from the radiator.

17. Utilise a beige base and accent

guest room designs17

The rug takes the eye on a journey leading to the bed. This breaks up and softens the wood floor. The pillows on the bed in caramel accent the room and keep one’s attention on the master bed. The headboard is a great feature, giving the room a vertical visual which leads up to the elegant chandelier.

18. A bold regal statement

guest room designs18

Try to use purple to create a visually stimulating, yet calm and august atmosphere. One single pillow in purple can reflect the wall. The high white four poster bed breaks up the strong purple wall while the darker purple chair accents it.

19. Go for simplicity

guest room designs19

Many guest rooms are overloaded with colours and furniture. This is a zen approach. Clear open spaces with an accented, striped throw. Understatement provides peace.

20. Majestic

guest room designs20

Four poster beds add strength and permanence to any room. Use similarly coloured chairs and picture frames to create the overall majesty.

21. Dual purpose

guest room designs21

A folding bed allows you to use the room as a study. Great for small apartments or micro-apartments.

22. Striped walls

guest room designs22

Striped walls can be stimulating in a room. Cool style and matching bed cover is fun. A blue and grey painted dresser sits nicely in the corner.

23. Room and study

guest room designs23

A wooden desk can provide an excellent working space for the business traveller. The large bed is inviting when all that work is done.

24. Integrate the bed into the wall

guest room designs25

Integrate the bed into the wall to save space and create cupboard space around the bed. Put a throw on the floor at the end of the bed to break up the space.

25. Solid headboard and extra soft bed

guest room designs26

A solid cherry wood headboard goes well with blue skirting. You can add your own art on the wall and match the frame with the silver lamp.

26. Grey tones with soft headboard

guest room designs27

The muted tones can be used to soften the room. Natural materials in the wool throw and the wooden lamp stands.

27. Bold turquoise

guest room designs28

Using a solid, bright colour on two walls adds life to the room. The bed/sofa is perfect for relaxing or sleeping.

28. A sailor’s cabin for kids

guest room designs29

A sailor’s bed with navy blue walls promotes dreams of the sea. The wainscotting in white adds to the feeling of a Mediterranean ship.

29. Chandelier

guest room designs30

Black and white is always a safe choice, but try using a patterned carpet with leafy inlays in red and cream. This adds a splash of colour to an otherwise safe design.

30. Curved head and footboards

guest room designs31

These add visual stimulus for the eye. On the headboard, the curved metal rails are silhouetted by the wall.

31. Double photosguest room designs32

In Chinese feng shui, it is good for a couple to have pairs of things in the room. These pictures, pillows and lamps are welcoming for each partner.

32. Low lying bed

guest room designs33

A bed that is closer to the ground can be very relaxing. Match the headboard with side tables, a red throw and cream carpet and the look is exotic.

33. Mirror

guest room designs34

A mirror can expand the size of a space visually. Here it is the centrepiece for the dresser. The mirrors in the dresser also help to reflect the room.

34. Accent lines

guest room designs35

Try accenting the moulding in the room. The highlight of the door frames, baseboards and ceiling. In a white room, this is clean and fresh.

35. Africa

guest room designs36

Using a theme from a particular place is visually stimulating. Here the coral, surfboard and zebra carpets remind one of the coast of South Africa.

36. Try mixing cream, chocolate and red

guest room designs37

This combination is good for using lots of different easy to find materials and colours. The bookshelf is a small but good touch in the corner. It breaks up the corner space nicely.

37. Bold green and a faux fur throw

guest room designs38

If you want to make a special space, use a bold green on the walls. Accent this with a small statue or flecks of green in the headboard. To really make it stand out, a faux fur adds luxury.

38. Multiple corners

guest room designs40

In order to deal with sharp corners, use a dresser with a lamp on it, and then put the next lamp lower down in order to break up the space.

39. Curved headboards to make the room look bigger

guest room designs41

If you have a small room, try using a twin bed with a majestically styled bed frame. The dark stained frame can stand out from the toffee coloured walls.

40. Flowering curves can be reflected in the room

guest room designs42

Echoing patterns in a room can provide interest for the guest. The chandelier is recalled in the bed spread and the pillows while the checkered curtains are matched in the bottom bed cover.

41. A singular wood type

guest room designs44

You can use two major colours quite effectively. The light wood is in all the furniture and it stands out from the charcoal walls and carpet.

42. Zen

guest room designs45

The clean lines and understated styling create serenity. The light is broken up by the horizontal slats in the window.

43. Diffused light

guest room designs46

If your guest room is on the small side, you can use translucent curtains to add soft diffused light. A lamp in the corner can add yellow to this.

44. Complimenting materials

guest room designs47

Juxtapose wood with stone. You can use the duvet colours to mimic the stone and the same goes for the rug.

