80 Famous French Interior Decor and Furniture Designs

We all reach that point in time, when we simply don’t want to entertain the way our house looks. Yes, that’s when you should consider a revamp for it, on a serious note. If you are bored of mixing and matching things to bring about a little change in how the interior of your house appears, then it’s high time you opted for a full fledged facelift and offered your home an entirely new look by adopting one of these amazing French interior decor and furniture designs below-

French Interior Decor And Furniture Designs

The green effect

If you thought green is for meadows, you couldn’t be more wrong. This beautiful design tells us exactly how the inclusion of green in your interior can bring dramatic changes in how it looks. One of the most soothing French interior decor and furniture designs? Why not!

French interior decore and furniture1

A splash of fairy tale white!

White has a calming effect on the mood. And when you add it to your interiors, the entire space becomes a soothing place to live in. Now, this is one of those easy yet effective French interior decor and furniture designs you have ever seen. Isn’t it?

French interior decore and furniture2

That touch of royalty

Off white can offer that much needed royal look to your interiors. Throwing in a few striped pillows in dark colors is what you need to complete the look. French interior decor and furniture designs like this one are extremely popular among design aficionados.

French interior decore and furniture3

Patterns are definitely in!

French interior decor and furniture designs are famous for the kind of subtleness they ooze out. This design makes you fall in love with it simply through its subtleness. The overuse of patterns doesn’t really look like an overuse here.

French interior decore and furniture4

Luxury at its best!

You want your interiors to look luxurious, go for French interior decor and furniture designs. This design with a combination of vibrant and soft colors is simply perfect for you if you want to add some luxury to your interior space.

French interior decore and furniture5

The white and gray mélange
A well lit room, a gray sofa, and pure white pillows tossed onto it- what else do you need to make your home look like a fairytale? Isn’t this one of those irresistible French interior decor and furniture designs you always wanted to try?

French interior decore and furniture6

The spark of wood!

French interior decor and furniture designs are incomplete without the use of wood. Look at this amazing design. The white room stuffed with this beautifully designed wooden bed entirely changes the getup of the space.

French interior decore and furniture7

The sky blue magic!

If you thought sky blue is a dull color, you couldn’t be more wrong. This amazing bedroom design with sky blue as the dominant color simply looks out-of-this-world. This is definitely one of the most surreal French interior decor and furniture designs we have ever seen.

French interior decore and furniture8

To beautify your bedroom, you must consider some factors before renovating. To know those factors and some amazing bedroom designs, you can check our another article specifically regarding that.

Simple is beautiful

How can you make a cramped room look spacious? By using as little color as possible. This room with a subtle gray bed and white printed upholstery is the reason why we believe in simplicity. One of those French interior decor and furniture designs to die for.

French interior decore and furniture9

Coziness at its best

Love your bedroom? You will love it more when you try this design out on it. Although, it’s a minimalistic design including a simple bed and a side table, it makes you look at it twice.

French interior decore and furniture10

Revamp you kitchen area

Don’t let it stick out like a sore thumb. Offer it a touch of glamour by including a huge wooden top table, some woodwork on the walls and then an accent chair.

French interior decore and furniture12

A feel of splendor!

Don’t you want your dining area to look splendorous? If yes, why still keep those steel furniture items in it? Throw them out and bring in some panache with wooden furniture. French interior decor and furniture designs like this one are a rage these days!

French interior decore and furniture13

Amazing symmetry

How much effect do you think symmetry can bring to your dining room? Loads! Look at this awesome design. The symmetry brought about by those adorable hanging lights has changed the entire look of the room.

French interior decore and furniture14

The black and white zing!

So, you love white kitchens. Fine! But if you have gone overboard with it, you can balance the effect by tossing in some black furniture. Now, this black and white zing is worth a look of envy.

French interior decore and furniture15

Bring back that wood class!

Wood is classy- there is certainly no denying this fact. That is why this kitchen area, with a strategically placed wooden table looks out-and-out classy.

French interior decore and furniture16

All in the details!

You can’t imagine how much effect details have on the interiors of a room. This kitchen area, with intricate details in every item inside it, makes the room look like a piece of art.

French interior decore and furniture17

Generally, Kitchen reserve the top position in the list of the usability of the different rooms and parts of the house. That automatically makes it required to look and arrange to its best. And for that, you check the set of kitchen decorating ideas to manage everything properly.

The mirror effect

French interior decor and furniture designs are often characterized by the use of mirrors. Use of large tall mirror is a signature French décor style. What impresses us? The mesmerizing look it offers to the entire interior space.

French interior decore and furniture18

For that homeliness!

Does your living room look cramped? Why not brighten it up by using light colored furniture and wall paints. If the overall effect is too bland, bring in some contrast with printed curtains in vibrant colors.

French interior decore and furniture19

Let the light be there!

There’s nothing that brightens up a room more than non-curtained windows and doors. To pep up the look of the space, you can make use of minimalistic furniture in subtle colors.

