80 Wallet-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Pleasure

Whether you are contemplating the design of a new home or looking for remodeling inspiration, you must be thinking about what to do with your bathroom. Bathroom decorating ideas vary greatly. If you want to save money, you will need to go for affordable options. Affordable doesn’t mean you have to cut down on the beauty of the design. There are ways to decorate your bathroom by spending the least amount of money and getting the best possible results. We are offering you a chance to take a look at 80 decorating ideas for your bathroom which will not completely empty out your savings account.

1. Simple bathtub

bathroom decorating ideas (1)

Installing a bathtub in one of the rooms or the hallway will not just save your space in the bathroom, it will make your home appear very unique.

2. Living room mix

bathroom decorating ideas (2)

A living room-bathroom combination is an original way to go about decorating your bathroom. You can cut down on the bathtub installation expenses.

3. Standalone shower

bathroom decorating ideas (3)

You don’t have to go all out with installing a fancy shower cabin in your bathroom. You can save a lot of money by just separating some space for taking a shower and fitting the drain into the floor.

4. Fancy wallpaper

bathroom decorating ideas (5)

You can save money on your bathroom by decorating the walls with wallpaper instead of tiles. Just make sure the bottom part of the walls still has tiles on it in order to prevent mold formation.

5. White tiles

bathroom decorating ideas (6)

White tiles are perfect for decorating the bathroom and they are also the most affordable. If you want to diversify the look, use black tiles on just one of the walls.

6. Nothing extra

bathroom decorating ideas (7)

If you don’t have too much space, your best bathroom decorating idea will mean utter simplicity. Don’t install unnecessary things in the bathroom and forget about the bathtub.

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7. Plastic panels

bathroom decorating ideas (9)

In order to save money on the tiles, you can decorate your bathroom walls with white plastic panels. They look just as good and provide an adequate protection from the moisture.

8. Storage space

bathroom decorating ideas (10)

Make your small bathroom serve a big purpose by equipping it with as much storage space as you can. Start with looking for cabinets to install under a sink and consider hanging some shelves.

9. Small bathtub

bathroom decorating ideas (11)

If your bathroom decorating ideas dictate a bathtub but your space is rather small, you can get a moderately-sized bathtub that will suit your needs while being affordable.

10. Paintings

bathroom decorating ideas (13)

Paintings are a smart way to make your bathroom look unique while saving money on trimming. Decorate just the shower area with white tiles. The rest can be either painted or covered in wallpaper.

11. Marble extravaganza

bathroom decorating ideas (14)

If you want to go for an extraordinary bathroom, you can pack it all in marble. The built-in Jacuzzi will look great with a separately standing glass shower cabin.

12.  Bathtub stand

bathroom decorating ideas (15)

The best bathroom decorating ideas have to do with color combinations. A white bathtub will look impressive on a black granite-styled stand.

13.  Multi-tasking bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas (16)

If you have many family members, you must be tired of waiting in a bathroom line. Solve a problem by installing two sinks so the teeth-brushing process will take half as long.

14.  Chandelier design

bathroom decorating ideas (17)

The time you spend in the bathroom will give your pleasant emotions with this chandelier design. You can save money on the tiles by buying wallpaper with chandelier patterns.

15.  Bathroom in the kitchen

bathroom decorating ideas (18)

If you have a small space in your house that used to be a kitchen, you can remake it into a large bathroom. You will save money on plumbing and will be able to enjoy a large bathroom space.

16. Small space ideas

bathroom decorating ideas (19)

If you need to fit a toilet and a sink into a small space, be smart about their shape. Round sinks and square toilets will do a great job fitting into even the smallest corners.

17. Wooden trimming

bathroom decorating ideas (20)

While wood is not the best material for a bathroom, it looks very good combined with white colors. That’s why there are wood imitation materials such as the tiles that you can use.

18. Glass shower cabin

bathroom decorating ideas (21)

Shower cabin made out of glass is a great bathroom decorating idea that looks truly terrific. However, glass is hard to clean so get ready for smudges.

19. Flowers

bathroom decorating ideas (23)

If you are not ready to spend money on fancy decorating options, simple vases with flowers will give your bathroom that extra oomph it might lack. Flowers are a smart and affordable way to decorate your bathroom.

20. Zoning

bathroom decorating ideas (24)

Zoning is very important for a small bathroom. You can divide the space between the sink and the bathtub by a small wall or glass doors. This way you will avoid water splashes all over the sink and toilet.

21. Unpopular colors

bathroom decorating ideas (25)

If you want a special-looking bathroom, you can save money on the tile which comes in unpopular colors. Bright green or dark red shades should be your goal.

22. Go black

bathroom decorating ideas (26)

Black sinks, bathtubs, and toilet look fantastic, especially when combined with the white tile. However, you should get ready for frequent cleaning.

23. Large mirrors

bathroom decorating ideas (27)

Hanging a large mirror is a great bathroom decorating idea for two reasons: you will be able to have a great view when shaving or putting on makeup and you can save money on tile or wallpaper.

