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Though we have entered the 21st century, yet today, people are returning back to the retro style. From clothes to interiors of houses who doesn’t love the vintage look? Whether you have an actual cottage or want to give that cottage like to your house, cottage style furniture designs add a touch of informality to your house’s interiors. Rooms are airy and cozy at the same time, with nooks and corners where you can curl up with a book and a nice cup of coffee. Often these cottage style furniture design give a vintage look to your house that is a welcome relief from today’s stressful and fast-paced lifestyles. The idea is to create an interior that has a carefree and nicely lived in look, rather than go for austere formality. So how can you turn your home into a cottage like interior? Let’s take a look…





cottage-style-furniture-design-5Cottage Style Furniture Design






Use Natural Elements

The main theme living in a cottage is that it should be simplistic, natural, and have no excess frills and fripperies. One way is to not cover the walls with expensive artwork but just use pine boards on the walls and only the essential furniture. Walls covered by wood planks are one way to have a cottage style furniture design.



Space Saving with Built-Ins  

A cottage is not a very large to live in, and you can use cover the space beneath the stairs to make it into a wine rack and storage cabinet. Use wood panels rather than anything in metallic finish, to give that rustic, earthy appeal to the room.



A Warm Kitchen

An old fashioned sink, a vintage style tap, and painted open shelves together with wooden brackets can give your kitchen that old world look and add a great deal of charm to it.



Wooden Flooring

A really nice cottage style furniture design is to go for wooden floors. The basic style of flooring in a cottage is painted wood floors, and that is what you should go for. It is not too expensive, just remember to prime first and use a nice neutral shade, and you are well on your way for a cottage theme.



Variations of White

A color scheme of gray, taupe, and oyster shell is the nicest color palette for cottage style furniture design. A combination of these colors looks natural and fresh as well as vibrant. You can add wood-beamed vaulted ceilings and a coat of white paint to your walls to make the room look more open and refreshing.



The Weathered Finish

Cottage style furniture should be weathered and distressed. So instead of spending a lot of money on buying new furniture, you just might consider using what you have right in front of you. Use a sanding block to add some character to the pieces of furniture and to bring that weathered look. You have a lived-in look for your cottage that is warm and inviting.



Mixing it Up

Aim for some sort of balance by combining two opposite styles, like muted and glossy or contemporary and antique. A combo of wooden furniture in the dining room with some very casual wicker chairs thrown in can be that combination of opposites that will work for you. It is a nice cottage style furniture design for you to try.



A Cozy Look

A cottage must be cozy, or you will not feel like you are living in one. Natural materials and a neutral color palette help in bringing that cozy look. Have a slipcover for your sofa and lots of throw pillows for relaxing on. Use materials like linen, wool, and burlap and it becomes a place you never want to leave.



Fresh Blooms

A cottage home is incomplete without flowers of some kind and no matter what cottage style furniture design you go for, make sure you have plants and flowers in every room – it is a natural and essential part of cottage style living.


cottage-style-furniture-design-29A Different Floor

While wooden floors are nice, you can go one step further, and add a coat of paint in a shade of grey or something similar. If you have pine boards on the walls, and use a shade of red for your furniture and bed linen, you have a nice contrast that enhances the red accent of the room.



Patterned Floor

And while we are on floors and painting them up, you can try a nice checkerboard pattern in white and yellow for your wood floors. It brightens up your room instantly and if you keep the other elements a little muted, it can really stand out.



Your Signature Style

Use all your favorite elements that proclaim loudly that it is your space. You might love sitting on a bench at the dining table or use slip covers for your chairs or have just everyday dishware lying about – all these bring that lived-in causal cottage style furniture design look that you want.



A Touch of Color

When you are going for that all-white décor, add something small in a different color for that element of surprise and contrast. In a color scheme of various shades of white, a green chair in a corner or a stool in some other color breaks up the hard material elements and adds a playful touch.



Mixing Patterns

To give that colorful, homey look to your cottage, let your creative juices flow and use different patterns in different layers for your cushions or pillows or bed covers. If you are using patterns, keep the walls in a single color, preferably white, to bring the patterns out.



Found Treasures

For a nice cottage style furniture design, add something you found, like an old doorway or a nice piece of décor from the flea market that occupies place of honor on your mantelpiece. It adds an instant charm to your room and is an inexpensive way to decorate.



Sea of Tranquility

Whether you have a cottage by the sea, or just love to have the sea in your cottage, use beach elements like corals, sea shells, starfish and sand decorations to bring that tranquil and peaceful look for your cottage. Use neutral shades of color for cottage style furniture design and you have a place you feel relaxed in.



Bring Back the Old Stuff

Rather than having a cottage with everything new and shiny, go looking for the pieces of furniture you have that you can reuse in the cottage. It is an innovative cottage style furniture design. You can think up new used for old pieces and use your old dishware or cookware for a touch of antique charm.



Warm Elegance

For an elegant and contemporary twist to your cottage style furniture design, build a large fireplace into the living room with warm lighting, pastel shades and bare minimum accessories. An uneven brick wall and some display shelves add to the look of the room.


cottage- style-furniture-design-47

Blue and White

Use a classic combination of blue and white for your cottage style furniture design with a piece or two in a contrasting color, like having some yellow cushions. Keep the walls white and you have a nice and airy cottage to live in.

cottage style kitchen table and chairs


An Entryway with a Difference

If you have a small and awkward entryway for your cottage, add a tower of open shelves, a bench with curved supports, and top cabinets with tilt-up doors. The coat hooks can be simple battens and with durable paneling and walls in soft green to hold everything together – it can create a great first impression the moment you walk in.



Bunk Beds

Bunk beds save on space and are cozy like anything – a perfect cottage style furniture design. Bunk beds in white look even better, and have white walls to match. Add bookshelves at the head of each bed and build drawers in the lower bunk to keep extra bed linen.



Storage Nooks

You need to think up creative ways to get the maximum storage space out of your cottage and a bead-board lined, trimmed out cubby for storing extra towels in your restroom just beneath the eves and between wall studs, is one creative way of increasing storage space.




That Window Bench

If you have large windows in your cottage, you can add a bench with drawers to hold extra stuff. A nice and colorful cushion, throw pillows and a patterned rug – all make it the best place where you can tuck your feet in and get lost in a day dream or two. A cottage style furniture design to think about!



A Tropical Look

A rattan coffee table, side chairs, and mirror frames give a room an instant coastal look. Try your hand with different materials that are local to the place to give that extra touch. A large palm fern in one corner of the room also adds to the tropical look.



















Cottage style furniture designs ideas turn your house into a home – a place where you can live and entertain guests. Make sure your room looks warm and welcoming so that you would want to return to it every day and spend quality time in it. Think up your best creative ideas and start decorating your cottage! So what are you waiting for? Head out, find the best interior designer who will help you get this amazing look and get it done.


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