80 Alluring Front Door Designs To Refine Your Home

The front door is the first thing you see when you come to a house. That’s why choosing front door designs is a very responsible job. The front door is the face of your home that should always look as good as possible. The way your house looks outside is just as important as the inside decorations. Main doors come in all shapes and sizes. You can start by choosing the door itself and then go further to decorating the doorway. We have prepared 80 interesting designs for you to browse. Perhaps you will find something worthy of your home or at least get an idea of how you will go about the design.

1. Black and white

main door designs (77)

A solid black wooden door looks especially well with white sidelights decorated by iron grids. The top part can also be implemented in accordance with the same style.

2. Vintage double

main door designs (76)

Double doors are a good choice for large houses with high ceilings. By decorating them with sizable built-in rectangular windows you can create a vintage appearance.

3. Rounded doorway main door designs (75)

A simple wooden door with square windowpanes on top looks impressive thanks to an arched entryway.

4. Double doors with a lantern

main door designs (74)

Another good idea for the front door design is a large hanging lantern in front of it. The lantern can make even the simplest front door look special.

5. Door handle design

main door designs (73)

One of the most important parts of the main door design is the handle.  A simple round door knob has gone out of style. Consider long iron bars and asymmetrical thin pull handles.

6. White columns

 main door designs (68)

If you want to add your modern door a vintage touch, go for large white columns to decorate the doorway. The result will truly stand out.

7. Medieval door

main door designs (72)

Give your front door a medieval appearance by packing the sidelights into iron bars and adding the same bars to the built-in window.

8. Pane windows

main door designs (71)

Take a look at this interesting approach to the pane windows. The door is made out of thick wood while the windows are decorated with amber glass.

9. Carved doorway

main door designs (70)

A carved doorway can become something you can be proud of. Special paintings inserted into the pane window slots will definitely make your door unique.

10. Wild colors

main door designs (69)

Painting your door an outrageous color is always a great way to catch some attention. Feng shui followers believe that pink is the color of romance and such a door will attract love to your home.

11. Glass door

main door designs (63)

Glass is a bold way to go about your main door design. Such doors usually look best thanks to intricate patterns. Large white columns add to the regal look.

12. Wood and glass

main door designs (58)

This wood and glass doors with vintage curves won’t fit just any house. The rest of the outside décor should suit it.

13. Complicated carving

main door designs (59)

Wood carving used to be a must-have for the main door design of the past couple of centuries. There is no reason not to uphold the tradition.

14. Show window

main door designs (64)

Add a show-window to your wooden door and you can insert whatever decorations you want the people to see.

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15. Sliding front door

main door designs (65)

There are many different sliding front door designs out there. Some people prefer making the sliding piece just one of the two main doors in the house.

16. Style mix

main door designs (60)

Mix the medieval door design with the contemporary sidelights and you will get an amazing result.

17. Wood and metal

main door designs (61)

Metal and glass sidelights look great when combined with a simple wooden door. Make sure that the door handle is large enough to create a matching impression.

18. Wooden grid

main door designs (66)

This glass and wood mix looks great due to the grid appearance of the door. The sidelights can be completely frameless to create a “hanging in the air” look

19. Vintage carvings

main door designs (67)

Vintage wooden carvings will make your door look impressive while giving it that special feel of the old ages.

20. Imposing appearance

main door designs (62)

Such wooden doors give a feeling of grandeur to your home. The snapdragon handles add to the impression.

21. Large doorway

main door designs (53)

A large white doorway will make your entrance look large and impressive. It will add visual volume to a small door.

22. Modern front door

main door designs (48)

This modern front door design differs from the others thanks to the golden trimming of the window pane. Black and gold mix looks impressive.

23. Custom patterns

main door designs (43)

Add an extra oomph to your front door by custom designing the bottom trimming. Allow it to be absolutely different from the rest of the pattern.

24. Metal inserts

main door designs (44)

Standard wooden panels look very interesting with large metal inserts. A metal door handle is part of the design.

25. Stained glass archway

main door designs (49)

A stained glass archway will take all the attention away from the front door, so you can save on the design.

26. High ceiling

main door designs (54)

A high ceiling allows you to create large window panes on top of your front door. The more glass you use, the more fabulous your doorway will look.

27. Frameless sidelights

main door designs (45)

Frameless sidelights give your main door a feeling of delicate lightness.

28. Utter simplicity

main door designs (46)

A simple black door with metal fittings is a good choice for a modern home design.

29. Gingerbread house doorway

main door designs (51)

Give your home a fairytale appearance with a gingerbread house doorway. A red door will fit right in.

30. Large extra archway

main door designs (56)

A large faux archway over the actual entrance is a unique front door design people with brick houses should consider.

31. Strong wooden impression

main door designs (52)

Solid wooden panels are diversified by the lightweight and transparent glass. A massive door handle is a good additional detail.

32. Large window panes

main door designs (47)

These standard wooden double doors with large window panes are the classics of the front door design.

33. Cappuccino doors

main door designs (50)

Choosing the color for your front doors is just as important as the design. Matte cappuccino appearance is a great choice.

34. Round window

main door designs (55)

Round curves are a smart choice for a door. Regular rectangular shapes are watered down by a round pane window.

35. Natural wood patterns

main door designs (57)

Natural wood patterns give your front door design an extra zest it might be lacking.

36. A massive canopy

main door designs (42)

A massive canopy can be a great addition to the wooden front door.

37. Sliding construction

main door designs (37)

A wooden door with fused glass windows is great all on its own. But if you’ll make it a part of a sliding structure, it will become even more extraordinary.