24. Built-in bathtub

bathroom decorating ideas (28)

A built-in bathtub is a smart choice since it doesn’t allow the water to get in between the tub and the walls. It’s also easier to clean.

25. Ceiling panels

bathroom decorating ideas (30)

Diversifying your bathroom ceiling is a great idea. The bathroom will appear larger.

26. Extra lighting

bathroom decorating ideas (31)

Give your bathroom a more spacious look and feel by installing extra ceiling lights. One lamp is often not enough to see all the details you need for you bathroom manipulations.

27. Shower curtain ring

bathroom decorating ideas (33)

A shower curtain holder in the shape of a ring will allow you to both take a shower and a bath comfortably without too much splashing.

28. Modern appearance

bathroom decorating ideas (34)

Grey wall panels mixed with marble surfaces, dressing tables, and teardrop chandeliers create a great impression without requiring overwhelming expenses.

29. A brick wall

bathroom decorating ideas (35)

Tiles that create a brick wall impression are a great decorating idea for the wall inside the shower cabin space.

30. The minimum

bathroom decorating ideas (36)

If you want to save money on bathroom decorations, forget about extra furniture. A toilet, a sink, and a shower cabin are all you really need in the bathroom. You can diversify the ascetic look with a flashy green wall.

31. Smart tile arrangement

Bathroom Ideas To Transform Your Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Ideas To Transform Your Small Bathrooms

Spend some time planning where the tiles are needed the most. You can save a considerable amount of money by placing them only where they are really necessary.

32. White and bright

bathroom decorating ideas (38)

White is the classical color for any bathroom. Dazzling white furniture and accessories will make this most frequented room in your house comfortable to be in.

33. Corner bathtub

bathroom decorating ideas (39)

In order to save space, place your bathtub between the two walls. Decorate your small bathroom with paintings and consider adding some shelves for storage.

34. Go round

bathroom decorating ideas (40)

A very affordable way to make your bathroom design look truly unique is to add accessories of a certain shape. Consider getting round mirrors and lights. Play around with colors too.

35. Stylish fittings

bathroom decorating ideas (41)

Such fittings as the faucet, towel holders and etc. are often overlooked. If you want to make your bathroom look fantastic, purchase matching fittings that catch the eye.

36. Storage shelves

bathroom decorating ideas (42)

When browsing through bathroom decorating ideas, pay special attention to the open storage shelves. Take this photo as a sample.

37. Glass and lights

bathroom decorating ideas (43)

If you have many glass details in your bathroom, you can save money on large lamps. Glass does a good job reflecting the light and making your room look bright and spacious.

38. Separate shower space

bathroom decorating ideas (45)

If you have a chance to make a special shower space out of a small room, your bathroom will appear fantastic.

39. The right accents

bathroom decorating ideas (46)

When you are planning a bathroom, think about your preferences and make the right accents. For example, use most of the available space for a nice large bathtub.

40. Accessorize

bathroom decorating ideas (47)

Using the right accessories is mandatory for a great bathroom design. Bright towels, vases or stickers will immediately change the way the room looks.

41. Tile layers


Experiment with various tile colors to create different bathroom zones. The right use of layers will make your bathroom appear more spacious.

42. Chessboard tiles

bathroom decorating ideas (49)

Chessboard tiles are a great choice for those who want to save on other bathroom decorating ideas.  Special tile patterns give even the simplest bathrooms a special appearance.

43. Bathroom porch

bathroom decorating ideas (50)

One of unique bathroom decorating ideas is to make it on your porch. The glass wall is optional but can be a great addition to the design.

44. Slot window

bathroom decorating ideas (51)

Even the smallest window can give your bathroom a brighter look by bringing in the natural light. You can make the window in the shower area.

45. Black bathroom fixtures

bathroom decorating ideas (52)

Save money on other decorations in your bathroom by getting black fixtures. They look exclusive on their own and don’t require any additional design ideas.

46. Blue lagoon

bathroom decorating ideas (53)

The light blue color of your walls will give you a feeling of being on a beach. This is a great idea for water lovers.

47. Violet softness

Picture 003

When choosing the colors for your bathroom, consider soft shades. They have a calming effect which is a great idea for this room.

48. Vintage feel

bathroom decorating ideas (55)

This is a good bathroom decorating idea for a farmhouse. Using wooden elements in a regular bathroom is not recommended.

49. Sink separation

bathroom decorating ideas (56)

Placing a sink in the bathroom is too ordinary. Why not take it outside? This way you don’t have to wait in line to brush your teeth while someone is taking a shower.

50. Built-in lights

bathroom decorating ideas (57)

Good light is imperative for a bathroom. If you don’t want to go for large lamps or chandeliers, consider built-in ceiling lights, but make sure you’ve installed enough of them.

51. Hanging cabinets

bathroom decorating ideas (58)

Add extra storage space to your small bathroom by installing hanging cabinets. They will allow you to store necessary things while leaving enough space for the fixtures.

52. Large lamps

bathroom decorating ideas (59)

Large lamps are always a good decorating idea for any room. The more light there is, the better is the view which is especially important for the bathroom.

