75+ Stunning Balcony Decorating Ideas That Will Help You Relax

When you are thinking about the design of your new apartment or considering a renovation, balcony decorating ideas are a compulsory part of the process. Don’t be afraid of letting your imagination run wild. A balcony can have a myriad of uses from a small green garden to a quiet place to have your morning coffee. All depends on the size of your balcony and your wishes. We are offering you some options that can give your balcony decorating ideas a small jump start. You can either use one of these examples or come up with your own. Enjoy the process and love the result!

1. Your little green garden

balcony decorating ideas (2)

When you live in a large city, having a little green island in the middle of the brick and stone buildings is the best way to relax and enjoy your time off.

2. The smaller the easier

balcony decorating ideas (4)

If your balcony is too small, opt for three compulsory things: a place to sit on, a place to put your coffee cup on and something for the soul. It can be a simple folding chair, a small table, and a couple flower pots.

3. Warm it up

balcony decorating ideas (5)

Overcast skies and cold weather can’t ruin the feeling of warmth and security you get from your well-designed balcony.

4. High-scale

balcony decorating ideas (6)

Got enough space? Don’t be afraid of going high-scale. Large comfortable armchairs and big flower pots with trees can definitely help you relax

5. Wooden finish

balcony decorating ideas (7)

Wood is perfect for any balcony decorating idea. It can be a great addition to absolutely any design and will make you feel closer to nature.

6. Brighten it up

balcony decorating ideas (8)

If your apartment house is not bright enough for your tastes, you can add it some color with fun furniture ideas.

7. Use draperies

balcony decorating ideas (9)

Draperies will help your balcony become much cozier and homelike. Enjoy an extra room with the right balcony design.

8. Storage space

balcony decorating ideas (10)

Using balcony as storage space is a great idea when you do it with the help of a stylish closet with many open shelves.

9. Small furniture

balcony decorating ideas (11)

Get custom-designed small furniture to fit into your tiny balcony. As long as you’ve got two chairs and a table, you can enjoy your balcony in full.

10. Upscale it

balcony decorating ideas (12)

When your balcony is larger than most of your rooms, you can go all out and make it a full-time bedroom or a living room.

11. A rocking chair

balcony decorating ideas (13)

This simple balcony decorating idea is easy to achieve on a balcony of any size. Hang a small rocking chair in the corner to give it some swinging space.

12. A backyard

balcony decorating ideas (14)

Benches with pillows, a coffee table, and wooden floors will make your balcony appear as a mix between a backyard and a living room.

13. Rattan furniture balcony decorating ideas (15)

Rattan furniture will give your balcony a light and warm appearance. A bamboo carpet will become a great addition to the style.

14. Creative accessories

balcony decorating ideas (16)

Creative balcony decorating ideas are always welcome. However, when choosing an out-of-whack furniture, make sure it’s comfortable to use.

15. Open it up

balcony decorating ideas (17)

The more open your balcony is, the more fresh air you and your flowers will get. Just make sure you hide the furniture from the rain.

16. Ornamental choice

balcony decorating ideas (18)

Ornamental balconies are perfect for large houses. They make the outside view very enjoyable.

17. Bright colors

balcony decorating ideas (19)

Brighten up your mood with bright furniture and accessories on your balcony. Rattan ottomans look especially magical.

18. Nothing extra

balcony decorating ideas (20)

Two chairs, some pillows, and a table are all you really need to enjoy your balcony. The size of the furniture depends on how large your balcony is.

19. Workspace

balcony decorating ideas (21)

Use your balcony as your own personal workspace. Make it special by covering it with natural and faux flowers.

20. Sitting space balcony decorating ideas (22)

A comfortable seating space is one of the most important balcony features. When you’ve got a great armchair, you can even forget to buy a table.

21. The greener the healthier

balcony decorating ideas (23)

The more flowers and trees you plant on your balcony, the more fresh air you can enjoy in the middle of a large and smoky city.

22. Grass carpet

balcony decorating ideas (24)

Want to fully enjoy nature in the comfort of your own home? Buy a grass carpet for your balcony.

