80 Useful Floor Designs To Make Your Home Warm and Comfortable

The floor is one of the most important parts of your house. When browsing through different floor designs, it is very easy to get completely lost. There are different materials that floors can be made out of and each of them offers their own special design variety. Some people might think that the floor is not something others pay attention to. This is absolutely wrong and you’ll see it right after you pick the most amazing design. You won’t just enjoy a unique floor yourself; you will also get plenty of compliments from your guests. Take a look at what you can do to make your home even more beautiful with the least effort.

1. Wooden panels

floor designs (1)

Simple wooden panels will make your home look original and classy.

2. Intricate patterns

floor designs (1)

Large tiles can let your imagination run wild. Complicated patterns always look intricate and attractive.

3. Tiles and stones

floor designs (2)

Such floors are great for porches, balconies, and even bathrooms. They make you feel closer to nature.

4. Triangles

floor designs (3)

Such special arrangement of wooden panels or laminate will make your floors look 3D and visually increase the room size.

5. Wood mix

floor designs (5)

Mixing different wood types when coming up with a floor design will help you make a real statement.

6. Matching laminate

floor designs (6)

Make your laminate match your furniture and doors. This way your room will make an aesthetically appealing impression.

7. Black ripples

floor designs (7)

Be careful with ripple designs. While looking quite impressive, they can be very irritating to the eyes.

8. Kaleidoscope

floor designs (8)

Kaleidoscope tile design is popular for bathrooms. It catches the eye and makes you search for different patterns.

9. Hexagonal tile

floor designs (9)

White hexagonal tiles mixed with laminate panels looks especially well in the kitchen and living rooms.

10. Black and white

floor designs (10)

Black and white tile design is a no-lose option. Complicated patterns can be a good idea for bathrooms and kitchens.

11. Woodgrain laminate

floor designs (11)

Simple woodgrain laminate is always a hit. You won’t make a mistake by using this floor design for any room you like.

12. Rough tile floor

floor designs (12)

Rough tile floors are a good choice for porches and balconies. Some people prefer to have them in the bathrooms.

13. White hardwood floors

floor designs (13)

Hardwood floor is a win-win option for any room in the house. Matching white walls are a bonus.

14. Separation

floor designs (14)

The transition between different floor designs can be abrupt. Such is usually the case for kitchens and living rooms.

15. An idea for the stairs

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A wooden finish is perfect for the stairs while adding tiles on the stairwell will make your floors look awesome.

16. Large patterns

floor designs (16)

Large patterns in the middle of the room will make your floor really stand out.

18. Floor-wall combination

floor designs (17)

The floors can appear to be an extension of the wooden walls. Such floor design will make your room look unique.

19. Black flowers

floor designs (18)

Black flower patterns appear great on the white tile floors. They can go from simple to very complicated.

20. Carpet design

floor designs (19)

Tiles that form a carpet design are a great way to diversify your room décor.

21. Unusual shapes

floor designs (20)

Unusual tile shapes will make your bathroom look truly original.

22. Small panels

floor designs (21)

Small wooden panels are a good way to save some money and come up with new floor designs.

23. Combination tiles

floor designs (22)

When 4 or 8 tiles make up a special pattern combination, the floor design looks very impressive.

24. Utter simplicity

floor designs (23)

There is something intriguing in the utter simplicity of square gray tiles. This is a great way to save money.

25. Panel twining

floor designs (24)

Intertwined floor panels make a 3D impression and can suit any décor depending on the colors you use. And you can use as many as you wish.

26. 3D tricks

floor designs (25)

If you want your floor to literally stand out, learn some simple 3D tricks to help you come up with the best floor designs.

27. Small tiles

floor designs (26)

Small tiles are great for small bathrooms and kitchens.

28. 3D hardwood designs

Parquet floor and Delft tile fireplace

3D designs are easily achieved with patterns painted on the hardwood floors.

29. Labyrinth

floor designs (28)

Labyrinth tile patterns are perfect for large hallways.

30. Alternating tile patterns

floor designs (29)

If you have a large room, you can buy sizable tiles with several different patterns.

31. Geometrical flowers

floor designs (30)

Flowers made out of geometrical shapes are the popular floor design for places where you use tiles.

32. Parquet

floor designs (31)

Simple parquet can be suitable for a room of any size and will look good with any décor.

33. Tile panels

Black & White Kitchen

Use special tile panels to make your kitchen floors look like parquet.

34. Light and bright

floor designs (33)

The lighter your floor color is, the brighter your room will look and the easier it will be to clean.

35. Large and impressive

floor designs (34)

When dealing with large areas, you can let your imagination run really wild. Take a look!

36. Unexpected patterns

floor designs (35)

Diversify your room by adding unexpected patterns with bright colors to your floor.