38. Impressive entryway

main door designs (32)

If you are going for an impressive entryway with a large canopy and columns, you can go easy on the main door design.

39. Christmas door

main door designs (31)

The mix of white and red is a splendid choice of colors. A Christmas door will give you a festive mood all year round.

40. Fused glass windowpanes

main door designs (36)

Fused glass windowpanes look remarkable on any type of door you choose.

41. Vertical panels

main door designs (41)

Vertical panels are always a good choice of front door design. A faux window with bars is a great decoration idea.

42. Faux door leafs

main door designs (40)

Faux door leafs will make your doorway suit the shutters on your windows.

43. Double door with sidelights

main door designs (35)

A simple double door with sidelights is suitable for a large porch and a huge canopy. The more complicated the entryway is, the simpler the front door design should be.

44. Medieval accessories

main door designs (30)

You can make a simple wooden door look vintage by adding medieval accessories such as iron bars and metal inserts.

45. Glass panels

main door designs (29)

Wooden and glass panels are the main attributes of the classical modern door design.

46. Huge door handles

main door designs (34)

Make your wooden front door appear more solid by attaching huge metal handles.

47. Overhead lights

main door designs (39)

Overhead lights are a modern replacement for a lantern. This contemporary door will give your home a cozy look.

48. Marble archway

main door designs (38)

Marble archway looks perfect with a wooden door coupled with tinted glass sidelights. Consider custom presswork for the wooden main door design.

49. Basketwork imitation

main door designs (33)

Basketwork imitation is a great way to go about diversifying your front door design.

50. Monastery door

main door designs (18)

This door will remind you of the ancient times when the doorways were intricately designed while the doors were made out of simple wooden panels.

51. Wooden columns

main door designs (13)

Wooden columns are a smart idea for main door decoration especially if the intricate finials are used.

52. Metal door

main door designs (14)

There are many designs available for simple metal doors. It is easier to find patterns and colors for such a door.

53. Black and metal

main door designs (19)

This simple metal door with horizontal panels gives off strong vibes of a fortified entrance which is a great front door quality.

54. Bolection molding

main door designs (24)

Bolection molding is popular on doors. You can come up with custom patterns to make your front door appear unique.

55. Reflecting glass

main door designs (25)

Using reflecting glass to fill in the window panes won’t just secure your privacy but will also make your front door look special.

56. Asymmetrical designs

main door designs (15)

Asymmetrical front door designs are very popular. Special glass inserts will make your door appear truly unique.

57. Bulging details

main door designs (16)

Such door might look crude on its own but the addition of a patterned glass sidelight gives it the lightness it lacks.

58. Glass inserts

main door designs (21)

Rectangular glass panels in the middle of the wooden double doors can be considered one of the classical main door designs.

59. Simple and stylish

main door designs (26)

A simple wooden door with large square windowpanes is another classical choice which will suit any house façade.

60. Fused metal

main door designs (27)

A fused brown metal door looks as if it belongs within the large white archway and suits the simple white stone walls.

61. Matching windowpane designs

main door designs (22)

Match the windowpane design on the door and on the sidelight and you will give your simple entryway the special appearance it really needs.

62. Add some asymmetry

main door designs (17)

As you already know, the asymmetry is in style. Asymmetrical glass inserts will make your door look contemporary.

63. Thin and tall

main door designs (8)

You can make a thin door look more voluminous by dividing it into sections. The top glass section coupled with the side wooden panels and window panes are a good front door design choice.

64. Iron patterns

main door designs (9)

Iron bar patterns over a glass insert are a good way to add uniqueness to a simple door design.

65. White glass panels

main door designs (5)

White is a good glass of choice for door panels especially if you go for such original colors as red or burgundy for the rest of the door.

66. Metal gates

main door designs (4)

You can decorate your front entrance with carved metal gates. They will give your entryway a vintage feel.

67. Red and special

main door designs (2)

A red wooden or metal door is a good addition to a white house façade.

68. Chocolate squares

main door designs (2)

The main door design allows your imagination to run wild. We offer you the chocolate square patterns to contemplate.

69. Black glass designs

main door designs (3)

Simple black glass panels can turn into unique front door designs with different white patterns.

70. Black metal extravaganza

main door designs (5)

Simple metal door with glass windowpanes can become a work of art if given to the right designer. Metal bars on the glass give this door an amazing look.

71. Blue fun

main door designs (6)

Blue is a good color for a front door which is often overlooked. It can match many different facades and looks intense in its own right.

72. Yellow impression

main door designs (3)

Yellow is another color which might be considered outrageous for the front door design. It does a good job creating a bright spot on a white background.

73. Matching doors

main door designs (4)

If you have two doors in one entryway, consider matching them. Different doors can ruin the overall impression.

74. Palace doors

main door designs (7)

If you have always dreamed of a real palace, you must have imagined a heavy wooden door with iron bar patterns on the glass part.

75. Screen door main door designs (11)

A screen door design shouldn’t get too far away from the main door colors and patterns.

76. Glass porch

main door designs (10)

A glass porch warrants a simple wooden door with large windowpanes.

77. Custom main door designs

main door designs (12)

You can custom design your door to be sure that you have a unique specimen.

78. Iron fittings

main door designs (1)

Any front door will get a solid look with well-chosen iron fittings.

79. Hingeless door design

main door designs (1)

Hingeless main door design is a good choice for a modern house.

80. Modern asymmetry


Modern asymmetrical glass panels will suit any wooden front door.

These impressive main front door designs can satisfy even the pickiest homeowner. Choose one for yourself!

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