French interior decore and furniture20

White delight

You love your bathroom, well we all do. And if your bathroom is also the place where you spend most of your time, then keeping it simple yet classy would be the best bet.

French interior decore and furniture21

With a dash of elegance

Your dining area is the most important area of the house. After all, it the meeting ground for all the members of your family. Keep it decorated with beautiful flowers, paintings and chandeliers, and it will look no less than a luxury hotel room.

French interior decore and furniture22

That cozy TV area

Is this where you spend most of your time? If yes, make it look amazing by using traditional looking houseplants, floor lamps and a quaint center table.

French interior decore and furniture23

For a chilled out effect

If you love your house to look chilled, paint it in white. Add some black furniture to accentuate the look.

French interior decore and furniture24

The living area of your dreams!

You don’t need a professional interior decorator to make your house look like a dream. Just go with subtlety when you choose the furniture, upholstery and the paint on the walls, and then add a few pop-ups of vibrant colors here and there.

French interior decore and furniture25

When overdoing things get sexy!

Intricate detailing everywhere is not much in trend. But just look at this design, it has defied all design rules and stood victorious. The kind of panache it oozes out with the details present in every design is worth noticing.

French interior decore and furniture26

Serenity at its best

“Wow” is the word we use for this design. With white everywhere and a few deep colored accents here and there, this design is all set to rock.

French interior decore and furniture27

Play with space

If your kitchen is too spacious then there is a way to make it look grand- painting it all white. With the correct lighting and the right pieces of décor, it can sure look like a million bucks.

French interior decore and furniture28

The feel of antiquity!

Your bathroom needs not necessarily be a cramped area with essentials everywhere. It can also be a large space with the bathtub placed in the middle and walls offering some brick show.

French interior decore and furniture29

Bring on some geometry

If you are fond of old school French interior designing, then this design will highly impress you. With black and white contrast in the accessories and geometrical designs engraved on them, it sure will steal your heart.

French interior decore and furniture30

Sheer luxury!

Tufted furniture can add so much of glamour to a space. This design of a dimly lit bathroom looks perfect with that tufted ottoman placed in the middle.

French interior decore and furniture32

Pure relaxation

Having your bathtub beside the widow of your bathroom may not seem like a great idea, but it can offer you immense relaxation. From a design point of view, this idea simply rocks.

French interior decore and furniture34

Bring on some brown

Having brown added to your bathroom, can offer it a quaintly attractive look. Even bathtubs with brown exteriors are a great fit.

French interior decore and furniture35

That dream bed!

How can you pep up a plain white bedroom? By placing in it a statement bed in a beautiful color like purple. With copper colored metal borders, the bed looks really amazing.

French interior decore and furniture11

Beige surprise!

Beige is the order of the day! There is simply no denying this fact. Adding it your bathroom will make its look get accentuated by several notches.

French interior decore and furniture36

Minimalism meets style!

If you are not a big fan of too fussy bathrooms, then keeping it simple would be the best bet. All you need is a white bathtub, an accent chair and a tiny glass-top table, and you are all set to go.

French interior decore and furniture37

Pure panache!

Mirrors, hanging light and copper basins- what else you need to call your bathroom luxurious.

French interior decore and furniture38

Be clever!

Never leave out odd corners. Fill them up with the right size furniture. With a little decoration, the corner will never look lonely again.

French interior decore and furniture39

Play with your brown sofas

No, they are not boring. Placing them in a royal styled intricately designed living room, will make them look like a million bucks.

French interior decore and furniture40

Pattern mania

Stripes, floral and checkered prints- can all of them together cause disasters to an interior space? Absolutely not! This design is a testimony.

French interior decore and furniture41

Simply beckoning!

Have a fireplace at home? Why not surround it with beautiful sofas, tables, floor lamps and mirrors? Trust us- the getup looks beckoning. And yes, don’t forget to add a beautiful mirror.

French interior decore and furniture42

French interior decore and furniture43

French interior decore and furniture45

French interior decore and furniture46

French interior decore and furniture47

French interior decore and furniture49

French interior decore and furniture50

French interior decore and furniture51

French interior decore and furniture52

French interior decore and furniture53

French interior decore and furniture55

French interior decore and furniture56

French interior decore and furniture57

French interior decore and furniture58

French interior decore and furniture59

French interior decore and furniture60

French interior decore and furniture61

French interior decore and furniture63

French interior decore and furniture64

French interior decore and furniture65

French interior decore and furniture66

French interior decore and furniture67

French interior decore and furniture69

French interior decore and furniture70

French interior decore and furniture71

French interior decore and furniture72

French interior decore and furniture73

French interior decore and furniture74

French interior decore and furniture75

French interior decore and furniture76

French interior decore and furniture78

French interior decore and furniture79

French interior decore and furniture80

With so many amazing French interior décor styles, you sure will be able to offer your house the perfect facelift. So why wait? Just roll up your sleeves and say “Action!”

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