80 Smart Backyard Garden pathway ideas and designs

Thanks to the modern technology advancement, you can absolutely transform your traditional looking garden into a beautiful modern art piece. Garden pathway are not just for safe walking, they also give your garden a charm, dimension and complete the look. You can create an interesting pathway in many beautiful ways, and it is up to you to decide which style that matches your garden the best.





garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs6While it takes some time and effort, the end result is worth it. Don’t worry creating a beautiful garden pathway don’t mean that you have to put in a lot of money, there is some interesting and attractive garden design that require less investment, all you need is invest proper thought into it.

Here are some of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs





garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs15Backyard Garden Pathway Ideas And Designs






Landscape designing in your garden

In the race of living a fast, dynamic lifestyle creating this design a smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs. While the design requires heavy physical work, the end result is a relaxing garden for you and your family to spend quality time together.

Garden design:

Creating a flower garden gives a natural and vibrant look to your garden. If you want to give a more natural look to your garden, then this is perfect for you.




If you want a beautiful garden with low maintenance, then a gravel garden is the perfect choice for you. You can get the wide range of gravels color options; this will allow you combine different colors that match and create path or stone structures. Also, gravels are also an inexpensive option as well.

The heart shapes brick design.

This is one of the designs that gives a simple and interesting for your garden. Bricked pathway and a heart shape design are great to look for your garden.



Combining gravel and stone:

You can add an extra touch to your traditional gravel garden path by adding decorative stone chips and put Eden dimension stones over them to offer a landing point. This stone edging is also useful in keeping the gravels in the desired line.

The brick pathway:

After brick patterns, the brick pathway is another thing that you can try for your garden. This is one of the simple and smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs27Cut wood path:

This is smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs, and this is also a great gardening option if you are on a budget. It gives your garden a more natural and relaxing look. You can use raised square bed garden to give a clean look to your plants.

The brick design:

This is one of the unusual garden designs that you can try in your garden. You can use different brick designs to make an interesting pattern.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs30Trellis and Pergola in the garden:

When looking for smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs you can consider experimenting with old and recycled wooden furniture and make a unique design that is looking attractive. This is a design that is comfortable and interesting, and it looks good on any garden style.

Dark wooden deck and huge stone:

This is similar to previous wooden deck design, but it uses dark wood which gives the whole garden a bold look.


garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs32Adding the Japanese element to your garden:

This design include includes blending the typical elements of water plants, rocks using clear, clean lines to create a serene effect in your recoil. This is one of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs that you can create.

Spring garden design:

This is one of the interesting and smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs. Looking for a natural, colorful garden design, this is it for you.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs34The mosaic effect to your garden:

Mosaic art has been around for quite some time, and it makes one of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs. In fact, you can make this a fun DIY project for yourself, and you get buy mosaic pebble online. Just use your imagination.

Small garden pathway design:

If you have a small garden, then this is the best option for you. This simple wooden pathway looks great and gives an attractive look.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs39Pallet design:

The warmness of wood, texture, depth and feel is what makes pallet design interesting as well as appealing. With modern material, you can add extra elegance to your garden.

Pebble mosaic design:

If you want to give your garden a colorful look, then this is the perfect design for you. Multi-color pebble mosaic garden looks great on the garden pathway.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs41Alfresco garden design:

If you love the deck, then this is one of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs for you. It is a great way to enhance the look of your back garden.

The sun house designing for your garden:

This is one of the most beautiful and smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs. If you have enough space in your garden, this is something that you can try.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs44Garden Pathway:

Garden pathway is one of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs that add beauty and elegance to your lawn or garden. It lets you enjoy the outer space of your house, and the elements of design make it functional and appealing.

Wooden pathway:

A wooden pathway is a sure way to make your garden look attractive without spending too much. This zig-zag wooden pathway is a great way to create a garden pathway.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs46Flowery mosaic design:

Creating a flower effect for your garden is a simple and effective way to make your garden look appealing.

Landscape paving:

This is a sophisticated design that is simple to create. Using concrete steps and big pebble this is one of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs to choose from.


garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs48Decorating your walkway:

Have your own walkway? How about decorating it to make more interesting. And don’t worry it doesn’t require expensive investment.

Rebar pathway:

This is one of the unusual and smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs. If you want to try something different, this is the design that you should go for.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs50Woodshed effect on your garden:

This is one of the most innovative and smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs. Using right kind of stones, you will be to able create a beautiful pathway for your garden.

Long wooden pathway:

If you have a huge garden, then this is an ideal design for you. A garden filled, with green plants and a wooden pathway in the middle is simple, yet elegant way to decorate your garden.



garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs52Flowery pathway:

If you want a tropical effect, then you can create this garden, and it is quite easy to put up as well. You can use garden plants of your choice to make this.

Deck with stones:

This is another way that you can decorate your garden pathway. This is simple to create and gives a nice strong feel to your garden.


garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs54Lined pallet garden design:

This interesting looking planter is a great way to plant your favorite plant. Pallet gardens have emerged as one an of the popular trend in garden designing.

White stone for your garden:

Including white stone in your garden design offers a sophisticated touch. This is something that you can try if you are looking for an elegant design and ready to put in some maintenance work as well.


garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs56Pallet pathway:

If you want to take your pallet love to a whole new level, then this design is best for you. You can create a pallet pathway and highlight it with gravel on the side.

Create concrete stepping stones:

This is one of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs and gives out a strong look to your garden. You can fill the concrete steps with gravels to make it more appealing.



Wooden deck:

This is another deck effect that gives an interesting touch to your garden. There is an array of option that you can choose from.

Flagstone design:

Flagstone is also an interesting touch for your garden design. If you have garden pathway, you can try it out.


garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs60Straight brick pathway:

If you have a huge garden, then you can create a straight pathway to give a simple look to it. This is one of the smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs that you can try

Curved brick pathway:

The curved brick pathway is a great way to take the brick design to a whole new level. This is one way that you can do it.



Wooden garden path design:

This is a unique garden path design that gives an interesting touch to your garden. You can create an uneven look to make your pathway appealing.

Curved wooden deck:

Do you love wooden deck? This is a unique and interesting wooden design to try for your garden.



Contemporary garden design:

This design may look complicated but is very simple to create; you just have to do your research. You can add modern accessories to give your garden that extra elegance.

Flowery mosaic path:

This is a beautiful mosaic pathway that you are bound to fall in love with. All you need is the right kind of flower design, and you are good to go.















garden-pathway-ideas-and-designs80So these were some of the most beautiful and smart backyard garden pathway ideas and designs that will make your garden look even prettier. Before deciding on a particular design make sure that you do a proper research and see what works best for you garden.


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