37. Chessboard

floor designs (36)

Chessboard floor design is one of the classical ways to go about a tile floor.

38. Mirror tiles

floor designs (37)

Mirror tiles are a great way to make your room look larger. Use them whenever you feel the lack of space.

39. Conifer tree design

floor designs (38)

Arrange your laminate panels to form a Christmas tree branches. This design will look good in any room, including basement or attic.

40. Stone imitation

floor designs (39)

Stone imitation tiles are perfect for porches, balconies and even laundry rooms.

41. Under the table

floor designs (40)

Combination floors are very practical. Placing tiles under the dining table area will simplify the cleaning process.

42. Wood and stone

floor designs (41)

Wood and stone floor design can be a good idea for basements and garages but won’t look appealing in a bedroom or a living room.

43. Middle ground

floor designs (42)

Tiles with patterns in the middle and simple tiles along the perimeter is a classical bathroom floor design.

44. Rectangular tiles

floor designs (43)

Large rectangular tiles are a great choice for just about any room. They look impressive and are easy to clean.

45. Wood imitation

floor designs (45)

If you are mixing laminate and tile floors, go for wood imitation panels.

46. Stripes

floor designs (46)

Striped tiles are a smart way to make your floors look good with any walls or furniture.

47. Simple laminate

floor designs (47)

Laminate floors don’t just look suitable for any decor; they can also be installed on your own.

48. Fancy patterns

floor designs (48)

If you want to go for fancy patterns, nothing can stop you. Make sure the colors match the rest of your room design.

49. All-in-one

floor designs (49)

Using the same floor design for your whole apartment is a great money-saving solution.

50. Carpet choice

floor designs (50)

Make even the simplest floor design look bright and impressive by adding a colorful carpet.

51. Light gray laminate

floor designs (51)

Light gray laminate can make a room look large and will suit any wooden doors or furniture.

52. White extravaganza

floor designs (52)

An abundance of white color will make your house look bright and festive.

53. Porch fun

floor designs (53)

Black and white tiles on your porch will look great regardless the pattern.

54. Unfinished hardwood

floor designs (54)

Unfinished hardwood floors appear fantastic but require special care.

55. Centerpiece

floor designs (55)

Creating a centerpiece floor design will brighten up any room in your house.

56. Triangular tile patterns

floor designs (56)

Triangular tile patterns are great no matter which tiles you decide to use.

57. Tiger floor design

floor designs (57)

Tiger floor design is a very bold way to make a statement. Be careful, not all furniture will look good with such flooring.

58. Compass

floor designs (58)

Compass designs are popular for floors in large buildings. You might want to make one on your porch.

59. White parquet

floor designs (59)

White parquet looks amazing in an all-white bedroom.

60. Bright colors

floor designs (60)

Bright tile designs do a good job diversifying pale colored kitchens or rooms.

61. The classics

floor designs (61)

When all else seems inappropriate, go for the classics. It can either be natural hardwood floors or laminate wood imitation.

62. All shades of beige

floor designs (62)

Use different shades of beige to come up with interesting floor designs.

63. Dark inserts

floor designs (63)

Diversify your simple mirror tiles with dark inserts.

64. Brown and beige

floor designs (64)

The brown and beige color combination is preferable for rooms with wooden doors and furniture.

65. Cell ripples

floor designs (65)

This floor design is definitely unique and will make your room look outstanding.

66. The star within

floor designs (66)

Making one design inside another is a classical way to go about floor patterns.

67. Zoning

floor designs (67)

Make a different floor design for each zone in your room.

68. The king’s ball

floor designs (68)

Regal floor designs can be used in a very large living room.

69. Back to the basics

floor designs (69)

Natural hardwood floors look great no matter how simple the design is.

70. Circles

floor designs (70)

While looking impressive, large circles on tiles can make your room appear small.

71. Huge patterns

floor designs (71)

Try to avoid huge patterns in small rooms. They look better in large buildings.

72. Symmetry

floor designs (72)

Symmetrical patterns look good hardwood floors. However, asymmetry is considered stylish.

73. One pattern

floor designs (73)

One small pattern on a tile floor will look good no matter where you place it.

74. Rich colors

floor designs (74)

Using rich colors on your floor is fun but not always convenient.

75. Golden glare

floor designs (75)

Golden floor designs can suit only specific house decor.

76. Mind boggling splashes

floor designs (76)

Such design can really brighten up your room.

77. The basics

floor designs (77)

Basic patterns are always a great way out.

78. Black tiles

floor designs (78)

Black tiles look impressive but get dirty very fast.

79. White and yellow

floor designs (79)

White and yellow tile combination looks great in a kitchen.

80. Dark wood

floor designs (81)

Dark wood floor design makes a bedroom look cozy.

One or more of these designs will definitely look great in your house. Pick a couple and start on your way to getting a perfect floor.