23. Swinging fun

balcony decorating ideas (25)

A swinging armchair is one of the best balcony decorating ideas for people who use this space to relax after a hard workday.

24. Iron flowers

balcony decorating ideas (26)

Iron balcony decorations are a great way to make your windows appear stylish from the outside.

25. Closer to nature

balcony decorating ideas (28)

If you want to feel closer to nature, make a wooden floor and use blankets and pillows instead of chairs.

26. Wooden tiles

balcony decorating ideas (29)

Wooden floors might look and feel amazing but they are not practical in the open air. Use tiles that are designed to look like wood.

27. Minimize the effort

balcony decorating ideas (30)

Simple floors, plastic furniture and brick walls won’t make your balcony any less stylish but will save you some money.

28. Beautiful lights

balcony decorating ideas (32)

Spherical lights and candles can make any balcony feel magical regardless the rest of the design.

29. Chandelier

balcony decorating ideas (33)

Adding a chandelier to your closed balcony will make you feel cozier and warmer during the cold winter evenings.

30. A cafe

balcony decorating ideas (34)

A great balcony design idea would be to make it look like a café. You can enjoy a glass of cold champagne without going outside.

31. Space- saving ideas

balcony decorating ideas (35)

Browse through space-saving ideas to make your small balcony look comfy. Hang the pillows on the wall behind a bench in order to avoid buying a large sofa.

32. Glass walls

balcony decorating ideas (36)

Make your balcony walls fully transparent in order to enjoy the best view while being protected from the weather.

33. Green wall

balcony decorating ideas (39)

A wall covered with built-in flower pots will make you will in the middle of the jungle even on the coldest days.

34. Greenhouse

balcony decorating ideas (40)

Making a greenhouse out of your balcony will satisfy your need for being closer to nature.

35. Metal furniture

balcony decorating ideas (41)

Metal furniture is a practical way to avoid damage from sun and rain. Removable pillows are a must as well.

36. Hanging charms

balcony decorating ideas (42)

When you have a small balcony, decorating it might be hard. Hanging things on the walls or over your head is a good space-saving idea.

37. Porch

balcony decorating ideas (43)

A simple porch is a good balcony replacement. You can use all your balcony decorating ideas on one large porch.

38. Smoking parlor

balcony decorating ideas (44)

No special design is needed for a balcony that will be your smoking parlor. A nice ashtray and a couple of chairs will do the trick.

39. Japanese garden

balcony decorating ideas (45)

Long leafy plants and eastern-styled lanterns will give your balcony a Japanese feel.

40. Scary yet fabulous

balcony decorating ideas (49)

Making the street-facing wall out of glass will give your balcony a modern look and will make it seem a little dangerous.

41. Queen’s suite

balcony decorating ideas (50)

Making your balcony look regal is very easy. All you need to do is buy white draperies and hang a pretty chandelier.

42. Fancy barn

balcony decorating ideas (51)

The walls of your balcony will dictate the overall appearance. Make one wall look as an old fence and your balcony will turn into a fancy barn.

43. Lights and plants

balcony decorating ideas (52)

The abundance of lights and plants will make any balcony appear like a magical garden.

44. Black and white

balcony decorating ideas (53)

Use this balcony decorating idea if you like the lack of bright colors. Such balcony will look very impressive regardless the size.

45. Modern designs

balcony decorating ideas (54)

Modern minimalistic designs are popular. One fancy centerpiece is enough to make your balcony look fabulous.

46. Simple and cozybalcony decorating ideas (55)

Small balconies look very cozy when white colors are used. Decorate the walls with white draperies.

47. A girl’s room


Make any balcony your own perfect little space with wooden furniture and a fun armchair.

48. Overhead trees

balcony decorating ideas (57)

Hanging plants on the ceiling will immediately give your balcony an extra oomph.

49. Glass and metal

balcony decorating ideas (58)

The combination of glass walls and metal furniture will make your balcony look truly impressive.

50. Card room

balcony decorating ideas (59)

Make a card room out of your balcony by placing a table in the middle and chairs around it. Your friends will love this balcony decorating idea!

51. Magic garden

balcony decorating ideas (60)

A couple of chairs surrounded by large plants will make you feel as if you are inside a magical garden.

