80 Cute Bed Designs For Kids

A baby’s crib is a place of comfort and rest. It is the first place you see them in the morning and where you put them to sleep at night. There are many kinds of baby beds, and you can find one to match your aspirations, style, feel and design. You can start by choosing a bed that you love and then adding more of your own personal additions. We have prepared a luxurious list of beds from which you can find one to suit your lifestyle perfectly.


  1. The Canopy


This crib’s colour is the basis for a soothing night’s rest. The cushions on the side ensure that your little one is well-protected. The luxurious canopy is a special touch which adds elegance.

2. Roll to safety


Looking for a bed which can provide safety and practicality? This bed uses mesh which protects the baby. The wheels are lockable, so you can roll your child where you want and still feel safe.

3. Elegant and Multi-functional


If you are short on space but want high elegance, this is the one. The drawers are handy for storing the necessities whilst looking vintage.


4. Regal Prorphyry


Recounting the regal stone of emperors, this wooden bed uses arches to accent the header and footer of the bed and even make a stately statement!


5. High, simple and clean


This bed makes use of simple, clean white lines to draw the eye up high. You might not have noticed the storage tucked underneath.


6. Plush comfort


Making use of soft fabrics, this crib creates a warm environment. The strong mahogany wood finish provides the backdrop.

7. Traditional bamboo


The bamboo grows quickly, is flexible, lightweight and strong. This bed is easy to move as it is low weight.

8. A prince or princess


This canopy isolates your child while softening the straight white lines of the crib even further.

9. Fun and colourful


Colours and characters are the order of the day. Your child will never feel alone in this bed. As it is on wheels, it makes for easy movement as well.

10. Flip down side


This flip down side allows you to attend to your baby quickly. If you need to comfort or just play with your child, the folding side gives easy access.

11. Cute and carry


Have baby wrapped up and ready to go in no time. You can use the handles to carry this bed from room to room so that you can keep an eye on your child.

12. Play pen


This play pen fits on top of the crip to allow for dual use: as a bed or you can put it on the floor as a play pen.

13. Chic crib set


This crib comes with a carry cot. Flip the side down for easy access. The padded, sides provide comfort and style.

14. a Gift


This crib adds that extra love for your little one. Wrapped up like a gift every night, your child is treated to the best in elegance. The circular shape is unique, just like your child.

15. Sports Lover


For the growing sports lover in you and your child. This beautifully rounded wood is decorated in all of your favourite sports motifs. For the budding star in your family!

16. Nature in the bedroom


The combination of pink and blue suit either gender. The blue bird is delicately hidden in the tree amongst the branches while they sway and arch in the wind.

17. Inline design


These inward tilting head and footboard provide a comfy seating space. The unique tilt will add interest to any bedroom whilst providing comfort for you to spend time with your little one.

18. Regal canopy


A stately 18th century style bed for your baby straight from the regency period. The soft white lace smoothens out the corners of the bed while the interior cushions provide an enclosed area. The upper canopy mimics what was commonly used in beds in the Georgian Victorian periods to keep warm.

19. Rock-a-bye baby


Rock your baby gently to sleep in this hanging bed. Uniquely, this bed hangs from the ceiling, making it easy for your baby to gently sway back and forth. Relaxation for baby and parents.

20. Rocking cradle


With baby by your side, you can rock, the back and forth kind rather than rock and roll, your baby to sleep. This comfortable fabric is easy on the skin and the eye.

21. Vintage pram cradle


Taking inspiration from a pram, this bed has traditional pram or cart wheels. With a handle on one end reminiscent of a pram, this bed can be gently pushed around the room.

22. Gentle tropical netting


This bed is for the slightly older young one who is ready for the first bed. The netting provides a lacy cover for the posts, making the top frame appear to float. To complete the tropical feel, there is an interior lamp.

23. Mini-house


This grey frame delineates the child’s space within a mini-house like frame. The frame allows for endless design/decoration options: hanging clothes, coloured cloths and patters and even a spot for a teddy.

24. Rock the cradle


This cradle will have your baby rocking to sleep in no time. The beautiful wood will fit in with any decor. The solid wood legs are capped by wheels for mobility.

25. The Pink House


This pink framed bed is a perfect fit for the corner of a room. The frame resembles a house and allows for the baby’s own space.

26. Diamond suit


The future ace of spades is the current king of diamonds! This bed is elegantly carved down to the feet. The gentle grey tone matches today’s fashion for home decor.