45. Light and shadow

guest room designs48

If you have good natural light, you can use white furniture to reflect that light into the room further, and under that furniture, the shadows will provide a natural black contrast.

46. Carpet placement

guest room designs49

Placing a carpet half under the bed provides warm space to walk but leaves the wood exposed as well. The carpet also reflects the wall without overpowering the room.

47. Squares break up space

guest room designs50

Using a large square headboard breaks up the wall space and also sets the dominant shape of the room. Lamps, pillows and the bed can contribute to this theme.

48. Pastel colours to soften the room

guest room designs51

If your room is large, pastel colours can soften the tone and add comfort. A dresser at the end of the bed can bring the space in too.

49. Silhouette

guest room designs52

A silhouetted design on a wall creates visual interest. The duvet here is of a similar though more regular pattern.

50. Two guests

guest room designs54

In a loft space, it’s possible to use light floorboards and two single beds rather than a double. As the ceiling often pushes in on the room, the side table makes good use of the space.

51. Cream

guest room designs55

Try contrasting dark wood with cream in the walls, bed and side tables. A segmented picture set will add interest to the room while you can reflect these colours with your own touch, perhaps in a plant.

52. Pastel green

guest room designs56

This is a pastel green theme in a smaller room. This gives a fairly neutral rendering of the space and makes it easy to find accessories which match. Soft white light from the windows with translucent curtains make the light easy on the eyes.

53. Two colour simplicity

guest room designs57

So that you don’t overload the room with decorations, simplify. Soft grey walls and carpets are a perfect backdrop for a wooden bed.

54. Feng Shui

small guest bedroom ideas #3

small guest bedroom ideas #3

In Chinese feng shui, it is good for a couple to have pairs of things in the room. These pictures, pillows and lamps are welcoming for each partner.

55. Multiple photos

guest room designs59

In a simple room, multiple photos are useful to add interest to the room.

56. Rice paper lamps

guest room designs60

Popular, and relatively inexpensive, oriental rice lamp shades give a lovely yellow light to the room.

57. Multiple photos

guest room designs61

In a simple room, multiple photos are useful to add interest to the room.

58. Slick lined loft conversion

guest room designs63

Lofts can look small, but these lines in the ceiling slats are painted white and lead the eye across the room. The yellow lights at the end provide the warmth.

59. Tawny theme

guest room designs64

A tawny brown footstool extends from the bed and gives a seated area which resonates with the wood in the room.

60. Paintings add life

guest room designs65

Use paintings to add colour to a neutral back drop. The furniture can converse with these colours as can the pillow in the centre which calls to all three of the paintings.

61. Light and shadow

guest room designs66

If you have good natural light, you can use white furniture to reflect that light into the room further, and under that furniture, the shadows will provide a natural black contrast.

62. Patterned bed cover

guest room designs67

The patterns of a bed are important, here they are in muted tones with a Greek like swirl. This creates movement whilst the room is fairly serene. The rice lamps provide a soft, stable yellow light.

63. Multiple fabrics

guest room designs69

If you use multiple natural material bed covers and throws, you can layer them to create comfort and visual interest. Here the bed is the focus of the room and the bare wood floors complete the natural look.

64. Wooden walls

guest room designs70

Try using wooden walls to create a sauna like feeling. This adds warmth and nature. Yellow lighting will soften the look even more.

65. Soft white fabrics

guest room designs72

If you colour one wall, you can compliment it by putting a throw at the end of the bed. Add a white fabric to a chandelier and mimic this in the bed.

66. Bold letters

guest room designs73

A bold statement of your own creation like ‘Be my guest’ adds character to a guest room. The shelf can also be used to put plants or photos.

67. Rectangular order

guest room designs74

Rectangle or square themes scattered throughout the room. The picture frames and the footboard, and to a certain extent the pillows, create this structured look.

68. Your creation

guest room designs76

If you are creative, you can have a go at making your own message on a canvas for guests. This bed is great for a guest room as you can store necessities like bedsheets under the bed.

69. L-shaped sofa

guest room designs77

An L-shaped sofa can provide extra seating for guests while making a centre piece for the room. Setting the grey theme, accent with comic prints.

70. Blue accent and wood for grounding

guest room designs78

In a tall loft space, you have room to hang a lamp while grounding the room with a strong wooden bed frame and sea-like blue carpet and sheets.

71. Brighten a small room

guest room designs79

In a small room, small, well-placed objects can provide a distraction and comfort. Tuck the bed in the corner and use a statue in the window-sill.

72. Lamp placement

guest room designs80

Give the room variable light settings by using two lamps and one chandelier. A mirror can be a centre-piece.

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