80 Best DIY tree branch projects you would love to try

So, you live amidst trees and you don’t know what to do about those falling branches and felled trees. Is it always a good idea to use them to warm up the interior of your house? Of course not! If you have that creative side to you, you can create amazing objects using them. Below, you find some of the cutest DIY tree branch projects ever.

You can also continue your love and affection for the natural thing by picking perfect nature inspired home decor ideas for the exact calm look. 

DIY Tree Branch Projects

Crudeness at its best

Crude is not always boring and fine is not always beautiful. Sometimes a lot of panache gets added to an item when it’s in a crude form. These beautiful wall racks created using unpolished tree branches look simply adorable.


Candle stands with an uncanny charm

This is probably one of the easiest DIY tree branch projects ever. If you have thin branches lying on the patio, bring them home and cut their ends in a way that they can stand and hold candles. Trust us- they look out-of-the-world!


Sleek jewelry stand

When DIY tree branch projects are both aesthetically pleasant and functional, they attract a lot of attention. This pretty wall mounted jewelry stand is nothing but a varnished tree branch. Would you believe?


Those sexy trivets

And you thought wooden trivets are boring. These tree trunk slices with their hearts painted in black can add a kind of glam quotient to your dining area. Isn’t this one of those extremely easy-to-make DIY tree branch projects you have ever come across?


Dry twigs magic

Don’t throw those thin dried twigs away. Tie beautiful black bows on its branches and make it add to the beauty of your interiors. One of the least time consuming DIY tree branch projects for sure.


That fancy Neck-piece hanger

What are you going to do with that odd shaped branch with faded woody color? Mount it on the wall, thrush some nails onto it and hang your neck pieces around the nails. A classy affair!


That teeny-weeny and unique notice board

If you don’t like that hideous notice board on the wall in front of your study table, then go for this cool alternative. Place a branch in a horizontal fashion and let your paper notice board hang from it. DIY tree branch projects like this one are not just creative but also extremely handy.


Contrasting black & white coat stand

If you are a big fan of coat stands, you will love this pair of black and white coat stands made out of long broken branches of trees. The USP of this pair is definitely its simplicity. Minimalistic DIY tree branch projects are not an outmoded thing to opt for, after all!


Chaise lounge with that rustic feel

How about tossing a rustic chaise lounge into your drawing room? Cool but expensive right? Wrong! This amazing chaise lounge made of unpolished logs of wood looks classy and expensive at the same time. Indeed one of the most clever DIY tree branch projects.


All style no fuss!

This no fuss side table is absolutely easy to make. All you need is a big trunk of a tree, get the bark removed, offer a smooth finish to both the cut ends and lo! Your stylish wooden side table is ready.



Adorable wall art

Blank walls will be your favorite part of the house, once you embrace this amazing DIY idea. Cut tree branches in thick slices, paint cute figures at their core and mount them onto the wall in a definite pattern. Can there be better DIY tree branch projects for you? Maybe not!

diy-tree-branch-projects43Check out these amazing wall art ideas for living room.

Keep it natural

If you have a couple of different sized tree branches lying on the patio, you can bring them together to create a beautiful accent chair. And no, it’s not a complete décor item, you can actually use it.


Woven dreams

Do you love weaving? Do you also love to create beautiful items using small branches? If yes, then this project is absolutely what you need to get involved in. Weave threads between the twigs of a branch, mount the finished item on the wall and get ready to earn compliments.


Function teamed with style

Are you sick and tired of those boring steel cloth pegs? If yes, then go for the wooden alternative. They are easy to create and look insanely cute.


Weird beauty

If you thought wooden picture frames are boring, you should have a close look at this unique design. While half of this design is a typical wooden frame, the other half extends and twists just as a branch does. This, surely, will be one of those compellingly beautiful DIY tree branch projects you always wanted to try.


Minimalism at its best

A white tree branch hat stand is what you need to pep up your interiors. And when it’s so easy to make, there is no reason why you shouldn’t own one right away.