53. Grey, white, and blue

Tiny Bathroom Design Ideas

If standard gray and white colors seem too dull for your bathroom, an affordable way to add a bright spit would be to hang a painting. Deep blue is a great shade of choice.

54. Custom-made walls

bathroom decorating ideas (61)

If you need a natural feel for your bathroom, consider a wooden trimming for your walls. Add other wooden furniture to complete the look.

55. Spacious bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas (62)

If you have a very spacious bathroom but want to save money on the bathroom decorating ideas, don’t do anything extra.  Consider waterproof wallpaper and simple cabinets.

56. Small format tiles

bathroom decorating ideas (63)

Small format tiles are a great way to make your bathroom appear impressive without any add-ons. They come in many different colors. The lighter the shade, the easier they are to clean.

57. 19th-century bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas (64)

If you like vintage bathroom decorating ideas, you will need a large chandelier and old-style furniture.

58. Bathtub in the living room

bathroom decorating ideas (65)

You can place a bathtub in any room you choose. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the bathroom. Just don’t forget about extra plumbing expenses.

59. Stone decorations

bathroom decorating ideas (66)

Think about unique shower cabin decoration ideas. Placing a table that’s trimmed with stone or a vase with flowers will make your bathroom appear very piquant.

60. Herringbone tiles

bathroom decorating ideas (67)

Herringbone tiles is a terrific bathroom decorating idea for small spaces. A glass shower cabin wall is a good addition to the style.

61. Stylish accessories

bathroom decorating ideas (68)

Nothing makes the bathroom more stylish than well-chosen accessories. Consider painting and mirror frames that match the floor color.

62. Mementos

bathroom decorating ideas (69)

Fill your bathroom with mementos and it will get a really interesting look. Photos and paintings on the walls is a very affordable bathroom decorating idea.

63. Wall art

bathroom decorating ideas (70)

A good way to diversify your bathroom design is to consider wall art. Trees or flowers are the most popular choice for bathrooms.

64. Stone imitation

bathroom decorating ideas (71)

Stone imitation wall around your bathtub is a great decorating idea for a small bathroom. It can give even the simplest room a special feel.

65. Glass bathroom fixtures

bathroom decorating ideas (72)

While glass shower cabin doors are very popular, not many people go for glass bathtubs. Such fixtures are hard to keep clean but give your bathroom a truly modern look.

66. Bathroom fireplace

bathroom decorating ideas (73)

Unexpected accessories are great for diversifying any bathroom design. Consider installing an electric fireplace in your bathroom to make it look extraordinary.

67. A glass door

bathroom decorating ideas (74)

A glass door in the bathroom is an unconventional idea which can be a good choice for people who don’t like ordinary designs for their homes.

68. 3D tiles

bathroom decorating ideas (75)

3D tiles are a good choice of floor design for any bathroom. Don’t go for the simple black and white look, consider other colors, such as blue.

69. Black walls

 bathroom decorating ideas (76)

Black walls might steal some visual space from your bathroom but will make it appear truly extraordinary. Make sure the furniture and fixtures are light for contrast.

70. Round curves

bathroom decorating ideas (77)

Round curves are perfect for a bathroom since most of the fixtures are oval or round. Use small format tile for impressive decoration.

71. Floor design

bathroom decorating ideas (78)

When considering bathroom decorating ideas pay special attention to the floor design. The right tile patterns can help you avoid any extra décor. A good floor is one of the most important parts of the bathroom.

72. Bricks and stones

bathroom decorating ideas (79)

This is a unique bathroom design that might not be suitable for all bathroom spaces. The floor is made out of stones while the walls are brick.

73. Vintage furniture

bathroom decorating ideas (80)

You can completely change the look of an ordinary bathroom by bringing in some vintage-looking furniture. Pay special attention to the mirror frame and shelves.

74. Bright spots

bathroom decorating ideas (81)

If you are a fan of dazzling white bathrooms, don’t forget about the importance of at least a couple of bright spots. Otherwise, the whiteness might be too blinding.

75. Fountain

bathroom decorating ideas (82)

If you want to add an unusual accessory to your bathroom, get a fountain. If you are looking for affordable options, consider a very small one. It will still have a great effect.

76. Stone bathtub

bathroom decorating ideas (83)

Packing your bathtub into stone-styled plastic is a great bathroom decorating idea and will give your room a unique appearance it might be lacking.

77. Yellow tone

bathroom decorating ideas (84)

Beige and yellow colors are great for a bathroom. They are soft and do a good job outlining the white details.

78.Paneled ceiling

bathroom decorating ideas (85)

Use plastic panels for ceiling and wall trimming in order to save them from the moisture.

79. Bright rugs

bathroom decorating ideas (86)

Bright rugs on the floor is a great and wallet-friendly bathroom decorating idea.

80. Round bathtub

bathroom decorating ideas (87)

A round bathtub will not just look stunning, it will save you some bathroom space.

These affordable bathroom decorating ideas will give you something to think about when it comes to your home design. Don’t forget to use at least one unique element to help your bathroom get an extra oomph.

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