80 Mind-blowing garden water features you should add

Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet non hurtles and foams all the way to sea. You would always like to evade from hustle and bustle of this world. Tranquillity lies at the heart of nature. Let me share a dream which everyone has in their state of mind. You would want to sit beside a beautiful nature scenery and wouldn’t want to get away from it ever. It reduces your stress actually.

The sounds of water shore gives so much of peace that you just don’t want to leave that site ever. But you will have to because it’s just the dream you have curate and you need to wake up and face this world. Sad enough, isn’t it?









garden-water-features14Having a garden in your backyard is one escape you can have but spicing it up with water garden is bliss. Have your own new whole level dimension to your landscape and ensure that you can enjoy your pleasant sun rise and sets with love and sooth yourself with calm voices of waterfall in your backyard.











Don’t limit your dream only to water fountains go for small ponds, sitting area, diverse pebbles, birdbath. These features are cost effective and it is long term investment. Let not money harm your dream landscape. Spark up your garden by installing water features in your backyard.










garden-water-features35Ponding your garden

Your backyard is eagerly waiting for you to sprinkle water in your life. Let’s get it done with having pond in your garden. Ponds can do wonders in your landscape. You just need to choose the best pond for your garden. You can also install with having fishes and pebbles inside your pond. Ponds are instilled feature when you think of decorating your backyard with some water features. It must not need much of cleanliness and with development of technology you realize that you can have a pond of your own. Ponds come in variety, choose the best.




  • Stone pond

Play with stones in your own backyard. Stone pond looks attractive and will become shine for your own landscape. It is easy to have your own stone pond just make sure that you decorate it satisfactorily with some pebbles and flowers around it. It is more of an effortlessly made fountain where you don’t take much tension of cleanliness and let the pond work on its own

  • Rock pond

Improvise your mind and follow your dream while having a pond. It need not be in circular shape. Get a pond in rectangular shape with some stones placed on side of it. As you can see in the picture, how calmly and beautifully they have placed stones near the pond.




Fountain your landscape

Running water has a soothing effect. No matter how many sounds irritate you in your normal routine but when it comes to listening sound of waterfall you just can’t stop listening it whole day. Let me tell you one fact, focusing on falling water sound is more like of meditating and feeling fresh. From having a popular bubbling vase to a core-drilled boulder to formal fountain. You can have all of these. In all the water features mentioned above you have water basin at the bottom where a small pump sits, and is pumped back up to the top. Thanks to technology that they have made easy for us to have nature pleasure.




Thanks to technology that they have made easy for us to have nature pleasure.

  • Pot Fountain

It’s more like doing it yourself. You just need to find perfect pots from your backyard and get it arranged properly. It’s is simple and increases the beauty of your garden.

  • Artesian Fountain

This Fountain will only take two to three days of yours and is not a big of project. Just need your determination. Graver-filled reservoir is used to curate this kind of stylish fountain and needs less maintenance in contrast to other fountains.




  • Slate Fountain

Ever thought of having a fountain where water flows upside down in stairs? Or ever thought of fountain which could be kept inside your house without disturbing your inner peace. Say no more! You have got this elegant piece which is totally different from other fountains, in fact better than your dream fountain. Let not waste the chance to have it in your home. It isn’t too costly and one time investment is what you need in it.

  • Flower pot fountain

It looks so good when you watch flowers getting sprinkled with water. Isn’t it? Just imagine how much terrifying it would look when pot itself transforms into a fountain. Heaven is what you call it. Flower pot fountain comes it variety. You can have straight flower pot fountain or a tilted pot over a straight large pot. Leaning flower pot is really creative and has got excellent outlook. Don’t forget pouring pebbles in it. It increases the beauty of it.




Water wall

You can lay off your eyes when it comes to water wall. It is awe- inspiring to have water wall in your own house. But water wall beauty increases with the environment surrounding it. Don’t forget to keep it simple around water wall as it is captivating in its own way. Decorate with some pebbles or two or three big flower pots around it. Tranquillity increases with the simplicity.




Standing beauty

Standing beauty is simple and perfect. By standing beauty I mean simple urn fountain. It Is simple and eye-catching. Looks like the unique piece you can place in your garden. The colour you choose for this fountain should actually go with the colour spreaded around your garden and shouldn’t look odd one out.




Room Pond

If your garden is too big to handle too much of beauty then just don’t forget that you can have an area in your garden just like a room. You can have a kitchen on one side and playing area on the other. With that you can also have a hanging bed area. Add up your beauty with having a pond on one side. A small pond would work to give it more of a room feeling. This area might require much of cleaning so just make sure you don’t decent the beauty of this area. Remember the colour used is similar to each other.




Lightning show

It makes too much of efforts to find your peace outside your home. It seems so unnatural to us when we talk about light show because generally we don’t find it inside homes. Well, we are making our dream and wishes come true then why not fulfil this one too! Make sure if you’re planning to have a fountain then lights are just add up to that. We have discussed various types of fountains above and this feature is just increasing the beauty to your improvisation. Use lights which are pleasing to your eyes and makes you look at the fountain for hours. More of hypnotizing your soul.





Taking care of nature and forgetting wildlife huh? Complete your backyard ecosystem by calling birds to sit in your garden and enjoy too. Chirruping of birds is much more of listening to a beautiful song while waking up in morning. A place for birds in your own backyard is ineffable. You will have to take too much of care of this area as it can get dirty easily. Probably everyday half an hour would do while spending time at this area.




Water fortification

Design your water home with it. Make sure it’s stylish enough to seek your attention. Colour should be soothing. Placing water wall on the one side would do the work. It will also help you to keep walls cool and will help making inside weather soothing as well.




Formal focus

It might look good to have a pond or fountain but it isn’t compulsory to have it. A small area with a large bowl having water can do the work too. It is more of having a dramatic theme in your area and also requires cleanliness. It is decorated more with flowers and less with pebbles and a small beautiful spot in your garden is surely worth your attention. That’s why it is called formal focus.





Won’t you love to enjoy shower in the glory of nature? Pretty much giving you a feeling of beach. If you’re adventurous enough and want to make your backyard look like that too then installing a shower area won’t be an appalling idea. It’s more of enjoyment and trust me you would love to shower daily (if you don’t, then also).








Aren’t you close to your dream landscape yet? Indispensable changes in your backyard can do a lot of changes to your inner soul. With beautiful change comes peaceful amend in your carcass and by installing water quality in your background would do a lot to your daily routine. Just make sure that you make changes according to the space you have and you keep it sparkling too. Make your backyard your blissful place and alter your average days in high spirits.


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