The perfect item of décor

What else do you need to accentuate your drawing room when you have this close-to-perfect branch décor item in white? Create this at home by using a block of wood as the base and then erecting the white painted branch on it. DIY tree branch projects must have never been this easy for you.


Not so eerie spider’s web

With twigs held together in a pattern, thick cotton threads can be used to weave designs around them. This looks extremely sophisticated and creative. Just try out!


Cool intervention!

How about the idea of a tree trunk rising from the floor right up to the roof? Intervening? Well maybe, but we like to call it a cool intervention. Believe it or not- unusual DIY tree branch projects like these are quite popular these days.


Stack with oomph

Can’t think of any way to put those branch slices together? Well, stack the one over the other and create an amazing home decor item.


That edgy painting brush holder

So, you are an art aficionado and can’t sort out the clutter in your workshop. Create this amazing brush and pencil holder by punching a few holes in a block of wood, and clear the clutter.


Jazz up your kid’s room

Don’t let that deep brown beautiful branch rot outside. Bring it in, mount it on the wall of your kid’s room and use it to place their toys.


One in a million hanging lamp holder

People in love with hanging lamps can hang them from the branch of a tree mounted on the wall facing their study area. The quickest way to offer a facelift to your room!


‘Twigy’ heart

Color a few twigs, cut them in a way that when you put all of them together, a heart is formed.


Light therapy

Wrap a string of light bulbs around a branch and let it hang from the ceiling, and see how the interiors transform.


Messy magic

Those branches with too many offshoots can be hung from the roof, in an upside down fashion, and then lights may be fitted on it. When these lights glow, magic unfolds.


That glamorous barky mirror

Don’t throw away tree barks. Collect them and create a beautiful mirror frame with them. A cheap yet eye-catchy DIY project!


Sassy glass-wood stands

Put a base, erect a few branches on it, affix rectangular glasses on the top of the branches and use them to place show pieces. The result looks heavenly!


Awesome threesome

Cut a slice of a big branch; punch three big holes onto it; use these holes to place candles; and see what wonders the finished item creates.


Swinging charm

So, you love swings. Why not make one yourself? With the use of branches and ropes, you can create amazing swings for your home or garden. Worth a try!


Crazy cool figurines

Do you love sculpting? Try creating animals with twigs this time. Possible? Of course! Just color the finished figures and make them an absolute head turner.


Merry Christmas!

On Christmas eve or even otherwise, you can make a beautiful Christmas tree using thin tree branches. Once finished, the item looks like a million bucks.


Centre of attraction

Does your drawing room look empty? Mount a thin branch on the wall with lots of offshoots; let beautiful décor items in varied colors hang from it; and liven up the entire interior space.


White magic

So, you can’t take care of potted plants and also don’t want to splurge on artificial plants. The solution? Erect a branch in a planter, paint both white and hang stars from its arms. Bewitching!


A few pine cones and oodles of style!

If you have a branch bearing pine cones, hang it on your door’s knob. After all, welcoming your guests with a dash of style isn’t a bad idea, whatsoever.


With bows and laces

Twig candle stands won’t be boring for you again. Use a beautiful lace to wrap around the item and then glue a paper bow onto it for some added glamour.


Creativity at its best

Put twigs and small branches together in a way that something of the shape of a tree gets formed. With a few artificial fruits hanging from it, you will create the most amazing DIY tree ever.


Revamp your room

How? By creating a frame made of branches to support your mosquito net. Unusual? Yes, yet excessively cool.


Robust rack support

A nicely polished long branch can be made to pierce through racks to act as a support for them. A serious DIY project for you to try out this season.


Play smart

If you have lots of unused short branches, you can stack them one over another in a manner in which trays are stacked. The result will be a beautiful side table.































So, these amazing ideas help you do something creative with tree branches. If you have trees around, make sure you try all of these- one by one.

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