52. Room extension

balcony decorating ideas (61)

Your balcony can become a great room extension with glass walls appearing as large windows.

53. Vintage style

balcony decorating ideas (62)

White walls, wooden furniture and vintage posters on the wall will give you a feel of being in an old Victoria house.

54. Plastic walls

balcony decorating ideas (63)

If you don’t want any strangers looking inside your balcony, a cheap way out would be to make plastic wall inserts that will be attached to the iron poles.

55. Wooden floors

balcony decorating ideas (64)

Wooden floors will give your balcony that very special comfy feel but are not very practical for rainy seasons.

56. Flower power

balcony decorating ideas (65)

One of the most popular balcony decorating ideas is the simplest one. Use the balcony to house flower pots. It’s a great way to provide your plants with all the sun and air they need.

57. Special armchairs

balcony decorating ideas (66)

Creatively designed armchairs are enough to make your balcony look special.

58. Dining room

balcony decorating ideas (67)

A large balcony can make a great dining room. It can be used during the warm months of the year.

59. Open-air balcony

balcony decorating ideas (68)

This is a perfect balcony decorating idea for your house. Grass carpet and large flower pots will make you feel just like you would in a backyard

60. Large chandeliers

balcony decorating ideas (69)

Large chandeliers can be a great addition to your balcony together with an ottoman coffee table and a large sofa.

61. Furniture mix

balcony decorating ideas (70)

You can mix different furniture style on your large balcony. Rattan armchairs look great with a leather sofa.

62. Chinese lanterns

balcony decorating ideas (71)

Chinese lanterns will make any balcony look and feel special regardless the rest of the design.

63. A tall tree

balcony decorating ideas (72)

A tall tree can turn even the smallest balcony into a special forest where you can relax and get maximum rest.

64. Wooden panels

balcony decorating ideas (73)

Wooden panels are a balcony decorating idea you can’t go wrong with. Put them on the floors and use them for a matching bench.

65. Woven fun

balcony decorating ideas (74)

Woven furniture and accessories are open for both open-air and close-space balconies.

66. Large flower pots

balcony decorating ideas (75)

Decorating your balcony will be easier if you get at least a couple of large flower pots with tall plants.

67. The right flower box holders

balcony decorating ideas (76)

Knowing how to arrange flower pots is an art. Get the flower box holders that can be attached to the front balcony wall and you will save a lot of space.

68. Camping out

balcony decorating ideas (77)

A lot of plans and a camping cot is all you need to get a vacation feeling without leaving the comfort of your own home.

69. Wooden platform

balcony decorating ideas (78)

A wooden platform on your balcony will make it appear creative and unusual.

70. A fence

balcony decorating ideas (79)

Making one of the balcony walls appear as a fence will give your balcony the feel of a backyard.

71. Rattan walls

balcony decorating ideas (80)

Rattan walls are a perfect choice for a second-floor balcony in a house. They allow enough air to get inside but you can’t see through them.

72. Black iron balustrade

balcony decorating ideas (81)

Black iron balustrade can be used on any window in your house to create an appearance of a balcony.

73. Folding furniture

balcony decorating ideas (82)

Folding wooden furniture will let your balcony decorating ideas come to life even inside the smallest space.

74. Balcony bed

balcony decorating ideas (83)

A small balcony can be designed to be an extra bed. Allow the mattress to fully cover the floor and enjoy the largest bed in the house.

75. Rich colors

balcony decorating ideas (84)

If your balcony has iron-fenced walls and simple iron furniture, diversify the look by adding some rich colors. You can get bright green flower pots or dark red draperies.

76. Small and convenient

balcony decorating ideas (85)

You can make the most use of even the smallest balcony by getting a folding table and small chairs.

77. Plant kingdom

balcony decorating ideas (86)

Use balcony furniture to house flower pots and boxes. Your balcony will look like a wild jungle.

78. Lilac mood

balcony decorating ideas (87)

Use your favorite colors to paint your balcony floor and the flower pots to make the balcony as creative as possible.

Spend some time contemplating these amazing balcony decorating ideas and you will surely find one for yourself. If you do everything right, your balcony will soon become your favorite place in the house.