27. Black and White


Set in black and white, the ying and the yang. This bed is perfectly balanced for any room. Being neutral in colour, this bed will either blend in or you can adorn it with all kinds of black and white accessories.

28. The Captain’s bed


This gorgeously curved bed will cradle your baby to sleep. Just like a captain in a ship, this bed is economical in space but provides top comfort.

29. Hanging Netted bedding


This knitted hanging cot saves on space and weight. The knitted material is collapsable, making moving easy but also hangs so that it can be rocked back and forth.

30. Gentle tropical netting


This bed is for the slightly older young one who is ready for the first bed. The netting provides a lacy cover for the posts, making the top frame appear to float. To complete the tropical feel, there is an interior lamp.


31. Blue Bayou


This turquoise bed sits on the floor and is framed like a house. This allows for your own choice of fabric to drape over the bed, adding your own style to the room.

32. Wire frame


This bed has slim lines which are unobtrusive in the room. You can see exactly what your baby is doing at all times.

33.White arched elegance


This bed works well in any room. The white classical design matches with any colour. Its design is also flexible yet intricate in a Greek classical mode. The rear arch recalls the entrance to a doorway and the rounded edges make for a solid top rail.

34.The Captain’s boat


This unique bed recreates the bow of a boat. Your young one will be off at sea in no time. The headboard mimics the interior of the boat where the captain can rest.

35. Elegant white


This bed has flat solid wood construction in white paint. The base compliments the floorboards or a carpet as it is solid wood. Matching the bed with a white sofa adds to the clean, quiet atmosphere.

36. Racing time!


Your young one will fall asleep to dreams of F1 racing in this race car bed. Designed to excite, this bed is perfect for the sports lover’s bed.

37. Bamboo baby


This bamboo like bed is light and flexible. The sturdy yet flexible wood gives support and an oriental feel to the room. Matched with a intricately woven carpet, this bed and room design are easy on the eye.

38. Pure white


White and clean lines in this wood framed bed provide a solid base for this crib. Grounded in the room, the crib works well with any whites, creating a clean set of lines. It also allows flexibility with any colour pallette.

39. Rounded bed with wooden spindles



40. Soft lighting compliments light wooden bed


This soft yellowish headboard and footboard reflect the soft lighting in this room. The black spindles contrast well with the light wood bed-frame, providing an accent for the room.

41. Traditional wood


This wooden crib goes back to the classical wood bed frame. The wooden rails are packed tightly together for safety. The even toned wood easily fits into any room decor.

42. Classical arched headboard


This crib takes advantage of the arched doorway style of the Italian classical era. This elegantly carved wood curves down in the front in order to allow easy access. The headboard sits nicely against the wall, and it provides a solid resting space.

43. Raised back whitewash


This bed takes advantage of white curves to acent the top of the high-backed crib. The white sits nicely in the room and reflects the white in the carpet.

44. Honey-wood bedside crib


Keep your baby nearby in the night. This three sided crib allows you to comfort your baby at night without having to move to another room.

45. Teepee!


This fun teepee bed allows the baby to be comfortable but also it can be used for older kids to play cowboys and indians. The soft white fabric is easy on the eye while the wood is natural just like a real Indian!

46. Perfect for lofts


This black bed will save you space in your converted loft. Fitting nicely into the corner of a room, the bed allows for a cozy sleeping area while being a relatively neutral design which is flexible to fit any room.

47. Fly me to the moon


The moon is here. A special bed for a unique room which can fit nicely into the corner of the master or baby’s bedroom. Stars are carved out of the top sides to give the feeling of floating through space.

48. Compact rocking


A compact bed allows for more room for other items like a stool, bookshelf or changing table. This crib rocks so that you can sit in a comfy chair and read whilst rocking baby to sleep.

49. Curved head and foot boards


Curved head and footboards provide a smooth transition from side to end. The elegant curve of the top of the crib is smooth as are the ends. The bed has no sharp edges and simply gives the feeling of soft comfort.

50.Rock the cradle


This cradle will have your baby rocking to sleep in no time. The beautiful wood will fit in with any decor. The solid wood legs are capped by wheels for mobility.

51. Curved ends


These curved ends are elegantly molded in a plywood. They curve inwards slightly towards the top to provide an enclosed feeling in the crib. The wood blanaces nicely with the white sideboards.

52. Strength


This strongly angled crib creates a sense of strength and rigidity. The thick grey edges are made from larger than traditional pieces of wood. The room can be decorated in grey hues to give the room a feeling of tranquility.

53. Woven basket


Allow for good air flow under the crib by using this special hanging woven rope style. The tassels are knotted and break up space to create a soft space.

54. Plush comfort


For infants, there is complete comfort in this bed. The soft padding all the way around is safe for a young baby and keeps them in a comfortable sleeping position.

55. Beach basket bed


Now you can swim easy while your baby sleeps in this basket designed for comfort and safety in the outdoors. Add in your own blanket and this becomes a convenient carry cot.

56. Outdoor playpen


If you like to get out into the garden for a dig about, this play pen ensures that your baby is in view while being protected from flies and mosquitoes.

57. Natural rustic wood


If you like to be reminded of the great outdoors, this is your crib. It is made with real pieces of wood which add character and strength. This bed will go well with a wooden floor and furniture.

58. Cherrywood arch


Making use of strong lines, this bed is coloured cherry to give a dark but sturdy sense to the room. The back of the bed rises up into an arch to provide stability. The slats are lined and evenly spaced to give a classical feel to the piece.

59. Regal cherrywood


Your young one will feel like a prince just back from a ride through the country on his steed. The cherrywood colour fits in nicely with the lighter wood floorboards.

60. The hunter’s grey


The deer themed sheets are color coded to match the blanket beneath. The subtle grey tone is a subdued compliment to the rustic wooden wall.

61. The woodcarver’s hut


Wanting a rustic, solid wood bed? Constructed from real wood, this crib is based around four posts. It is ideal for those who like a strong and subdued look of the log cabin.

62. Adult bed conversion


Almost like sleeping in an adult bed, this playpen/crib sits on top of the bed to allow for dual purpose. If you need the room for guests, the crib folds easily and quickly.

63. Blue metal


Solid metal is the oder of the day here. As the head and footboards are thin, this crib saves space. The metal goes well with blue if you choose to theme your room around this popular colour.

64. Baby toy basket


Keep your baby’s favourite toys safe and sound in this woven basket. Using turquoise, the round basket can hold the baby’s soft toys, keeping them neat and tidy.

65. Rounded rails


If you like to style the room in a unique way, you can use this rounded bed to cradle your child. The thin rails are interspersed with thicker pieces of rail. A shag carpet goes nicely with soft white sheets.

66. Porch relaxation


Rather than running inside to see how your baby is, you can add this crib to your porch. This will allow for rocking the baby, keeping the child happy, while you relax and read and have tea. The porch can be fitted out with white wicker too.

67. Golden dreams


The design here is simple and gives the room the sense of wealth and a Mediterranean feel with the rounded caps at the top of the rail.

68. Free standing cot


Move this cot anywhere in the house to keep an eye on your little one. The cot will bounce on its metal frame making your baby smile. It will fit into any decor as it is all white.

69. Camping cot


Your young child can sleep near or far depending on your room’s layout and your mood. It folds up to take to visit relatives or for travel.

70. Fit for a Queen


This bed has high back and sides making your child feel on top of the world. The styling on the sides of the chair recall a musician’s treble clef.

71. Equestrian


If you like to style the room in a unique way, you can use this rounded bed to cradle your child. The thin rails are interspersed with thicker pieces of rail. A shag carpet goes nicely with soft white sheets.

72. Vintage rope


For those who frequent Shoreditch, this cot uses vintage style ropes to hang from the ceiling. the wood rails accent the canvas and it is possible to keep your baby nearby.

73. Changing station


With this changing station, you can store/hide away all of the toiletries needed to keep your baby clean and fresh. Everything is to hand, so you will get the job done quickly. A perfect station for nearby the bed.

74. Wicker basket


Sitting on a wooden frame, this wicker basket can be rocked back and forth. The combination of wicker and wood is muted in tone and will go with many different room styles.

75. Vintage whitewash


You can rock your baby to sleep in this vintage whitewash cot. The sturdy wood construction is perfect for use anywhere in the house. It is possible to blend this cot in with any area of the house.

76. Wicker basket


The cot here is made of woven wicker. The handles allow for carrying the infant to another room or clearing space. You can add this cot to any area of the room.

77. Veiled swing


The veil closes around the cot to soften the light in the afternoon. The cot hangs from the ceiling and can sway gently. This type of bed keeps the floor beneath the cot clear and keeps the floor space looking open.


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